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  1. nah , you didn't scam me , it's my sharer who scamed me
  2. i have played apex but some one scammed me my acc was +600knps , full preist items so i decied to back maxko and i still playing maxko
  3. Char name : TheCaesar Class: Warrior Nation: Orc side Using Team Speak 3 Not full geard using starter item (im working to be fll items) Thank's
  4. Welcoming a new staff member!

    Welcome to staff
  5. Cartel

    thank's any way
  6. Cartel

    im mage with that starter items , i tag El with my name , im orc , female character
  7. Cartel

    want join as mage if can
  8. New staff members!

    Welcome to staff team , i hope you can enjoy
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    good job dude
  10. Signature

    yeah bro , it's just character i puted it in signature but i vs you , if you give me this signature completely
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    Hi There , this is my simple try i hope you like it
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    give me abit of time , i do my try in it