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  2. War commanders mages

    1. TP party scroll for mages doesn't work when we defend and have horse commander. 2. Summon friend and few skills fail a lot.

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  4. I mean it gets calculated from the physical damage and not the magic damage of the staff, you can clearly see hp recovery from melee atacks in other characters.
  5. 1.Hp recovery should work with mage staff skill since every class recieve hp from Draki. 2. Aztec curse should give np to the owner and take np of the defeated.
  6. B>mage items

    S>Aztec Gold Faun+11
  7. Buying Priest Krowaz Boots+8 Mage Krowaz Pads/Boots+11
  8. SELLING: *Garges Mace+11RB BUYING: Ron's Set+11 PM me offer in KC. TY