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    Sick's Buying / Selling

    5 tl ger folk
  2. TheBeastaq

    Fully geared chars

    sup m1st7r
  3. TheBeastaq

    about PUS

  4. TheBeastaq

    about PUS

    @Aesteris @twostars when can we use PUS? i can't buy kc
  5. TheBeastaq

    about PUS

  6. TheBeastaq

    about PUS

    can't press continue bottom.
  7. TheBeastaq

    Time to Turn to PK SERVER

    you can farm items easily you can babashop no way to turn to PK server, people used money on server
  8. TheBeastaq

    Just gonna leave this here

  9. TheBeastaq

    Checking prices

    @Aesteris nerde server ? ban [email protected] sagol
  10. TheBeastaq

    Checking prices

    Hey guys ! i would like to ask for some items prices Rol +3 Eme +3 ETS +9 CHD +11 & +14 SSS DEX Elf belt +3 iron belt +3 thanks
  11. TheBeastaq

    Checking prices

    maybe send me a TS or Discord so i can hear you moaning for me ? ❀️
  12. TheBeastaq

    Checking prices

    thanks mate !
  13. TheBeastaq

    final ban?

    not sucking up to chris but : but i remember he was banned due to multi and i heard the story that he is no scammer
  14. TheBeastaq

    Chitin and Chitin Shell Armors Idea

    mayba make it to +14 rev ? iif 21 is to much
  15. TheBeastaq

    About Priest Damage

    gel play fortnite np
  16. TheBeastaq

    Archer Skill Blow Arrow range bug

    yap it bothers a lot
  17. TheBeastaq

    Choas event bug

    Hey whenever choas ends and i get tped to emc , i dc in the second, not sure if this happens to me or just everyone dc.
  18. TheBeastaq


    5 tl boots
  19. TheBeastaq

    Selling +11 Chaos Wirinom

    5 tl
  20. TheBeastaq


    nice restore bro i'm glad they helped you cuz they didin't help me when i lost 20k kc worth of items..
  21. TheBeastaq

    About Forgetten Temple

    0ffer vs
  22. TheBeastaq

    [ Choas dungeon bug ]

    so today i joined choas but i dced 10 seconds before it starts. i logged and i was in like this https://postimg.org/image/nd02b35rh/ if any gm can cheek this up would be nice + i don't know why i couldn't use the bug report section so i used support