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  1. TheBeastaq

    Chitin and Chitin Shell Armors Idea

    mayba make it to +14 rev ? iif 21 is to much
  2. TheBeastaq

    About Priest Damage

    gel play fortnite np
  3. buying 1x eme pm ItzTheBeast ingame
  4. TheBeastaq

    Archer Skill Blow Arrow range bug

    yap it bothers a lot
  5. TheBeastaq

    Choas event bug

    Hey whenever choas ends and i get tped to emc , i dc in the second, not sure if this happens to me or just everyone dc.
  6. TheBeastaq


    5 tl boots
  7. TheBeastaq

    Selling +11 Chaos Wirinom

    5 tl
  8. TheBeastaq


    nice restore bro i'm glad they helped you cuz they didin't help me when i lost 20k kc worth of items..
  9. TheBeastaq

    About Forgetten Temple

    0ffer vs
  10. TheBeastaq

    [ Choas dungeon bug ]

    so today i joined choas but i dced 10 seconds before it starts. i logged and i was in like this https://postimg.org/image/nd02b35rh/ if any gm can cheek this up would be nice + i don't know why i couldn't use the bug report section so i used support
  11. TheBeastaq

    Battle Hero Wings

    hello guys Battle hero wings are bugged and i cant add them to my inn when i want to use it on another char on my account neden?
  12. TheBeastaq


    still the old dog immortalretard
  13. TheBeastaq


    easy player ItzMadam
  14. gms must increase farming stuff +1
  15. TheBeastaq


    Good luck !
  16. TheBeastaq

    Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    GG im still waiting for my refund as well Lost around 20k kc best apexko
  17. TheBeastaq

    B > Krowaz Warrior Helmet+8

    5tl offert
  18. TheBeastaq

    INFI3RN0 racist

  19. TheBeastaq

    B> Exceptional True Silver +11 reverse 

    use ur balls :S
  20. TheBeastaq

    Meat dumplings.

    nerf sins
  21. TheBeastaq

    inbox is full problem.

    u back?
  22. TheBeastaq

    inbox is full problem.

    omg sick
  23. TheBeastaq

    {SELL} Warr Accessories

    give kro set +8 ty