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    Sick's Selling/Buying

  2. TheBeastaq


    nice restore bro i'm glad they helped you cuz they didin't help me when i lost 20k kc worth of items..
  3. TheBeastaq

    [ Choas dungeon bug ]

    so today i joined choas but i dced 10 seconds before it starts. i logged and i was in like this https://postimg.org/image/nd02b35rh/ if any gm can cheek this up would be nice + i don't know why i couldn't use the bug report section so i used support
  4. TheBeastaq

    Battle Hero Wings

    hello guys Battle hero wings are bugged and i cant add them to my inn when i want to use it on another char on my account neden?
  5. TheBeastaq


    still the old dog immortalretard
  6. TheBeastaq


    easy player ItzMadam
  7. gms must increase farming stuff +1
  8. TheBeastaq


    Good luck !
  9. TheBeastaq

    [Grand Merchant] Kaishan

    did you trash the roc or sold to any npc?
  10. TheBeastaq

    Mellanox - Guy (now Shroud)

    GG im still waiting for my refund as well Lost around 20k kc best apexko
  11. TheBeastaq

    B > Krowaz Warrior Helmet+8

    5tl offert
  12. TheBeastaq

    INFI3RN0 racist

  13. TheBeastaq

    B> Exceptional True Silver +11 reverse 

    use ur balls :S
  14. TheBeastaq

    Meat dumplings.

    nerf sins
  15. TheBeastaq

    inbox is full problem.

    u back?
  16. TheBeastaq

    inbox is full problem.

    omg sick
  17. TheBeastaq

    {SELL} Warr Accessories

    give kro set +8 ty
  18. TheBeastaq

    nice krowaz

  19. TheBeastaq

    Meme wars

    fak u
  20. TheBeastaq

    OhMyGodLEGION PK Moive

  21. TheBeastaq

    OhMyGodLEGION PK Moive

    <3 you it sucks xD i couldnt take it anymore
  22. TheBeastaq

    OhMyGodLEGION PK Moive

    can u please edit ur twitch info that "im not turks" its: "im not a turk"