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  1. Our thoughts on improving the server

    lol fuck no. they will hve better items than me? its not the new players items thats fault.. but the levels, people are lazy solo. they dont have anyone to play with so they quit after a few days again.
  2. change Krowaz rent armors

    rosetta +6!
  3. Best player ingame !

    yes best ýtam!
  4. How set genie on fosils?

    Fuck yeah! best ýtam
  5. How set genie on fosils?

    dont put skills ofc. and 40 in range. i run from place to place.. but sometimes it bugs and just stops fully
  6. AYGIR Cheats

    question.. is that dot skill not spamable? if so i +1 on this topic. he have spammed me few times too.. so i get 3-500 dog 4-5 times.. cant outpot that
  7. It seems my cpu use more than ever after the new patch.. now i cant tab out and browse the web while ko is open.. Anyone noticed higher cpu usage? (sucks that i am on a old computer)
  8. Krowaz gear for isi time !

    there is a reason the best clans get isi! they work for it! being the best need to pay of somehow
  9. ApexKO Movie Event

    when is timelimit? i got some more to record
  10. Best player ingame !

    im the best, you all know it.. also why say YouGotPwndByMyAss? does he even go to cz? and who is that 255hp mage?
  11. Aziz - Crafting Krowaz and some Vs´es

    he slaps his penis on minor
  12. A Knight Online story (KO History)

    are you on shroomz have i really played this for 13 years and i still suck
  13. Vote king event !

  14. i dont understand your post.. you do pretty well in cz and i know you are a good rogue.. if you just got a bit more stronger you would be op.. maybe others just need the skill?
  15. i see me dying.. i see me raging in this vid lol