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    Sick's Buying / Selling

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~-< SELLING >-~ Taking Serious Offers!i!i!i!i! Willing to trade for Warrior/Rogue (Archer)Items! Priest Holy Knight Helmet +11 Ruahue +11-[Strongest Attack 1H Mace in Game for Int BP]- Bombastic Leonard +11 Stone Splitter +14 Smite Hammer +14 Undefeatabal Baal +11 Garges Shield +11 Adaga +11 Gab's Blessing +11 Scorpion Shield +14 Defender of the Lord +14 Juraid Shield +14 x2 Legionnaire Band +3 Light Belt of Life +3 Elemental Necklace +3 ❤️ ~-< BUYING >-~ Warrior Rosetta Helmet +11 Spear of Murkey Waters +14 Hunguk Sword +14 Chaos Nebiros +11 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PM 'Sick' Here or in Game
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    ApexKO Twitch I've had several request, people asking me to stream and show the pk/server. I will try to stream a couple of hours a day maybe even bring in some new players.
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    When can we log in the Game??

    LOL. Trust me, the past few days have been hell. I mean I found myself playing Leauge of Legends running around in ARAM smh. I say give it a little more time. New dedi! I'm excited!
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    Sick's Buying / Selling

    @jeanclau28I believe the book shouldn't be any more than 2.5k kc Max being it's ice. Dual SSE x2 sells for 800-1.5k kc give or take.
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    Sick's Buying / Selling

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    Where did UTC at 7am go

    Daylight savings
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    Oh no, I get it. But, believe it or not I was streaming during peak today and got several PMs via Twitch about the server. I completely understand what your saying though. It's nothing fun to watch a full geared priest solo with no PK. I don't go to War or CSW. I've been solo lately and I have been enjoying myself tbh. I get what you mean though 100% and I appreciate the feedback. Good content = more viewers which then equals more followers,questions and new players. Again, thank you for the feedback, for a minute I thought I was going crazy because I'd always end up streaming doing laps in CZ LOL.
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    Just tweaking some things last-minute. Server will be back up shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    ^ Streaming all day today working on new setup.😙
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    Priests bug abusing Dark MAce in Delos town

    I mean... Let's be real, I have not see anyone really abuse it that bad yet. I'm going to say that's due to the low population but, x5 priest all healing the same target = RIP. That's what happens when you add darkness weapons yet alone at +11..