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  1. Sick

    New patch issues

    ^ UP Please patch ASAP I wanna fly
  2. Yeah something needs to happen that's for sure. World of Warcraft BFA is looking very damn good right now..
  3. I mean a 30% discount off all items isn't bad. I mean what are people going to do buy trinas for 143 kc, stock and try to sell in game when sale is over? Trinas are worth 4gb that's equivalent to 100kc. As for the other items in the PUS it's a horrible flip. 30% off anything in PUS would'nt be so bad it still supports the server. It's a viable option, as are the others. Lets see some more votes!
  4. Sick

    Alliance Bug

    Hey i've noticed this forever and figured it was already known. Anyways, Clans that are allied, if you look at them on Panel it shows 'Member of an alliance with MostHateD, SquirtleSquaD.' to anyone in an alliance. If we can get this fixed that would be nice. Thanks!
  5. Sick

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    Done. Updated
  6. Sick

    Regenerative point

    Rebirth points? 1.) GO to [Grand Merchant]Kaishan (Re-skill/Re-stat NPC in the back of Moradon, on top of the stairs). 2.)Click "Rebirth Stat Redistribution". 3.) Please note that if you don't have 'War Preminum' you will have to pay a fee of 100,000,000 Nohas and have no items equipped for this to be successful.
  7. Sick


    UP ^ If you have any clips or videos of ApexKO. Please let me know. I'm looking for more clips to add to the 24/7 stream when there is no PK or events active. Http://twitch.tv/ApexKO Thanks!
  8. BUMP. I would like to see more votes.