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  1. InvictiS

    Sell little mage item

    Sell mage rons pads +11rev, dual LKE+3, dual Imir+3, garges Staff+8 just PM ty
  2. InvictiS

    Buy Lighting mage item

    13gb za lkp
  3. InvictiS

    Buy Lighting mage item

    Hey i neet to buy faun 11 rev, LKP +3 and some armor like rons set +11
  4. InvictiS


    Welcome back dude GameOveR clan its "done" now we join to Devine
  5. InvictiS


    We still waiting for you :-)
  6. InvictiS


    Actually we again recrute for clan active players. :-)
  7. InvictiS

    Fresh Karus Mage (Recruiting) DynamiC

    Good luck dude :-)
  8. InvictiS


    If u want pm me in game karus side
  9. InvictiS

    I'm New here!

    Welcome if u stil need active clan pm me here or in game. Clan GameOveR
  10. Hey. Like in topic. We start recruit now all member who dont have 83 lvl, because GameOveR is almost full. Just need to speak English ofc little like me We have clan bank with old jewellery, so u get nice start We have people with difrend country so each of you can find some friends for self . In this clan is a lot of fun If u wanna know more just pm InvictiS, MarlO, nopain7, SIRPAINI. We waiting for You
  11. InvictiS


    ok make some deal. Stop cry u and me and just play. Start be happy here gang is gang fk that orc do it, human too so whats problem fk it
  12. InvictiS

    Vote king event !

    Same :-)
  13. InvictiS


    U say to us noobs funny dude :-) we have same problem when u are 2pt+ vs us 1pt :-) maybe we are noobs but never buy for dolars kc :-)
  14. InvictiS


    Soap is the best gang man and say something about vs haha nice :-) btw u never try vs with me and this topic is for recruting. Stop then write here about me. If u want blame me just make new topic simple
  15. InvictiS


    are u serious? u say stop towning?? stop running dude