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  1. MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK

    perfect quality for me
  2. I would apply but you seem to have a plentiful amount of warriors and im not so great at the other classes
  3. ApexKO trailer

    its nice, just need some gameplay footage to add, maybe stuff from each zone
  4. Not many people in PvP beta?

    it fluctuates alot, gotta remember when one side is basically steamrolling the other people leave and come back later. wont change, its always been this way
  5. also join us on the human side, there are way to many karus
  6. Eslant bosses need to be toughened up

    yea but remember most of the players here not only were 83 but running with +9 gear, so those bosses would tend to be easier, go there with normal lvl 60 gear and try em...
  7. Eslant Bosses

    ok awesome job guys keep it up, pretty stoked about official
  8. I have yet to see TK/Talos/Samma/SQ, I know they spawn cause others have killed em however very limited compared to what karus is saying they have downed em....I feel like elmo side may be bugged or something
  9. Bifrost issues

    lusts respawn.
  10. Bifrost issues

    SO bifrost needs some work, safe zones (towns) need towers/gaurds. The lava path needs towers that work. The gas maze bugs and u continue to take the gas damage after your out of the maze unless u can decent onto a party member. After the maze the mobs are lacking, there are only a couple, lusts dont respawn and there are mobs that I dont believe belong there like lamiros/apes.
  11. maybe not remove em but lower the amount they give to like 20-25 if its possible.
  12. Im sure we got room for a priest were human side joined with wrecking crew sorry havent responded quicker, been working