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  1. Mhystic Vs LoL

    music sux like hell

    for more information pm LostLegend
  3. LostHeaveN PK Movie | Special Night with LaTroupe

    ahahahah miss you SirDrinkalot tonight will up Lillith to dance on skin pole
  4. why you seling karambshit
  5. LostHeaveN PK Movie | Special Night with LaTroupe

    i have pk videos , last one iv made 2005 on USKO and then i grow up using my time for other things not to shoot videos playing game. Maybe will upload one for you to show you how players play without items and macros
  6. Cartel 2vs2 LostHeaven

    Cartel cheat no one can beat LostTBL
  7. Cartel 2vs2 LostHeaven

  8. Signature

    your sign is the best Henkan for president
  9. LostUjio

    i still waiting Alpha and Aesteris to tell will ban him and his new char where he trade his items or not ? We all see how LostTBL try to move the point of the topics all the time when someone prove his clany cheat with his bla-bla-bla but topic is about LostUjio cheat or not. And if Gm decide he cheat or not must punish him with all his IP chars coz we all see he alredy trade his items scared to can be banned. P.S. and this 3 days ban is unacceptable.
  10. LostUjio

    and ofc same bulshits ... bla bla bla your clan ... bla bla bla nothing to me ... bla bla bla my English sux ... bla bla bla im not verry smart ....you are so boring troll .
  11. Cartel movie pk vol #4 by Bar

    now that is good pk video , good editing and not boring. But upload with low resolutions . Make go to PC coz tablet dont have 1140 HD 9/10
  12. LaTroupe Curse

    iv never insult your religion dude. i insult your cheats . Your right is to believe in what you wanna , Jesus , Allah , Santa Claus i dont care and i dont wanna know This is a game not church , play clear , say " im sorry guys for iv been cheater " and believe in waht you wanna. Its not abut relgion is about to say "im the best " and in same time got banned for TBL. No see the deferents ?
  13. LaTroupe Curse

    i talk only to cheaters. You will never earn any respect from legit players. Keep insult ppl , no one care about you and your cheating friends Xd selam LostTBL
  14. LaTroupe Curse

    you dont deserve anything from me cheater.
  15. LaTroupe Curse

    as you say im legit , not proved cheater banned for TBL. nothing more to say.
  16. LostUjio

    That is the reason iv alredy stop to play and log only for a 1 hour on day. GM team realy try to ruin this server with funny ban 3 days cheaters and they still comming here and tell ppl how great are they with all the cheats. Even one time must say "im sorry guys for cheating" but no, they still insult legit players . This is peace of shit server.
  17. LostHeaveN PK Movie | Special Night with LaTroupe

    before you post your crap be ready to take a criticism. Posting shits - take shits as reward. Now ''Shut the fuck up'' - get some skills , learn how to edit , learn how to work with editing programs , learn how to play without r2r2r2r2r2 macro and come back to talk with me moron.
  18. LaTroupe Curse

    our opinion for you must mean a lot , you show this screenshot all the time you must feel unappreciated in real life if you seek approval in games
  19. LostHeaveN PK Movie | Special Night with LaTroupe

    1/10 poor quality zero skills - full macro , boring crap music background zero editing skills one of the worst movie in apexko forum im disappointed
  20. LostUjio

    he trade him coz we waiting for ban for cheat. For me this is clear TBL but ofc Lost clan never use cheats .
  21. pm ingame or here ThePistouEffect
  22. B> Hell breaker +11

  23. B> Hell breaker +11

    come one up up up up
  24. black's offer topic

    sale bipenis +8 offer