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  1. Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO

    agreed with JohnWick !

    hahaha de laatste 10 seconden xD
  3. Sup guys, We are recruiting at Apex ko. On Human Side. Keeping it small tho, so it wont be a big clan. We are old players so that means we are loyal to each other. Not looking for a specific class , play what ever you want ^^ Requirements: -Teamspeak -Be experienced with ko -Reasonable geared -Loyal PM:Zaikooo(Daan),IKingNoodles(Valdrin) or Underestimated(Jonas) ingame Or private message me at ko4life Our old pk movie back in the days : Greetings
  4. Zaikooo S/B list

  5. Selling -krowaz set +8 warrior (6.5 k not cheaper) -dual dr +3 -ron robe +11 Buying : Wirinom +9
  6. 8vs8 TheGangAgency vs BrokenHabibi/UnitedHabibi

    16 dc prem , whaaaat ?
  7. 1

    Sell ron rob 11
  8. How much for heppa raptor ?
  9. Wick's Black Market

    Can i buy some Weed here ?
  10. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    hey Chris , jij bent zo goed
  11. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    @Chayni Hey dikzak , houd jij even je mond
  12. Haha lol , u are trying so hard to let people know u r the best Its just a game who gives a shit. Its more about iff you having fun. GL
  13. Knight Of Legends @ApexKO

    Okay , is this necassary ? To make fun of people lol U r a childish player.
  14. @FinlandBoy He probabaly have no friends in real life