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  1. S/B LIST

    Bump for my boy
  2. Offline Merchant

    Thanks for the reply guys , already 13 voted yes (93 % ) and 1 vote no (7 %) I think a lot people agree with this suggestion @twostars @Aesteris
  3. S>list zaikooo

  4. Offline Merchant

    Hi folks, So i was thinking why do the Offline merchant in the Pus , it makes no sence at all. People are using it to make more money, and now you gotta pay first 500 kc to make money. The postive things about the Offline Merchants are : -Most items that are needed are in those merchants -The server looks a lot more active ( so new people that join will call their friends) -NO shouting anymore My suggestions/ideas to make the Offline Merchant easyier obtainable : -First suggestion : Make it free like you did before -My second suggestion : is that it could be a quest to obtain it. Like a weekly quest and you will have the offline merchant for serveral days. Like kill 30 keramesh/nighmish and Medichmash , this is a way to let the farm coming back a bit aswell. I prefer the second suggestion because else way there will be to many chars that standing in moradon that selling items they dont even need to sell. Any other ideas are welcome ! Greetings Daan
  5. S>list zaikooo

    S> -undef baal +11 rev for 6.5 k -krowaz parts warrior +8 (gaunts-helmet-boots) B> Nothing
  6. UTC Expansion Official Review by me

    +1 One thing for sure bring the offline merchant free again
  7. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    Gotta agree there with you. He aswell adds everyone in his clan. He even asked me and all me clannies but we know Karim is the guy you dont wanna play with . But i wont reply anymore on this topic because that is a waste of time
  8. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    Funny thing , u let some one fight for you (Chris). Good thing u have nothing else to do with you life. Next time dont be such a pussy and choise some one out of your clan because we did beated you in cz.
  9. Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan

    Welcome back !
  10. The good guy Ronnen is back ! Agreed with your opinions +1
  11. RessurectionOfDivine recruitment

  12. Need Youtube Channel for ApexKO

    agreed with JohnWick !
  13. ...........................

    hahaha de laatste 10 seconden xD