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  1. server still worth to play ?

    @Brook haha probabaly will come alone then mate ^^ not gonna call anyone i quess.
  2. Hey guys , I was wondering iff the server is still worth to play. Atm i am playing Manes getting tired of only leveling Greetings Daan
  3. KINGS Clan Pk Movie Vol1 .

    fine movie , i only hear complains about how bad it is. Its just a games guys
  4. Looking for a warrior ? But not geared yet
  5. there was a time , 100 kc was 500-600 million , so it Always can be worse mate ^^
  6. S> -heppa raptor rev +11 (212 ap) -chaos baal rev +5
  7. ksc shop

    nice editing
  8. This is seriously a unnecessary topic. No one will get banned for this.
  9. 1st question : some weapons got curse on it , that means it got special powers like a chaos wirinom got 1 procent change iff he hits some one the curse pops up and that person he hits cant use his skills for 5 seconds. All the Krowaz weapons got a abilty few or useless , and others can be really good. 2nd question: u cant do anything about the stun , but u can do something about the dot (curse) sins and priestes have cure disease when they use that on you and a normal cure the dot (curse) Will be Gone. This are normal questions. So dont be ashamed
  10. B> -opal earing +0,1 -sash of sarrow +0,1 -amulet of str +2,3