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  1. Zaikooo

    B> Elite Warrrior items

    how much
  2. Zaikooo


    how much for the warrior gaunlet ?
  3. Zaikooo

    RessurectionOfDivine recruitment

    +++++++++++++ still recruiting ! Looking for a priest and serveral melees.
  4. Zaikooo

    Platinum bar

    Okaaaaay , kinda a agree with you guys. I am just a bit greedy i quess
  5. Zaikooo

    Platinum bar

    Hey guys, So at the moment a lot people like myself have way to many gbs to spend it. You can only have a max of 42 gbs in your inn and inventory. So my suggestion was to add platinum bars into the game. those bars are 5 gbs of worth. Greetings Zaikooo
  6. Zaikooo

    Value of Currency in-game [Apex KC/GB]

    Totally not agreeing with this topic. I think no one is
  7. Zaikooo

    Existence Clan BUY and SELL LİST.

    s>undef baal +11/rosetta pauld +11
  8. Zaikooo


    S> -ROF+0 -Rosetta warrior pauld +11 rev B> Nothing
  9. Zaikooo

    Buying merchant

    Ah okay Thanks for the fast respond !
  10. Zaikooo

    Buying merchant

    Hey @twostars , Why aint we able to buy rosetta's in the buy merchant ? Greetings Daan
  11. Zaikooo

    Sell buy

    S>Dual opal
  12. Zaikooo

    Blessed upgrade scroll stacks

    thank you guys !
  13. Zaikooo

    Blessed upgrade scroll stacks

    Hey @twostars, I was wondering why my account(Zaikooo) only can carry only one stack of 200 busses. Other people can carry more then 1 stack Can u help me out with this ? Thank you !
  14. Zaikooo

    Hello - Coming back after a LONG break.

    Welcome to the server dude ! U can pm me ingame (Zaikooo/Sanctis) and i will answer your questions