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    blackaq got a reaction from YouGotPwndByMyAss in Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.   
    maybe go raid on wow
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    blackaq reacted to MON5TER in Castle Siege WAR   
    Delete kro and chaos weps and bring back gigas and +11 shells ty.
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    blackaq reacted to Allanoon in duration   
    Başkanın bölemi diyor knka ?
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    blackaq got a reaction from MON5TER in YougotPwnedByMyAss Range+Skill Tbl   
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    blackaq reacted to DeBrogLIEE in YougotPwnedByMyAss Range+Skill Tbl   
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    blackaq reacted to DeBrogLIEE in 2ws2   
    bb slow 
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    blackaq reacted to JewishLegend in JewishAngel Special   
    nice special special
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    blackaq reacted to avarr53 in 2ws2   
    Tor+db go rogue okey?
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    blackaq reacted to Roxas in Razor King Bad Spam   
    do yourself a favor and kill yourself 
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    blackaq reacted to ozanguner92 in WE NEED A CHANGE   
    You could make people get Items with NP also. For example, instead of selling Sollar Tattoo with GBs , make it attainable with NP points. ( Ladder or Left Side does not matter)
    I don't think sollar tattoo alone would make a difference but you get the idea. People need to constantly PK, so you could make maybe Krowaz +14 revs rentable by Ladder points, lets say that for example you give 50k ladder points to get Krowaz +14 Rev rented for 3 days. This is just an example and you need to work on the numbers but i think idea is solid to keep everyone PKing.
    We just started to this server 3 weeks ago, server is quality wise the best server but we are about to quit if the number of online players does not fix in close future.
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    blackaq reacted to Roxas in WE NEED A CHANGE   
    My main suggestion is to remove BUS from blood seeker/ dtc/ beast etc. Make people go to bowl to farm their money, allowing them to only buy bus from npc for a normal price. This eliminates the absurd amount of GB's in the server, and can finally lower the price of 100kc (550m). 
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    blackaq got a reaction from ROAR in ROAR Pk Movie Trailer #apexko   
    nice roar roar
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    blackaq reacted to Archeage in PERFECT DAMAGE :)   
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    blackaq reacted to Marshmallow in Reskill / restat costs   
    You should consider that ApexKO is a private server with an small player base compared to USKO, meaning that players require to change skill and stats more frequently for events, farm and PK. For instance in official server you'd get more buffers and duffers so you have the option to kick and add players as needed but in ApexKO you have to rely on reskilling in order to make a proper party. Another example, priests should reskill before joining BDW and have free points to distirbute to the right job in BDW so they won't end up with dupe skills, now imagine someone is doing 2 BDW each day that's gonna cost alot of reskilling money in a long run. As a Kurian you'll have to reskill often since they've been nrfed over and over, if there is not enough players to party with, you'd wanna go magic build or tanker to solo/survive. If you get a party you might wanna go attacker+ descent. Now with the increase cost of reskill/restats that's gonna be a problem. As a mage Fire for farming when there is not much PK and light for PK when the time is right. You see I don't think it was a good idea to increase the cost of reskill/restats as not everyone can afford or willing to do it so basically they get bored, tired and quit CZ.
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    blackaq reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.   
    I hit mage 1400 but in usko i hit 3500 w/o db but hey ApexKO&Usko have same damages np.
    @blackaq hey black nice wall wall

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    blackaq got a reaction from MON5TER in Raiding.   
    need to remove cd on cube tbh
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    blackaq got a reaction from yokbrainkanka in Addition of Red Pot by ApexKO Community.   
    inb4 they add blue pot instead
  19. Haha
    blackaq got a reaction from yokbrainkanka in Addition of Red Pot by ApexKO Community.   
    inb4 they add blue pot instead
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    blackaq reacted to ImmortalOne in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine   
    pls post it
    we need more drama here 
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    blackaq got a reaction from Sirbangalot in Timmeh/SirBangAlot Looking for a clan   
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    blackaq got a reaction from xHomiee in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan   
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    blackaq got a reaction from S4k in B< BUY 20K APEX KC SEND ME SOME LOVE <3   
    sup s6k
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    blackaq got a reaction from kncha in Few question regarding this version.   
    He asked for sin. Lousy or bomba curse is not that good, sin needs ap more than anything. Also moonlight's reaaaaaaaaly op in USKO atm.
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    blackaq got a reaction from Chayni in Scammer nick   
    this is all pawel's fault tbh