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  1. Feb 5 patch appreciation thread

    because of my comment so here it is again: this patch is too little too late
  2. Portu class

  3. BoomBox Tokatlama

    iyi spear boots
  4. buy list: nothing

    hey foobal how is my avatar
  5. buy list: nothing

    foobal how is my combo
  6. Just another day at Apex city

    -intended -we checked on usko -8% at max btw nice nazi
  7. 5 Archer tips to not be bad

    instructions weren't clear enough, my wf +8 caught in the ceiling fan

    BOOM SAVAGE!!!!1111111111111
  9. NOOB aziz

    next test 4k 60fps pls
  10. S>Warrior items

    nice staff
  11. thats exactly how i imagined brook tbh
  12. Delete topic

    hey guess what nice judi 3
  13. Delete topic

    wtb the regular shard +11
  14. Alpha Goodbye

  15. ^nice sig aztec works the same on official since cursed weps got out, it's just bugged on apex and many other private servers stun/slow rates are too high with or without magic shield priests still get cancelled with every hit dots (kurian, mage), 6 months after the initial reports STILL cancels animations for some reason same old buggy apex, gonna extend my break
  16. about 170 with lr pots idk really stun rate felt so high on every class i played, on warrior those rates were the same against lr mages. also 72 blade can chain stun you no matter what so you just sit there and wait to die. scream procs a lot too (1/5 - 1/10 here against 1/100 in official). 75 armor almost always got me stunned (as sin on ms) so i stopped attacking them at some point lol. spammed aesteris, twostars, shoutbox about 3 months for them to fix it so gl.
  17. i meant that it wasn't comboable, you had to wait for the full styx animation for it to go off. about cp on apex big skills crit so less, bloody beast almost always crits so it just works differently i guess. aztec curse is broken here, healing skills and pots do their regular damage (minor 60hp, pots 720hp, 10k heal 10k hp etc) instead of each of them doing 2000 damage. also if you get healed by someone in your pt, he gets the kill and you don't lose np but if you kill yourself by potting, minoring opposing mage gets the kill and the nps. about stun; i was getting stunned 1/2 without ms and 1/3 with it (~220 lr) which is understandable if thats what they want the rate to be but aesteris told us the stun rate is set to 8% max like on usko. it applies to every class btw not just rogue, resistances work fine it's just that the rate is too high for 72 blade 75 armor and light shot. ps: didn't play for 2 months so idk if they are fixed by now #BuffKurians