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    Few question regarding this version.

    He asked for sin. Lousy or bomba curse is not that good, sin needs ap more than anything. Also moonlight's reaaaaaaaaly op in USKO atm.
  2. blackaq

    Few question regarding this version.

    -No curse just much more ap. There is an UTC dagger called Khanjar. Jamadar is a must for sin well cos there is no jamadar def on iron sets and gabs' thus you can deal insane damages to priests. You can get wb from npc's in moradon for moonlight you have to kill specific mobs in UTC also it should be craftable but idk it was bugged when I left USKO. -Wing of Hero gives 50 def, %3 ap and 500 weight. -Idk never used DC premium. -There are but they're like string of skulls only giving anti def. for 3-4 types of weapons so at least in old servers where everyone had +10/+3 they were useless. Same ac but secret gives more res & mana & 3 more dex as bonus. There are boss spawns at both instances in USKO.
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    Few question regarding this version.

    9. UTC > Krowaz > Gem & Fragment & Chest > Exceptional High Class > High Class. 10. Krowaz > Rosetta > Secret = Exceptional Mythril > Mythril > Shells > Chitins There are more weapon possibilities like heppa's weapons and krowaz weapons without the curse but I doutbt they'll be added to Apex.
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    +1 it's so op
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    No melee skill works against someone that has - def, only r damage. Warriors can use berserker(decreases 300 def) while not wearing any armor to abuse this.