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  1. Buying WoE +11 and LE +11

  2. Starting gear and gear dispenser

    brilliant idea. why foverin +3 though? kekuring +0 would be better tbh
  3. AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

  4. B< Warrior shizzle

    10K YA 10K 10K
  5. Selling few rogue items

  6. Sexy Santa TS

    can't use cure (as sin) with sexy santa on
  7. Sell Full Warrior Item

  8. List of bugs 2017

    rather stick with what i've said than trying to prove something that is pretty much impossible for me to prove. idk why are we even going back and forth at this point, you could ask anyone and they would tell you thats how casting works.
  9. List of bugs 2017

    pretty sure it does but since you've never played it and i have absolutely 0 clue of coding, i'm just gonna accept the fact that it's never gonna get fixed and stop replying.
  10. List of bugs 2017

  11. List of bugs 2017

    current rate is higher than it should be. it should get effected by resistances.
  12. List of bugs 2017

    fix priest: dots should not cancel animations mage skills should not cancel animations dark pursuer should not cancel animations at 100% what should cancel animations are r damages being hit at a certain time stamp (right before hands go up) during the animation with a small rate. fix lightning staff: self explanatory. while not being on par with the shared rates (it's higher), it's also not getting effected by resistances. also stun should not stack. remove kurian: self explanatory. i believe most of the people will agree on this. the class has no counterplay as long as it has divide armor, rush, pull. completely kills small pt play. forgot to add: laggers (chinese) are at an advantage because their skills don't lag but their visuals do, so in our screen they hit from miles away.
  13. List of bugs 2017

    - fix priest - need more details. - fix lightning staff - need more details. - remove kurian done to the mod who's been deleting my posts: you'd also be frustrated if a bug this crucial, has been reported for 2 whole years by 34235235 people and still didn't get close to being fixed. - considered it to be spam since it wasn't an actual bug report.
  14. Is there anyone around here...

    pretty shocked to see that you only needed 8 mins to make that, you're improving m8n3er.
  15. Is there anyone around here...

    see, he's getting sensitive again
  16. Is there anyone around here...

    not nice
  17. Is there anyone around here...

    quoting this for new sig, ty
  18. Make a Funky Party

  19. 1V1 Warrior VS With Start Item

    nice guide btw
  20. Stun rate going crazy again

    +1 kurian is way easier
  21. Stun rate going crazy again

  22. List of bugs 2017

    can you actually check this?