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  1. Elior&Chris 2vs2 DixieKyrai&ItzMDMA

    hey chris how is my combo
  2. What is my AP?

    clan name checks out
  3. HabibiSlayer Vs for KC

    ty drama
  4. S< Warrior items

  5. this is all pawel's fault tbh
  6. maybe go buy 4 pathos gloves
  7. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

  8. Darius Sell/Buylist

  9. First castellan wep 7!

    sup autistclub
  10. my sigs i made whatu think?

    it made me punch my monitor
  11. Revolution vs KINGS 2vs2 @Apexko

    nice story
  12. S> Rouge Krowaz Set 9

    maybe gift already
  13. Best player list Elmorad & Karus

    priest: leonarsly warrior: murkysly mage: intsly kurian: dotsly archer: elfringsly sin: whoever spams illusion the most cube spammer: me shoutbox spammer: autistclub 10 year old guide copy paster: deano lowest iq i've seen yet: armal btw i think yougotpwndbymyass is using ibex pots, everyone report him plz
  14. B>mage items

  15. Wolfden 2vs2 KINGS

  16. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    finally some drama
  17. Elior&Chris vs StormHawkS 2v2 @Apexko

    nice print print