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  1. 2cm e-penis detected.
  2. S> Iron belt+0

    kc sold, selling IB+0 now bump
  3. Selling Iron belt+0 Sold Gab adamant+7 2,1k kc pm me here or letter in game.
  4. And make a NPC that will lvl up players who are now below 83lvl. Some people are still 80-82 and they trying to get some exp but since there are noone exping/farming at EW its hard for them, and forcing them to make new char isnt a good idea.
  5. @Marshmallow You need fairy to autoloot items. Yes it will pick them both. If u setup value 100 it will pick up every item that u can sold to npc for 100 or more. Items that are worth 99 and lower will stay in boxes. And remember about the difference when u are prem user. For example if yesterday u had premium and you could sell BUS to NPC for 600k but today you dont have premium u need to change the value to 400k to autoloot. Also before u go to ED or farm ancients just delete + Backspace everything from there and make sure you Apply + Save
  6. I found this option on this server Deleting tons of craps from Uruk Thrones was annoying, so I was searching for solution for over 2 days, thought that it isnt working cuz u cant see any numbers in this black space. Remember to clear this number when u go farm ancients or go to ED
  7. F10 > Looting Options > in this black space u type XXXXXX (u will pick up items that are worth XXXXXX and more. For example if u want to farm BUS u write 400000 - if u non prem user, 600000 - if u have prem) > Apply + Save Settings Autoloot will always pick up Uniques/monster stones You wont see any numbers in this black place so when u want to change value there first jut click on it and press few times Backspace and delete.
  8. About autoloot: if u are archer just leave your char on genie, when u come back just run few times over the place that u were killing mobs, u will see that u will collect drops even if there are no boxes atm. You can also setup autoloot to pick up items that u can sold to NPC for exapme for 400k (BUS if u are non prem user). Setup it so you wont pick up every crap. Decent money u can make on Hobgoblins in CZ, but if u want to autoloot only Gold Coins u have to setup i autoloot 100k not 1m (dunno why).
  9. Selling Iron Neck+0 2,5K KC sold chitin helmet DD+7/15 sold chitin boots Spear Def +7/15 sold Scorpion Scythe+7 1x Trina pm me here or in game - Marl0 Sold
  10. Karambit B/S List

    Karambit you are very popular here, your inbox is full and i cant pm you S> IN+0
  11. For you Aziz

    Aziz and black definitely smoke too much I know black, i am racist and reported
  12. Aegis should stay in game, new players (priests, support mages) will die in 3-4 hits from geared people without this shield. I think that admins should just edit this shield cuz it makes Gab Blessing worthless, little less def, resists and weapon deff, or even make it unrepairable like talia armor. Cuz now u can buy Aegis for 20m.
  13. bump need 2x ROC+0, also buying HV+0/+1/+2 (if price will be good).