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  1. NagaSadow

    USKO Players Vs OptimumFamilia - 2 vs 2

    What are you doing creating SonsOfHeroeS? I personally knew goldenkham,and i doubt you belong to their clan,cant remember your name there.
  2. NagaSadow

    OptimumFamilia is a legit clan?

    You are absolutely a moron,and yes indeed,ego fucked your mind pretty hard. You just copied/pasted what PendexO said in ko4life,but there is no proofs of anything related with scamming,only my adress/account at ko4life which Shanny used to do the scams,so better shut up if got no fucking idea about what actually happened,telling a lie 100 times wont make it become true.I havent fucking shared with him,he asked me the for the account to make a topic on market section when he was playing at EUROPA. Everything said is bullshit,and comming from Elias its even more.I see you been licking your balls eachother. I got asked to prove it,and there we go: Im out of this anyway,got nothing to reply to you anymore,you are shit.
  3. NagaSadow

    OptimumFamilia is a legit clan?

    Wow too much drama always with mynameis clan,but it was me the one causing the drama right rick? Every server you play there is the same topic,you think you are so pro and so good and whatever you want to think,but the thing is that you arent the best clan,so stop treating people like if you were a god and the rest shit,ego killed you sir. On topic:Ive seen that clan in other servers and they were actually good to my eyes.
  4. NagaSadow

    A little suggestion.

    HellReapersKO had it,and its a recent server,and i believe twostars can make it possible,this team is the best by far.
  5. NagaSadow

    A little suggestion.

    What about adding 3 different types of UI Skins at option.exe? -ROFD -MYKO -And the one we currently have. Suggesting this since plenty of people likes old skins more,in my case,id love rofd one.
  6. NagaSadow

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Dont need to,you clearly got nothing to say.
  7. NagaSadow

    HighAceZ clan recruitments!

    Heyo there,i might wanna join if i finally play here,since my clan app was denied for false rumours,ill let you know through pm. Regards.
  8. NagaSadow

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    What clan drama are you talking about lol?i think you are wrong,i havent had any problem with anyone from your clan.Might be any sharers that used to play my account on SexyKO,i was there playing and john was playing my rogue named iBelongToJesus lol.I stayed since i joined until i got banned. If you actually believe the things said on KO4LIFE by LambOfGod about me,then you have your mind really gone,ive known you for longer than he and all he did was talk crap about a lot of people,he said that i scammed Restless and BRAND,but i speak with both of them on facebook,not daily,but once a week,do you really think i did it?Ive never scammed in my life..Aint the place to discuss anything anyways,if you made your decision its fine by me,but not over lies. Issues with me but you arent gonna tell me the names?That sounds bullshit to me.If you are a man,you gotta give names,other than that your words got no credibility to me.. I honestly thought after all this time,wow i met these guys after all those years,we gonna play together again,but i find that you are denying me for nothing. Atleast you could give me a try,for the old times.
  9. NagaSadow

    Making Free Signatures

    Shit man,thats great!Yea sure ,avatar up to you really Thanks a lot!
  10. NagaSadow

    Making Free Signatures

    Hey mate,could i get an avatar and a signature if you wish?! On signature id like the name VorteX with a picture of a direwolf from game of thrones: https://www.google.es/search?q=game+of+thrones+direwolf&biw=1920&bih=979&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=w6A-VeLmIuqd7AaS7YH4BA&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ Choose the one u prefer! And about avatar up to you mate,anything will be nice ! Thanks in advance
  11. NagaSadow

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Ive been banned on ko4life too courtesy of LambOfGod,he got me banned on SexyKO too,saying that i scammed Restless and BRAND and also John rofl,,which is bullshit,they never reported me and i have contact with them on facebook/skype,but i just dont give a fuck about a forum to be honest,if he wants to think he is important banning people,let him.
  12. NagaSadow

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    What is your main language? (Do you speak English fluently?)Im from Spain,and yeah,im able to speak english pretty well. - How old are you?23 - How long have you played KO?Started at USKO Xigenon,then moved to private servers,so around 10 years,back in 2005. - What class are you going to play? (Preferably want people who are going to play their main class.)Im not really used to 83 cap servers,so im not sure yet,can play any class to be honest. - What timezone are you in?GMT+1/+2 - How many hours can you play daily. (I honestly expect at least 4 to 6 hours daily from everyone.) Please do not bullshit when posting this. Be as honest as possible.Depending on the week,6h everyday and more on weekends. - What are your past clans, and your past names? List as many clans and names that you've used as possible.I was on NeverMore at Xigenon,and then Legendz,FinalLegacy with Kallop and lot more of clans,also was on MNI back at SexyKO,my name is Bruno so you probably remember me(ForTehWinner,iBelongToJesus,shared with the norwegyan duck lover aka John. - Do you use Ventrilo, Skype, or TS, and do you have a mic? As odd as this may seem to some clans, I don't really require voice communication. You can use it free willingly if you wish.Can use anything. - Do you plan on buying premium and/or genie? (Not really required, but useful information.)Depends,if the server worth it,for sure.
  13. NagaSadow

    So sad about mage and want to say what i feel !!

    A complete mage should be able indeed,the higher int,the better staffs you are able to use,so yeah,like usko good old times(when fire drake released),i remember complete mages with hell bloods doing 700+120 dmg with staff skill to warriors(obv,hell blood+8+dual flame rings)
  14. Please,create a section for spanish people to discuss about server features,creating suggestions and such. I will apply for mod aswell,since im from Spain and got experience being a moderator. Best regards