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  1. Class change

    No, if you want to change classes, spend the time to do everything over. Too easy to just class change..I think there would be less xp parties also, you just need one character to 83 then never xp again haha.
  2. What things are only for beta (won't be in official)

    You can't adjust rates based on people who are going to genie all night long. Otherwise people who play without it are going to be stuck struggling to get 5 bus lol. It's too high now, about half wouldn't be to bad.
  3. Starting items on Beta

    Yea I don't see the sense in wasting all that time getting +9 for beta..can do eveything with +7/+8 lol.
  4. Immortal signature requests

    Since a few people want me to keep making them, thought I would make my own topic instead of taking someone else's haha. Previous sigs: Format - Image: Text:
  5. Making Free Signatures

  6. Making Free Signatures

    There you go sir.
  7. Making Free Signatures

    Let me know if you want it moved/resized. I wasn't sure on specifics..
  8. Making Free Signatures

    Bit of a challenge..animals are hard. I did a sig If the symbol is too much I can remove haha. Did you want an avatar the same or different?
  9. MyNameIs Recruiting (We're Coming Back)

    Yea man I remember haha. Had no idea...so is that a yes?
  10. MyNameIs Recruiting (We're Coming Back)

    - What is your main language? (Do you speak English fluently?) English - How old are you? 23 - How long have you played KO? 6 or more years - What class are you going to play? (Preferably want people who are going to play their main class.) Warrior - What timezone are you in? GMT+10 - How many hours can you play daily. (I honestly expect at least 4 to 6 hours daily from everyone.) Please do not bullshit when posting this. Be as honest as possible. At least 4-6 hours, longer on weekends - What are your past clans, and your past names? List as many clans and names that you've used as possible. Played at CWest DCZ/RLB on Dexualeruption, did a little CZ just for fun. Was in Madhouse/Villains/L2P. Played a lot of different PS's, Hellawaits, PerseusKO, some others I don't really remember lol. - Do you use Ventrilo, Skype, or TS, and do you have a mic? As odd as this may seem to some clans, I don't really require voice communication. You can use it free willingly if you wish. Can use any, and have a mic - Do you plan on buying premium and/or genie? (Not really required, but useful information.) Most likely both
  11. Genie- should it be free?

    Making it in the PUS and possibly via another way either ingame/votes is a good idea.
  12. Making Free Signatures

    I did one for you