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  1. ++++++++++++++++++ sold str sss
  2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++
  3. As title says.. looking for kc only pm me on forums
  4. Buy> Warrior Krowaz Paldroun+8. Buy>500Kc Sell>Bus (4K in stock) Pm : GABBAR
  5. MOKOKOKq buying :

    s> big pipi
  6. Stop crying like a kid.. and go farm to get items...
  7. ben kral.. sen retard!! jelepin
  8. i ask and i beat .. u can see the video ^^...
  9. you still didnt understand why emre/MDMA is mad at me?
  10. now days warriors using macro #SADBUTTRUE... so why not assassin,.. m satisfied fully..
  11. ty bhai.. was just for fun u know that
  12. You are smelling alot go pour some fresh water on your head.. salak