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  1. Haha
    BroOk reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Funny 2v2 Moment In Colony Zone (Ronark Land)   
    Enjoy ! 1080p60 ! HD ūüėé ūüėā
    (Turkish) Versus 2v2'dir. Rogue: IAmJohnWick Rahip: AlexanderMarkov vs. Rogue: Hexlilizi Rahip: MarshallMarcseu Bug√ľn cz'de komik anńĪ paylaŇümak istedim En iyi dileklerimle ve herkese sevgi!
    (English) The Versus is 2v2. Rogue: IAmJohnWick Priest: AlexanderMarkov vs. Rogue: Hexlilizi Priest: MarshallMarcseu I wanted to share funny moment we have today in cz Best wishes and love to all !
    EDIT #1: Re-uploading for Quality Please be patient !
    EDIT #2: Re-uploaded version available. Enjoy ! 1080HDp60
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  3. Haha
    BroOk reacted to avarr53 in we know same us ko but maybe   
    We are tired of mage damage problem. Please don't say us same Official KO. Mage damage should be fixed because mage damage is so low and mele is powerful.
    sin's critical rate to much always %90 sometimes %110 pls help us, archer stun or slow never working
    help us thank you
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    BroOk got a reaction from ApexPamp in Geheimnis Clan is going to start to ApexKO at soon !   
    çok iyim new clanlar on apexko.
  5. Haha
    BroOk reacted to blackaq in Found an interesting video on yt   
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    BroOk reacted to MERET in Magician Class & Effective range & Stun & Battle Priest   
    For all I see, players complain to staff that magician players inflict high HP damage.  Problem is that everything is normal for magician class expect their effective range and rate of stun.
    We tested it and the resistance comes in useful against magician class.The more resistance the less HP damage !
    Effective range of any staff is 1 meter but magicians can attack us with staff skill from 9 metres which is abnormal condition.
    Effective range of warrior weapon is 2 metres and warriors can attack us from 5 metres.
    Battle priest is not on a par with Official KO.
    Bonus: Admin can give specific items such as ''Holy Knight Set +11(INT Bonus) Reverse Items, Dual BroOk's Ruaheu"  to  @BroOk in order to quieten him down 
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    BroOk reacted to TukeOP in About Sins   
    Hey I think Sins are too strongs now and totally after this 2x patches ice / light rate so good  doesnt matter if magic shield + resistance accerioes+3 on still get stun / slow like hell, but its np, I think we are still hitting too damn hard that "totally 3-5sec" what we can hit when attacking someone If its not "Warrior or Priest" otherwise we are stunned or slowed with 250+ resistances after 1-2hit  , When cp drops boom  maybe 4k with torment its too damn much as here if ask me... Hoply can Fix this and nerf sins dmg a bit ! Cheers Apexko Users and Admins!
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    BroOk got a reaction from twostars in Should 60% Undy Scroll & 400 Ac Scroll & Duration Potion be Added to Sundries Yes or No?   
    make bps fair dmg once again same as usko -.-
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    BroOk reacted to fuckyou in Castle war   

    There are many koreans/chinese guys who left from apexko cuz of this timezone problems. You guys should care them as well. Even in USKO, there are three times war in a day. I joined last 4-5 CSW and i didn't get any fun till now. 3-4 party vs 1 party most of times. I didn't see any CrazyTime/PLAYER clan members in the CSW. And this CrazyTime clan is first in the rank. And this PLAYER clan is most active players at their timezone. But i don't think they get fun in Apexko.And I don't want to see them while leaving from ApexKO. 
    @Aesteris @twostars
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    BroOk got a reaction from a9mon2013 in Castle war   
    actually agree not fair for koreans . and kinda bored to see always 4 or 5 party of just turk clans keeping castle because theres not more players around to fight it.
    for me must to be :
    make twice by week CSW saturday and wednesday. and make just 1 party winer every time the last party who ks crystal will keep it.
    kinda bored to see how big clans in private server can handle castle for so long. including me i was for long time on other server doing that but after abit its just bored as hell because theres not challenge at all.
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    BroOk reacted to a9mon2013 in Castle war   
    Hi, everyone.
    This is Gaeko in player clan.
    As we all know, we are Clan of Koreans.
    We have a suggestion about the Castle War.
    Since the apexko server always starts the castle war on Monday at 3 a.m. (Korea time), our player clan can not participate. 
    Because it is too late for us Koreans. At that time, we are going to sleep for work on Monday.
    It would be great if you could control the timing of the castle war a little bit.
     (ex. Saturday evening 10:00 to 12:00 or Sunday evening 10:00 to 12:00)
    I ask you to activate the caw of apexko server and many Koreans.
    Ps. Korean time is + 6 hours by Turkish time. 
    Sorry for my little English!
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    BroOk got a reaction from ferni144 in Unbalanced   
    meret gm !
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    BroOk reacted to MyBerserker in What about the perfect balance in apex?   
    How about if you NT you can't take the Ultima or Felankor quests for x amount of days. PK related quests could remain unchanged
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    BroOk got a reaction from Marshmallow in [Solar Tattoo]   
    or just make darkness mace alive for them already. np.
  15. Haha
    BroOk reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Castle Siege WAR   
    How much more players you want to quit ApexKO?? Chaos Weapons11 already dropped down from 60k to 20k. Even chaos baal11 is 15k lol. You want all the loyal players quit that bad? o_O. And then you need to think about the sweetkiss,undefs which have useless curses those weapons will be 10gb's on merchants while people bought them in past for 10k.  so bad idea /Failed.
    So you want all players lose their $ this is basically the topic??? What else you want Krowaz Sets+11 in gear dispenser?? 
    People don't join CSW because they don't care the rewards of CSW. Farming books and sell it for 9GB ??? They should put the old kc rewards back. And nobody cares about that tarantula farm either because BUS farm in Colony Zone goes 3 times faster. 
    And other reason is RebeLLion goes with 2-3 party full +11/3 warriors full cospre tattoo and full mages with cospre full gear and tattoo's nobody want to fight them with gear dispenser items and just 1 party. 
    PS: I also did it 1 time 2x party in CSW with TheGoodLife we won instantly and defend the base for 4 minuts after took Crystal. But we do not care the rewards so i do not make parties anymore for it. And funny thing is i still have 2x Books+8 can't sell for 9gb's.
  16. Confused
    BroOk got a reaction from BabySh0ckeR in Selling PRIEST itms.   
    selling :
    KROWAZ set +11
    int set +11
    gb +3
    rof dual +3
    sse dual +3
    mean leaonard +11 ( all weapons priest +11 and +8 utc maces)
    gab +11
    accessory set int +3
    Buying Cypher ring
    offers via PM forums .
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    BroOk got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Tears / Trinas expiration date.   
    actually good idea to put finally some expiration those easy items..
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    BroOk reacted to twostars in Tears / Trinas expiration date.   
    The one thing I can say regarding this is that expiration items are untradeable by design, and we have no intention of removing their expiration time.
    Regarding their duration, I'll leave that with @Vivaldi & @Aesteris
  19. Sad
    BroOk reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in rogue skills   
    I win warriors very easily. My hardest matchups i have fought against on 1vs1 then it will comes to:
    MeTalgEr25, Necrolyte(Sin), DrManhattan(Sin), ISacredDavid(Sin)
    I still won but they were the hardest for me in ApexKO. (From the people i have seen in ApexKO that are still playing)
    And most of them are sins so. Sins doing the best in my opinion if it comes to 1v1 or the warrior players in this server don't know much or don't care.
    Specially with that -15 str sins can out minor right now very easily. also warrior have 11.8k hp not 13k + in Usko i remember it was much easier for me to kill rogues on 1vs1 then in ApexKO.
    But it doesn't matter at all! Sins just have alot of fail damages and fail CP + slow cast need to be fixed
    Pk is most important.
    PS: I'm sure that Necrolyte & ISacredDavid & DrManhattan can beat 95% of all warriors or even more  
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    BroOk got a reaction from Melody in [Events]   
    i really agree with all those ideas .
    Felo ultima respawning together twice by day its a good try imo at least as u said 1 - 2hours max pk. not bad .
    Csw twice by week consider reward its also a good idea. ill like to remind GMS not every1 is able to play in weekends. i saw during the week on bosses more activity then csw sometimes.
    BDW. very good point to make nation vs nation BDW like an small war thats sound good for pk and also will mix good old gear players with newcomers ofc. very nice idea.
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    BroOk reacted to Melody in [Events]   
    Hello there,

    So basically we all know that the PK activity in Coloy Zone is only during Ultima & Felankor.
    And during the weekends just in RLB Wars, Lunar WARS & Castle Siege War.

    I think that for once and good, you should organised and make the Events more interesting...

    So right now we've Ultima spawns 2 times a day which we all know when they spawn...
    Which it solved the problem with Ultima not been killed, also because it more rewarded.

    We've Felankor which it spawn randomly everyday betweens 8 hours to 10 hours, I guess?..
    Which mean basically the people that actually killed first Felankor they will try their best to be there for the next respawn
    because they need the money ('farm' or want the 'chest') then they will log to most active side and kill Felankor ASAP.
    1) It's not hard to kill Felankor, basically just few rogues and few mages can kill it.
    2) They care about 'Felankor Chest' which is more rewarded than 'Ultima Chest' Also the DROP from Felankor is more rewarded than Ultima DROP.
    3) Right now, Felankor respawns a little bit more than twice a day.

    Caslte Siege WAR:
    CSW is the most enjoyable & favorite Event I ever enjoyed.
    At least it was for me, till I lost a little bit from the excitement of the GAME.
    A part to Clans Tournament which I had played on USKO Servers.

    So CSW is more rewarded than ever in my opinion more than the 5K Apex Points reward.
    Because every single clan can partcipate and it gives opportunity to every single clan to win CSW and reward 2 Days of a Set Holy Knight Amors+11Reverse..

    Broder Defense War:
    So basically BDW isn't that interesting anymore, but what I about to come with might be sound a little bit crazy for many but look at the positive side.

    With that been said.
    My suggestions:

    1) About Ultima & Felankor:
    Add a time to Felankor make something like Ultima, 30mins before Ultima and Then Ultima.
    Or First Ultima and Than Felankor since Felankor is easier to kill and more rewarded.. So better to keep the cherry to the end.
    So the PK will last at least for 1 hour, twice a day with a Good Activity.
    It makes it a lot more interesting at least for my part of view.

    2) About CSW:
    You can just add another CSW a week, like Sunday & Wednesday or Wedensday & Saturday.
    You can make a poll for that when it comes to that.
    A. CSW become a little bit activer in the past few weeks because of the reward..
    B. Since the reward last just for 2 days and not been so usefull because of no Events during weekdays [WARS or any other Events].

    3) About BDW:
    Right now BDW based on lucky you've, if did you get in or not. in the first place :P.
    And if you are lucky enough to have even a single priest in your party not to speak about 2 priests or a cuber, in that case :P.

    A. In my opinion you should make BDW Nation VS Nation. of course to take in mind the exactly mount of players of each Nation.
    So basically PPL will have the opportunity to make their own Party. and be prepared before it even starts.

    What we could ask for more? Small MAP, Nation VS Nation LOTS of PK!.


    * I didn't had much time to open that topic, so I open with no time.
    but there is a lot more to improve, but let's start with those suggestions.

    * My request from the community please KEEP OUT anything that not related to this subjects [Events , Activity in CZ].
    I'm usually not making topics like never, so please respect my request.

    Eden || Melody.
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    BroOk got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.   
    ur level inglish better then mine
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    BroOk got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.   
    ur level inglish better then mine
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    BroOk reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.   
    If you understand me perfectly i meant cancel to go +11. But np  
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    BroOk got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Holy Knight Armors, Warrior&Sin Damages.   
    cancel it i dont think is  good idea crhis. new comers still can famr this and just go to +8 then straight to pk + also moving the economy of items on moradon. we must stuck this armor on +8 thats for sure. otherwsie soon we will see chinese cominuty with set +11