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  1. Raiding.

    MOST356345ER why USA people eating hamburgers every day ? do uve any idea what gourmet kitchen means ? or just mcdonal kfc nd sh1ts like so ?
  2. Hey there. asked already thousend times if u guys thinking to adjust int priest to make them able to pk as priest attakers..
  3. Anything going to be done for priest?

    It was an idea just.. theres already skill on master preist which reduce alot mages dmg
  4. Anything going to be done for priest?

    Im agree if they have to reduce HP / Def of full point int priest thats really doeest matter.. dont be stupid with this commnets i dont want Op attaker priest. They just need to make fair dmg .. mages making 1200 -1500 staff their novad doing 1100-1300 w/o any duff its so freaking alot . But they are paper if u hit then they die pretty easy.. so Why the heck attacker priest it means no tanker Hp build making so freaking low dmg .. actually to make some decent dmg u need to wear all int set which means ull have around 5k hp wo any kinda of deffence .. i could say its okey but stil u need torment or db otherwise dmg suck .. no1 asking decent no1 asking tp priest drop ur ideas if u have bene play as attaker priest.. theres a reason if players give up and change warrior instead to try bp. Actually no worrh be weak and 0 Dmg. Ps: Why subside doesnt reduce 30 % of mage attack ??
  5. About BAttle Priest

    ya i really cant undertand why GM cant make them more competitive. they already touch every class on apexko just ignoring priest.
  6. About BAttle Priest

    was joking puta relax
  7. About BAttle Priest

    sure cuz u think ur help worth something lmao
  8. About BAttle Priest

    50tl very cheap
  9. About BAttle Priest

    chetros go ventrila give me target f11 ?
  10. ya but imo the last bosses should give amore drop of sheet metals. kinda stupid to give wrath or glutton more drop % ... people want just afq farm easy on cz.
  11. Interesting SW potion interaction

    ya ice cube 100% for 3 hours its not enough to destroy pk
  12. Well i think rates and bifrost like this is good. theres no reason to make every1 on server holy knight armor +11. this the most harder armor to get in server nd supposed to be hard to obtain. u guys can still pk with krowaz +11 if u dont like easy things. 1 thing they can do is : add to all greed or last bosses some more rate drop ancient sheet metal. actually on egos most side just go and genie there i rare see players farming 2h no stop comboing etc. so u guys cant expect to obtain nice farmer with genie.. greed anvy abit more chance drop ancient will be gr8. and finally people will really farm and not just leech.
  13. About BAttle Priest

    ow howan nice 1 vs 1 bps i miss :> ya but gms dont care about solo pk players seems like. its already 1 year im trying to convice them to do something about priest attakers i come out with some ideas and suggest but stilll nothing. then u can see simple they touching kurians skill mages skill warriors skill assasin skills but about priest nothing . really i hate when people thing priest must just wear hp build and sit down like a retard till 1 warrior add them to make some pk or to do move out their base. Lest see if gms listen once.
  14. Offline Merchant

    First of all nothing more must be free . theres already many things items scrolls etc free which make new comers able to pk .( if everything free this server will close after 1 week lmao ) agree when u say it can be obtain via quest weekly myb and they must make this tradable reward. quest can be or farm mobs on cz or by pk. or just simple 100kc for 1 week offline merchant. which is more fair imo
  15. Required Light Rest and INT

    wondering which server u playing broh i play always priest and im gettin stun as f4ck it means every 3 staff at least 1 is stun + consider curse + cast on heal no sense. ya light resitence is fine sure. ms on sins doenst even work lmao
  16. Addition of Red Pot by ApexKO Community.

    make int priest able make dmg first ty
  17. Many Topics & UTC

    Will be there any guide about UTC aesteris??
  18. Anything going to be done for priest?

    bleasting from str to > int ?
  19. Anything going to be done for priest?

    lmao i miss u so much brah
  20. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

    3 preist hp build + 5 warrior partys? add me fast
  21. PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

  22. Anything going to be done for priest?

    ya . or just lets add 3 priest hp build adamant 11 + 5 warriors and go pk:s