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    Funny 2v2 Moment In Colony Zone (Ronark Land)

  2. BroOk

    Time zones which most players

    add seeky
  3. çok iyim new clanlar on apexko.
  4. BroOk

    Found an interesting video on yt

    need zeppelin on bowl np.
  5. BroOk

    server need something new!

    imo random comments bring random ideas always PS: bring attaker priest back np.
  6. BroOk

    server need something new!

    yup agree move to pk server already all items on sundriess put on PUS cospre prem and some scrolls so people will spend their kc on it. this already bosses KO.
  7. lot players meles keep quitting but stilll they not doing anything to make all classes fair enough. kurian dot imo its fine and good to see they finally make dmg. mages are fine. stun its just creazy same as slow but still can work with it. warriors on usko theres like 20 metters aoe range skills. their dmg its even better ..here? sins most weak class ever i see around.make them able to kill mages with 2 hits under CP with red pots already.. on usko thres 2 party mages runing together to make nps here 7 mages 1 priest still tanking warriors lmao. okey its fine but dont make other classes weak to make mages enjoy their 3 2 1 nova... bps? no1 care and still on apexko bps are so freaking tanker and 000000 dmg. make them paper but at least incrase their ap.. hope to see u soon chris take care baby.
  8. BroOk

    more action in cz

    sharlock topic..
  9. BroOk

    ApexKO Discord Server?

    nice resitence set. np
  10. ofc their are not par with offical since theres not red pots and ruaheu for them + every1 is fully gear their ap is just joke. ps. meret priest cant use dual ruaheu pretty sure u never had 1 on offcial xD
  11. BroOk

    About Sins

    add red pots // duration pots on server alrady. make darkness able for archers and reduce their stun/ice rate. ps. make bps able to hit somethng on torment at least.
  12. just joking 😛 actually true stay on topic. i really wish they do something fair for every classs red pots will help alot also undy scroll or ac400 1 might be enough.
  13. BroOk

    Why Nerf Mage ???????

    why we dont make fair dmg on str battle priest wondering yet..
  14. actually yes on certain areas inside castle its impossible to pk because some skills like decent etc cant be used... will any dedi gm take care i really hope.
  15. not really. is very hard to see a babashoper on server with alot of difference items . its not the beggin on server .. already theres thousend +11 items bcs its very easy to get kc even for new players . lets go for kc better.
  16. actually good idea to add also red pots for meles since this mages are OP already. but instead to add them on sundriess better on PUS for kc.
  17. i want to see darkness weapon on PUS np.
  18. BroOk

    CSW (Unfair) Full Disconnects on last minuts!

    as i suggest some1where if Owner apexko want every1 enjoy on same way CASTLE REWARDS they might do , just the last party who KS crystal or destroy crystal should take REWARD items + kc. at least we wont see this big clans 4 party + 1 ally clan trying to hold castle for small reward.. the owner castlel take it and those players not even doing pk on cz. only during bosses they come out with 4 party again. Nowdays clan players apexko cant fight against anymore big clans 4 party + ally . thats not even funny just gangbang everywhere . wanna consder the fact mages novas are high also? make something fair for every1 once GMS. apexko lost too many players already to keep same things like before.
  19. BroOk

    About the future of wizards and servers!!!

    make darkness weapons able on PUS so welcome back babashoppers + legolas KO iyi gg wp
  20. BroOk

    Castle war

    There was already topics about this request and i didnt see any interesting from staff apexko to make changes. GL for that guys . i really hope they change something will be much interesting to see another clans instead the same 40 players on 1 clan :s
  21. BroOk

    Chitin and Chitin Shell Armors Idea

    GO uniquest +5 already. and darkess mace if u can .
  22. BroOk

    Castle war

    actually agree not fair for koreans . and kinda bored to see always 4 or 5 party of just turk clans keeping castle because theres not more players around to fight it. for me must to be : make twice by week CSW saturday and wednesday. and make just 1 party winer every time the last party who ks crystal will keep it. kinda bored to see how big clans in private server can handle castle for so long. including me i was for long time on other server doing that but after abit its just bored as hell because theres not challenge at all.