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  1. TukeOwnz

    B> golden earring +1
  2. Hi Brook

  3. Hi Brook

    ya he make alot of sense almost like his cp spike run
  4. Hi Brook

    ppl walking wo shoes on ur village yet? xD <3 puta
  5. idea for pk

    giving free items +11 ya fair for every1.... what about to add daily quest reward rons part +11 and accessories +3 just for mages . MageKo op.
  6. idea for pk

    good ideas need turks around! give to mages more dmg to bring some mages clan back. make priest able to pk solo at least (i.e. blasting giving int instead str? ) not every1 like to play with op warrior or kurians.
  7. 5k dmn was suck.. 2k dmg or 1500 can be. What about to change blasting from 30 str to 30 int ?? Will give abit more ap to bps?? At least able to kill atross alone lel
  8. add better drop im pretty sure ppl will work like before to get it instead to reduce his hp to get more easy items.sagol idea.
  9. sure it was very funny archers stuning 100% rate why not
  10. TheGANG New Video

    ur priest skill and ur skill bar make me undertand why theres not more battle priest on this server S> dual rol +3
  11. B> ROF + 3

    BUY ROF +1 // KC
  12. B> ROF + 3

    bump !! buy kc also !
  13. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    macro server lmao they must automatic dc to every1 who spam rrrr in 0.025 imo. at least ppl will start to use finger instead to press 1 buttom xD
  14. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    AsdfSdf the most funny part is that he stil think i give a fuck about him lmao love so much dat drama .. afraid of u and ur kingaurelio priest lal the only part good of ur game is the fact u set up goood Ur macro delay rrrrrr spam assfgasdffaafd :/ and u r even making videos against rogues yap so fair vs for apexko xD such a randoms spending time for macro and multi accounts to open some archive only in apexko then making funny videos . Dont worry macro man ill vs with u
  15. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Yap once again ur priest skills smells like kvn going bowl no sense spaming db xD funny a f when i see them trying to be smart with fully partys and ts on told u ill vs u dont worry:) idc if ull use kc full items rrrrrr spam macro (lmao)" Macro with warrios asdfasdf " and even if u make thousend accounts to open some archivement on arena (lmao) 255 int will b enof for u ps: i quit ur funny clam priest cuz all they sucks and i rather to lose a good m8 like crapyz instead to pk with some players that cant even move out of town wo fully party 3 priest ts, sick players xD more drama please u need more and more to make me post ur funny letters hahaha nah i just dont give a fuck about u xD
  16. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    agree !! tmr we keep more drama i gtg sleep now have fun
  17. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    this video proof nothing lmao did u ever see i post any video about my pk and kills ofc not ahahah still im up to 2 vs 2 no kc ofc since i have not any to beat... but im pretty sure that u and ur RRRRRRR spam macro will accept to do an small fair 2 vs 2 agaisnt me right? i hope u make a video and post it also ..
  18. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    every letter was an answer to a previous letter xD lmao what u want to proof? ahahah funny a f this drama xD the fact when i see ur priest game its like trying to watch kingaurelio on cz making pk xD terrible af lmao and u cant change it posting some answer chat we did lmao hope every1 enjoy ur drama as i do ahahaha
  19. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    that means u good a f then
  20. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    u forgot to post the part when i say, i dont eve gonna reskill to 192 int cuz ur rrrrr spam macro its usless + the skill of ur preist members are terrible af drama is still alive.
  21. so turks or randoms need to add 6232452 players to get better weapons funny story