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  1. with 255 int and full str priest are so tank here :s but 0 dmg why?
  2. TukeOwnz

    B> golden earring +1
  3. Hi Brook

  4. Hi Brook

    ya he make alot of sense almost like his cp spike run
  5. Hi Brook

    ppl walking wo shoes on ur village yet? xD <3 puta
  6. idea for pk

    giving free items +11 ya fair for every1.... what about to add daily quest reward rons part +11 and accessories +3 just for mages . MageKo op.
  7. idea for pk

    good ideas need turks around! give to mages more dmg to bring some mages clan back. make priest able to pk solo at least (i.e. blasting giving int instead str? ) not every1 like to play with op warrior or kurians.
  8. 5k dmn was suck.. 2k dmg or 1500 can be. What about to change blasting from 30 str to 30 int ?? Will give abit more ap to bps?? At least able to kill atross alone lel
  9. add better drop im pretty sure ppl will work like before to get it instead to reduce his hp to get more easy items.sagol idea.