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  1. well the fact chris is still thinking priest just can support i agree with all he just said. and this 1 reason why in this server people rather to play as warrior only cuz they are op compared to other classes fully gear. i dont think priest are only support class i never play only support ive been play as str bp int priest years already and only here is very difficult to do smething. the fact im the only 1 who talk about doesnt means people not wanna play int priest .. +1 kissneo.
  2. still waiting gms to take care of it.. obvious priest cant make dmg on this server almost every1 getting good gear.. bored af-
  3. ps: ofc while utc is not ready .
  4. Hey there. asked already thousend times if u guys thinking to adjust int priest to make them able to pk as priest attakers..
  5. servantofsex is scammer

    Servant duo gel cèzè
  6. S>Elite Warrior Items & Uniques

    buy krowaz set 11 priest INT bonus !!!
  7. wherever u go if u join after 3 years on any server u must spend more time and farm then rest players ofc. nothing against farm just 3x felankor by day is killing pk. and thats stupid .. lot players quiting bcs of that. they should do maybe more daily quest . apexi chest droping all items which is good to get gear. not just droping rof everywhere easy kc . easy items. the idea to farm means u have to upgrade also... 1 active gm on cz every day making events will be great.
  8. pretty obvious per gear like me dont like the idea to restart server .. and as gms said as well this not gonna fix nothing.. 3/4 months activity then jumpers will quit again .. no thanks.
  9. dedi already said not gonna restart server and actually agree with them. wheres the point of reset ?some kids happy to start farm baba again... then after 2 months quit server -.- utc not gonna fix the nowdays pk ofc
  10. Utc not gonna fix pk in server but gonna fix in a future a lil bit the classes btw them .. pk need to be alive right now ..
  11. Human Side Attack Animation Bug

    when i use helis skill i dont make proper dmg is that a bug or wut?
  12. this kinda of comments should stay out of topics. brainless players. nope theres alot of players with less items then me which like to pk and looking some balanced on cz. have nothing against those players who switch nation to kil felo/ultima. but 3 felo by day is way soo much. kill it is a routine already. 3x box by day or lets say even 2x . every day... comon of course no1 farming busses or bowl for gbs people just want to get the easy way. and thats killing the pk and cz.