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  1. BroOk

    [Solar Tattoo]

    or just make darkness mace alive for them already. np.
  2. BroOk

    [Solar Tattoo]

    500k kc by month iyim and put on it 35 int bonuses at least so bps can be alive on this server aswell np.
  3. BroOk

    Castle Siege WAR

    wery nob idea +14 ymteler. why GM not PUT all items on NPCS FOR FREE already? and PUS only pathos valkry prem redpots etc. make bps able to play with small partys or solo once already... DOT kurians its a joke still. every arrow stunmeDmgNpwith 200 LR oke doke.
  4. u satylyk ruhauhe +11 myb? bps low dmg np.
  5. BroOk

    can we make?

  6. BroOk

    can we make?

    wondering if is possible to make etarot in bowl to drop nps like riote atross? since thats the only thing actually is possible to kill on apexko with attaker priest. thanks.
  7. boost their hp? deffence? ar u srlsy? they are so faking tanker on apexko.. they need to give some real dmg to priest attaker once already...
  8. boost mages boost warrior boost mp kurian soon assasin will boost good. when will be the time for attaker priest? meanwhile on usko with chtin shell +9 int dual smite hammer doing 2 vs 1 np. apexko things..
  9. yougotpwndbymyass told me bps on the way to be able for some decent pk is that true or he just trolling me as usual?
  10. BroOk

    Selling PRIEST itms.

    selling : KROWAZ set +11 int set +11 gb +3 rof dual +3 sse dual +3 mean leaonard +11 ( all weapons priest +11 and +8 utc maces) gab +11 accessory set int +3 Buying Cypher ring offers via PM forums .
  11. BroOk

    Tears / Trinas expiration date.

    actually good idea to put finally some expiration those easy items..
  12. BroOk

    top 5 player

    i just hope they never make darkness weapong farmable.
  13. BroOk

    I don't like UTC.

    why just dont put all utc weapons chaos darkness on PUS for KC then every happy? np
  14. BroOk

    top 5 player

    doubt it will happend but this is a good idea also. as a player of apexko doesnt change nothing to me to see soon runing players with 11 holy knight armor already we see some players from agency with rewards holy knight 11 runing in bowl already and they were stilll diying. what i can agree with u all is to give the fair dmg to rogues. anyways gms just ignoring all ur request guys theres a reason myb?