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  1. Welp, everyone wanted drama, here we gooooooooo. Where's my popcorn?
  2. Big Balls?

    who cares if we get new items if it's still the same people running around in bowl. I also burned mine and sicks SSEs to +2.
  3. Big Balls?

    So, Sick, Soap, BoomBox, a few other clannies and myself got really bored, and burned all of our items at the anvil today, like here: Afterwards, Neo told me there was a weak dwarf leonar in merchant at +1 on instance 1, so I went back and bought it, as well as his priest krowaz pauldron +6, 7 bus, and then this happened! I was so pissed it went +7, and soap said I had no balls, so... straight 8 with no trina, fuck this piece of shit. S> Weak Dwarf Leonar +8 Non rebirth.
  4. Srsly please do something about this, maybe not my idea, but last time I tried to go to Juraid, I think 7 people total signed up for it.
  5. Exactly my point, we don't need to add more drops to a single mob/chest, need to add more of these mobs/chests/etc, or just change how we get them altogether. These events were fun at first, but shitty attendance and afkers have ruined them.
  6. This is still really stupid. People will find a way to pay $$$ for whatever items they want, and doing this will just drive away more people from the server.
  7. No one goes to Juraid anymore, so I have a suggestion I think everyone will like. We already have bifrost monsters in cz, so maybe put lirimu/minotaur/cockatrice/red dragon etc in bowl, same spawn times as the bf mobs, or chaos stone mobs drop gems, or Isi drops the juraid earrings/rings. If people start going back to juraid, then maybe take these things back out, but for now, the items aren't really on the market, or they are outrageously priced. Who the fuck wants to pay 15gb for an earring +0?
  8. Para's Buying/Selling!

    I'm so bored, so I'm looking for smth to do. btw, got some KC on the way, so I'll buy the rocs/lillimes with KC if that's what you prefer.
  9. Selling: Cockatrice Earring +0 Buying: Priest Krowaz Helmet +7 Priest Krowaz Pauldron +7
  10. if you want a fair server, go to a pk server. What's the point of playing here if I'ma be on level grounds every time I Pk, when I worked for what I have, vs everyone else just skating by with rentals?
  11. It's this mentality that's been dragging the server down ever since you started the whole rental bullshit. It kills the farm, no one farms for anything, and all the farming is done in cz. If there was farm, there'd be PK, and people would have their gear. When you hand out gear a few weeks after everyone busted their asses to get it, it's kind of a slap in the face to those of us who worked for what we have, not to mention makes everyone else lazy. Every time you just give in to everyone that whines, more people who were already here stop being as active, you're not gaining/adding to the player base, you're trading active players for new players who only attend war/events that give free gear. Not much you can do about this, it's the community that needs a fix. Get off your lazy asses, get to farming, and quit crying when you get rolled in cz by a better geared party; get back up, try again.