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  1. razor

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    Bow down to your GODDESS
  2. Perhaps you don't know the definition of bug abusing my friend! Bug abusing means: Taking advantage of an in-game mechanic or feature that is not working as intended. Everyone knows that if you get close to those towers in the official version of the game (the one that apex is based from), you die instantly! This is in no way different than finding a 'legit' way of getting up in the enemy base at BDW and killing anything that breaths or knowing that a certain monster that is not felankor is dropping ROFS and proceeding to farm it endlessly while remaining quiet about it! Of course there are more subjective examples like critical point proc'ing on almost every single assassin skill, not many knew that was not intended (even I had my doubts), but yes, this is clearly not the case here.
  3. Shoutouts to DanceWithElis who even dared me to post them, and argued through letters that this was legal (insulted me quite a bit too). 2016-1-14 at 19:39:51 2016-1-14 at 19:41:17 2016-1-14 at 19:51:29 (they kept going) Bug abuser list (only orcs in bifrost at that time) KocaeliTR Montee Judgertu DanceWithElis IIG7dStYL4II I know Raikkonen also bug abused them in other occasions. I mean, my clan doesn't attend EVERY bifrost but you can bet that these guys do, and not necessarily to farm fragments!
  4. razor

    Buying Helenids +8

    because I log my alt acc for juraid
  5. razor

    Buying Helenids +8

    PM or letter Caelestis in game.
  6. razor

    LegendsLegertha using 3rd party tools

    Are you blindly defending your clannie without knowing the facts? or are you aware of what he does? I hope you won't complain after he gets exposed and subsequently punished. I can never understand this overly defiant attitude from cheaters tbh, recording a video is not hard mate.
  7. razor

    Harder bosses

    disagree. if you find a boss and you can kill it you should be rewarded for it, not feel useless and wait until some lazy clan party comes to kill it. (and on top of it 100% drop rate to reward their laziness, lol)
  8. razor

    Scammer alert (Goku)

    It was my clannie Zaikooo, victim of the good ol' show item, cancel trade a couple times, then put an item with a similar icon but of lower value. In this case it was an exc raptor+5 reb the item being shown, and then Goku put a raptor+1 and mistakes were made. will anything be done?
  9. razor

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    Only needed one power shot to win it for my people! I know this made someone incredibly angry
  10. razor

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    TRIGGER WARNING Pantyshot really? Can we censor? That or slap a M rating on apex ko because kids don't need to see none of this women objectifying nonsense!
  11. its like reverse descent, you tp to enemies so i tried to tp on someone at orc base in bdw, and it worked, i was up there easily.... i dont think thats intended, also, the cd is like 2 mins which is too excessive imo
  12. Update: Event is over. Google wins 100m and the rest of top places get 90m combined or so! Full Results: http://challonge.com/vs_event Hello gentlemen! I'll be organizing a VS event this friday after the first lunar war (when first bifrost starts) for the following classes: Rules and requirements: -Humans only -CLASS BASED - different tournaments for each class. -You'll have to join my chatroom (type /nation_chat) -Anything goes, all skills and all items allowed. If you want to be lame and use illusion or DD, go for it! Get creative. -This will be hosted in tournament format. I'll make brackets and post the address later. -Each of the mini-tournaments will have a maximum of 32 entrants and it'll be best of 3 (finals bo5). -The prizes will scale depending on the attendance (more on this later). Penalties and stricter restrictions: -I'll be sure to get a GM involved if someone actively and purposefully tries to ruin this event. -If you don't show up in time, you're DQ'd. -If you interfere mid-vs you'll be DQ'd (if you're participating). -I'll hear no complaints about macros, pedals and other bullshit. Prizes If 8 participants -> 50m -> 25m -> 15m (Top 3) If 16 participants -> 100m -> 50m -> 20m -> 15m -> 10m x2 (Top 5) If 32 participants -> 200m -> 100m -> 50m -> 30m -> 20m x2 -> 10m x2 (Top 7) Everyone is welcome to spectate! Friday at 7PM CET / 1PM EST (After the first Lunar War ends and CZ opens).
  13. Huh? so few votes? I thought I got my own clan, WreckingCrew, KOHolics, OnlyFriendS, ELT and many more random players to vote for me. Looks like people are that lazy to actually go to the back of EMC. Thanks again guys. I hope I'm doing a fine job!
  14. razor

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    Wtf is up with their regen tho? Is there some passive skill that gives them free hp recovery? I can hit a kurian for 1000 twice (down to 70% hp) and then with one hp pot they're back to 100%. I don't get this class...