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  1. as the title say pm me here or in game google. thx
  2. Buy rogue krowaz set +8 Elf belt +3 Windforce +8 Dual lb +3 Pm me in game google or leave msg here. Thx
  3. I Challenge You.

    siriusly ? <3
  4. buy WF+11

    take holy Kur an and read it pls get ur self some information about it u will be smarter for sure
  5. buy WF+11

    Proud to be MUSLIM !!! ALLAHU AKBAR !
  6. Its really good I killed tons of warriors easy with it if stun he is dead.. hope see it again in game.
  7. Brook was mad that was also funny thing with weapons
  8. Hi guys, This week with dark weapons was really fun what u admins think about adding it in game like krowaz items?? That would surely bring more ppl here. It give more strength to rogues archer can be really good with dark bow so they can come close to warriors. Thx leave ur suggestion.
  9. write me msg here or pm in game google thx
  10. yes and than they need farm 2h to get 2gb for rent 20 m easy 5 min
  11. Hello guys I think adding some cheaper rental gear about 20m and 2h durability with items like krowaz 8 uniques +3 would give chance for noobies to compete in cz without lot of farm. Other way 150m rental with just garges weapon for 1h is usseles.. Give ur opinion. Thx for reading
  12. Im not sultan aq im Ur old friend tyrant np still can kick Ur ass easy