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  1. Could someone tell me that how many days does it take to make full gear i mean +11 kro set and weapon, +3 full uniques including rof? PK lovers already left.There are only farmer and drama fans and also traders who is earning something from apexko. Indeed UTC or similar stuff will not solve this problem. ++Boost up starter gear++ ty
  2. I Challenge You.

    MDMA has entered into ass of Manhattan i guess.So he started talking like MaDaMA. Sad story..
  3. Everything is about KC in private servers. And you can see that kc sales aren't going well. They won't relaunch here untill chinese players who buy KC through pus system leave from apexko. You and all know that TUrks never pay usd for KC and so it doesn't make any sense for apex team. And these teams are not stable in any private server. The only solution is that reduce power differences between newbie and old players. You can say that this server is already light-farm but nobody likes to play on old server. So they can add new expansions to make current items dead and let the server farm again to make better build. It forces old players to farm with newbies again.(it's better than raping newbies or relaunch again.) np
  4. Mirage knight symbol (commonly known name is nazi) looks part of nazi symbol. Ban top 5-9 players in both side.Ty
  5. ApexKO final guide: Learn to play KO

    If you want to be a better player, just follow xxkingrazorxx's final guide in forum or xxkingaurelioxx's directives through game (shouting as hell.).That's all.
  6. Delete character and do CZ quests again and again. i guess it's the raeson that why apexko doesn't enable it. This is still not a full PK server.So delete character option includes many bugs for now i guess. <3
  7. Atross,riote,CS, free npcs in war and NP events enough to farm 400k nps even in dead pk :/.But the numbers do not mean anything to me.Thanks.
  8. Sorry, but i am talking about truths here.Nowadays, everyone makes archer or kurian to attack enemies in apexko Because, newbies are only running/escaping with starter items.That's the reason why old players cry about dead pk. If you hope to make newbies NPT by full gear, you're wrong.They'll flees from apexko. ty bb
  9. + Add something new to starter items. These starter items was good against +8 kro set and +8-9 kro weapons.Noewadays everybody has 11 kro weapon and many parts of 11 kro armors. it doesn't make any sense against this gear. if starter geared chars see full geared parties in bowl, they do not even think to attack them. So it doesn't just annoying newbies.Old players're getting bored as hell too! Watching GC farmers must be boring for them. Boost to fuckin starter items to make pk fun! ty
  10. Just a curious question ...

    metoor+supernova hits over 2k. 5-6x mage totally 12k easy hits.So you can kill any assaian/mage/random pties easy. if you wanna play fire mage solo, that must be a mistake.Mage teams leave from here because there're not many pkers around to satisfy them.
  11. Just a curious question ...

    So mage teams must pk by 2pt to kill all. In offical servers they even don't enter ronarkland without 2 parties. if a party mage killed even full geared melees by 1 party, anybody would make mage party only. Mages are fine here..
  12. yeah newbies born with teamspeak. If you see crazy time, loseyourself, bosphorus or any full party, just run away like a chicken.And just lure/pull and kill 1-2 guys in order. it does make any sense for teams? That's the reason why so many teams leave from apexko in a few days. There is no balance to pk long time in bowl or anywhere We're talking about a real fight here.Newbies have no chance to fight against old teams long time. After farmers and noobs who is playing away from party left from apex, will your tactics work? Pretty sure it won't work.That's the reason why people talk about declining population here. Everyone here knows why this old players still play in apexko. It's about their wallets.They still sell something to make thicker wallets.They don't even play for fun.So you cannot trust the current population.This make people are worried.Time to take care of apexko? np
  13. Yeah it's not true at all so this guys handle 3-4 party by 3 priest and 5 melee easily. and this items are not so necessariy, so there're many babashoppers around who is paying hundred of dollars.Truths are a bit painful. I don't think a newbie can find a good party easily.There're only old players around and so they make party among themselves. Nowadays hard to play apexko as a newbie.
  14. Any starter geared characters are free nps in apexko. You must be killing solo players or farmers by your starter gear You must try your starter gear against loseyourself, crazytime so we can talk about how your starter gear works. Of course anyone has chance to kill geared players by starter gear and Teamspeak.But the result never changes.if those geared guys catch you by kurian or something, they will kick you and all of your party in half second. It can be tedious to pk by constantly escaping from geared players.