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  1. I think he meant hot gayboyfriend c:
  2. you still play here? Damn. silly you As for myself and I guess many others, this server isn't as much fun as it used to be. Maybe if the farming was improved then yeah, I guess I and maybe a few would return.
  3. Is not it time to bring something new?

    Yeah, farm server pls.
  4. Alpha Goodbye

    Gm_Xýtam I think you meant. Good bye Alpha, love you <3 Join PoE Noaw!
  5. Around. What bout you? yes, you's right.
  6. oh damn. I had to include myself here. pls dont pay attention to this post.
  7. zzz give GBs to poor hankan, he always steal my gbs..
  8. gaydrew? if not, whoever you are, you hurt my feelings
  9. zomg hankan stop cheating on my acc. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Warrior - XITAM Priest - XITAM Rogue - XITAM Mage - XITAM Kurian - XITAM Foxtrot - XITAM Apexko - XITAM KING - XITAM ASTRONAUT- XITAM fixed that for y'all.
  11. Chopa vs iLEYNAAAAAAAA

    Xitam has defeated black Xitam has defeated chopa :|
  12. 2vs2 tbl?

  13. 2vs2 tbl?

    sure, ima help you out. when i get on, wait for me!
  14. 2vs2 tbl?

    dat macro tho what ko has become :c