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  1. T> DS +7 Set for Mage

    Trade DS +7 Set for equivalent +7/Set Mage.
  2. Rosetta Armor Bonuses

    Thats low?????
  3. Rosetta Armor Bonuses

    Jesus fucking christ man. You prob hit like a god damn truck.
  4. Pro Status

    You'd beat the dog shit out of me...why would I want to waste the time. Im new to the server. Would you honestly think much of yourself after being me? lol It'd be like a professional boxer fighting a kid with down syndrome. Calm down and learn to take a joke man.
  5. Portu - Skills

    How do i distribute points for Portu skills?
  6. Pro Status

    o.O You realise im being sarcastic right?
  7. Pro Status

    Imm not Zepplin, im Hoid. But yea, totally killed him while he was afk. Cause im pro.
  8. Pro Status

    ZeLLioN i think was his name... Also, im using incredibly geared liberally because my guy isnt as geared as most. So i just assume everyone is more geared than i.
  9. Pro Status

    That time you kill an incredibly geared guy farming BUS at blood seeker while he's using genie. #getonmylevel
  10. A new team member!

    Welcome Athena.
  11. DC Flash

    Maybe it was me leveling up that did it then. Makes more sense. But still, they arent cheap when it uses 6 of them to get100% lol
  12. DC Flash

    Why does my DC Flash buff only last a few minutes? Im spending millions of coin trying to keep it up for a decent ammount of time while farming. Sometimes it disappears if i die.
  13. "Mage" Speed Hack

    In Ronark Land as Archer Rogue running from a mage named "Mage" can keep up with Lightfeet. Working as intended or hack?
  14. First :)

    Cannot wait to play this server. Looks and sounds very promising. Well done.