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  1. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    what this man said ^
  2. Revolution vs BroOk&TukeOwnz

    Brooks the best
  3. S> Rouge Krowaz Set 9

    wtf is this babashopper with a set+9
  4. yokbrainkanka aka Bergundy test

    When your self-esteem is so low with not a single friend in sight. This is the kind of person you become on the internet. GOODJOB BUDDY! YOU SHOWED HIM HOW TO SUCCEED IN LIFE! SCHOOLED HIM SO HARD! fucking pathetic... I pity you I really do.
  5. i saw rafa on a few days ago and tbl doesnt work here so volts didnt like it
  6. Alpha Goodbye

    looks likes it time for GM Bergundy to take over..... Goodluck with your future endeavours! Won't be the same without you.
  7. unban them and give them full items. thankyou also gift me full items and nerf kurians targetable stun for 3seconds maybe....
  8. just abit of luck obviously, since igia usually dies in 2seconds lol
  9. mate, that logic is FLAWLESS! how can i argue with that. For real though if knight online's bugged pk system was any different this game would've died out years ago lol. The merchanting? The farming? The upgrading? Its almost as if people do these things to get better items to pk with? Could be wrong though????? I mean there's a reason pk servers do better than farm ones... and tbh if you're going to try tell me my egos crashed when you're just some beta nerd that likes to merchant in a game where its focus is getting items to pk.... Get a grip
  10. only nerds who dont know how to pk want to farm tbh. When you're a god of cz such as myself, killing you jokers is what makes this game fun, not pve LOL. (kind of joking but not really, you guys do suck)
  11. Warrior - Tukeownz Priest - Tukeownz Rogue - Tukeownz Mage - Tukeownz Kurian - Tukeownz Foxtrot - Tukeownz Apexko - Tukeownz
  12. could be wrong but doesn't your dex bonus increse your critical % on usko? where as i dont think it does that here.
  13. Alpha gets it, its about the present leading into the future and the server has been picking up really well as of recent. Just need mages back really and its just like before. My only Suggestion is to release UTC coming into winter but im guessing Aesteris is already onto that