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    twostars got a reaction from Aziz in List of bugs 2017   
    I'm sorry, but if you're not going to add any information to your "reports" then there's no reason for them to be there. "Fix priest" is useless to me.
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    twostars got a reaction from Drunken in My Power Up Store is not openning. Help me please.!!!!!!   
    It should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    twostars got a reaction from Drunken in My Power Up Store is not openning. Help me please.!!!!!!   
    It should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    twostars got a reaction from Smooth in Patch notes (07/04/2017)   
    Added a requirement of 800 National Points for signing up to events. Fixed a bug causing event signup UIs to break on zone change if you'd signed up. Event signup UIs should no longer desync from the server. Juraid Mountain
    You will now be prompted to sign up to Juraid Mountain from anywhere in-game, as with other events. This should allow more people to participate in the event. The signup NPC remains usable for signing up, and no longer always tells you it's the wrong time. Tweaked rewards: players will now additionally receive a Monster Stone Forgotten Temple
    Logging out during the event will now remove you from the event. Added strategically placed Specters to the event to help punish AFKers. Tweaked rewards: instead of an Apexis Chest, players will now receive a Krowaz chest and a Dragon's Scale Lunar Wars (invasions)
    Increased National Points given by monument blessings by 5x (so 1,000 NP for the first blessing, subsequent blessings give 500 NP). Added invasion quests (for both attacking and defending) which are accessible via the Karus Commanding Officer & Elmorad Commanding Officer NPCs which were added to the Karus & El Morad zones (more info on the quests below). Ultima now spawns at the end of an invasion. Boss events
    Removed Harpy Queens. Monster Stone
    The final boss Revenge Knight is now guaranteed to drop an old unique. Quests / NPCs
    [Grand Master] Kaishan has been cleaned out and the Nation Transfer process has been simplified. Added [Clan Manager] Adelia to Moradon, giving clan leaders the option to transfer their clan. This feature costs 800,000,000 coins and can only be used once every 48 hours. GMs will no longer transfer clans. Updated weapon rentals in Ronark Land to rent out Garges (+11) for 1 hour each day for an increased cost of 150,000,000 coins. This NPC is now [Weapon Rental] Soren. The Danger from Monsters quest from the [Ascetic] NPCs in Eslant now reward <selfname> (+8) weapons. The Danger from Monsters II quest from [Outpost Captain] in Ronark Land now rewards <selfname> (+8) weapons. All quests that reward EXP from [Outpost Captain] in Ronark Land were increased to reward 7.5% EXP (10% with premium). This should make it easier to rebirth without having to stop PKing. Added war invasion quests via the Karus Commanding Officer and Elmorad Commanding Officer NPCs in Karus and El Morad zones. Completed invasion quests reset every invasion, however if you haven't managed to finish your quest, progress will carry over.
    For defenders:
    Holding our Ground: defenders must kill 40 invaders. Reward: 2 x Krowaz Chest Defending Bellua / Asga: defenders must recapture the Bellua / Asga monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest Defending Linate / Raiba: defenders must recapture the Linate / Raiba monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest Defending Luferson / El Morad: defenders must recapture the Luferson / El Morad monument 3 times. Reward: 1 x Upgrade Scroll 100% to +6 The Ultima Defense: defenders must kill the invading Ultima. Reward: 1 x Ultima Chest For invaders: On the Offensive: invaders must kill 40 defenders. Reward: 2 x Red Potion Invading Bellua / Asga: invaders must overrun the Bellua / Asga monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest Invading Linate / Raiba: invaders must overrun the Linate / Raiba monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest Invading Luferson / El Morad: invaders must overrun the Luferson / El Morad monument 3 times. Reward: 1 x Upgrade Scroll 100% to +6 The Ultima Attack: invaders must kill the invading Ultima. Reward: 1 x Ultima Chest Implemented and otherwise fixed up [Analyst] Julius/Caesar's daily CZ quests: All quests are now available daily (as opposed to some quests only being available on certain days). Take the secret document of enemies is now implemented and rewards Oreads Voucher [1hr] To find the lost soul is now implemented (with its quest timer) and rewards DC Premium [1hr] Find the Spies is now implemented and rewards a Golden Mattock and 500 National+Ladder Points Disturbing the enemy base in Ronark Land is now implemented and rewards Menissiah's Official List (see below) + 500 National Points. As Disturbing the enemy base in Ronark Land requires the infiltration quest from [Tactical] Josiah/Grace in Luferson / El Morad Castle, this quest has also now been implemented. Drops / Monsters
    Felankor has been moved to the bowl in Ronark Land & its drops updated. As with Isiloon, there will now be a server-wide announcement when Felankor is about to spawn. Latenoid (Ultima) has had its drops updated. Its name was also changed back to Ultima. Felankor has had its drops updated. Evil Wizards, Booros, Balogs, and Doom Soldiers in Ronark Land have all had their drops updated to include Ron's Mage parts & Exceptional Hepa's (+6) pieces. Added Ultima Chest, which can drop various Krowaz pieces/weapons, shell armours, and more. These are obtainable from our invasion quests. Buffed Ultima's damage slightly (also made him bigger and scarier!). Monsters should no longer cancel casts. Mining
    Removed some useless (at this point) drops. Added Nest Scrap Added Scrap of Steel Added Monster Stones Miscellaneous
    All players old and new will receive a Newcomer's Package, which includes Cospre vouchers, a Wings of Hellfire voucher and a Name Change Scroll. The Name Change Scroll must be used within 24 hours. Players can no longer use scrolls or other persistent buffs with transformations (or vice versa). Fixed an issue with Clan Transfers; when players attempted to refuse the transfer, they found the responses were flipped in the "are you sure you want to leave the clan" confirmation. These have been flipped back for consistency. Additionally, we simplified the wording of the responses. Between these two changes, players should no longer feel like they were forced to transfer (or that it "bugged"). Freezing Distance can now only freeze a target if they're not already frozen, rather than extending the duration of the debuff. Implemented what we consider server rental items. These are now used by the [Weapon Rental] NPC (amongst other things), in place of regular expiration items. These items show you the time remaining on the item, realtime (as opposed to just the expiration time).
    Implemented support for quest timers (as used by the Finding the lost soul quest). Implemented support for the infiltration teleport scrolls (as used by the infiltration quest). Fixed a couple of bugs with the [Arrange Line] item which is used for changing your characters' positions on the selection screen. This should now always work correctly. Updated the [Gear Dispenser] in Moradon: Added Fire, Lightning & Glacier Hepa's Elixir Staff (+11) weapons (replacing the original Elixir Staff weapons that were sold) Added Elysium (+11) Added Hell Blood (+11) Added Garp (+11) Added Light Belt of Life (+1) Fixed a bug with rebirthing causing it to reset some quests / internal tracking that shouldn't be reset. Fixed a bug with monthly quests acting as if they were weekly quests. Added Menissiah's Official List item. This lets you search merchant stalls for items, as well as teleport to them directly & PM the vendors. You can purchase this from the Power-Up Store for 379 Apex Points, or obtain it via the Disturbing the enemy base in Ronark Land quest from [Analyst] Julius/Caesar in Ronark Land.
    Improved cheat detection for some types of hacks.
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    twostars reacted to Razordagawd in Scrolls   
    These are 2 different bugs imo.
    One, when changing zones. Happens rarely (so far it has always happened to me after lunar war invasion, when tping to cz). A scroll disappears randomly and cannot be reapplied. Its effect is gone but the scroll is still lingering in the background, with its duration frozen (if you had it at 20 min before it disappeared when changing zones, after you relog / change zones again, it will return to you and still be at 20 minutes, even if you do it hours later). Since the scroll is still technically there after disappearing, it cannot be reapplied by using a replacement scroll of the same type.
    It might have something to do with the zones coding. It reminds me of having a TS on then proceeding to BDW. It works identically: the transform scroll disappears while in bdw, but it will be automatically reapplied after BDW ends, while maintaining its leftover duration.
    And the other bug, is when scrolls do disappear, and a relog or zone change won't bring them back. If you use a new one, it will work too. I cannot pinpoint what causes this. So far I've had it happen to dex scroll I think.
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    twostars got a reaction from Razordagawd in Comeback4kill (or something)   

    02:50:00 [JM 297] [0] Players: ComeBacK4lKillYou MrNesh Elos Oooo00oooO OooooJLooooO Miyu SheBarracuda 02:50:00 [JM 297] [1] Players: IIIIIIIIII lFmycl AmericanShooter MyCashMoney Danger0uS HaLaskar SacredSouL
    Apparently it was ComeBacK4lKillYou, who's tied to lFmycl.
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    twostars got a reaction from Razordagawd in Patch notes (22/03/2017)   
    Fix bug with some skills (Divide Armour, Iron Wall) breaking players holding the Pathos Fragment in Border Defense War. Player HP bars will now go grey as with official when the Aztec curse is active. The Aztec curse now correctly detects all potions, as with the Sweet Kiss curse. Nerfed Felankor's HP & defense by 30% to allow more clans to be able to kill it. Removed the stealth fade timer; stealth will now kick in immediately, as with official. Fixed a bug with Nation Transfers bugging signup queues & causing unbalanced instances. Players are now also automatically disconnected upon Nation / Class Transferring to avoid any other incidents involving players in bugged out states. Fixed a bug caused by appointing clan members that are offline as assistants. Fixed an exploit involving the Clan Nation Transfer feature. HP/Mana debuffs like Parasite/Superior parasite now work on monsters as well. Some fixes to character sealing: Cypher Rings can only be traded/merchanted to players of the same nation, to avoid being able to unseal characters of the opposite nation. Added some missed checks for Cypher Rings to merchanting (to buying & selling merchants) to avoid being able to possess 2 sealed characters at a time (and break the client). Nation Transferring while in possession of a sealed character will now also Nation Transfer the sealed character. Cypher Rings can no longer be mailed. Fixed several bugs with Cypher Rings bugging after being transferred to other players. Fire Rain curse no longer affects monsters. Fixed a bug inadvertently caused by the Smokescreen patch allowing AoE in arenas to harm the caster. Fixed a stability issue that could result in a server crash. Fixed some bugs caused by leaving alliances when a clan is performing a Nation Transfer. Fixed a discrepancy with how we divvy up XP/NP from monster/NPC kills (previously the pool would be out of everyone who contributed, as opposed to only those applicable for the reward.) Shovelled away the snow and cleared away all of the Christmas decorations. They've been around for too long Fixed a typo with the "Deadly Poisonous" title. You can update to 2.097 via the launcher or manually, here:
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    twostars got a reaction from MrsD in Kurian bug in bdw   
    This has now been fixed for the next restart.

    This is a different issue, best to create a new thread for that one with as much info as you can provide. Thanks
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    twostars got a reaction from MrsD in Kurian bug in bdw   
    Thanks, this helped. I still can't consistently reproduce it, however I have repro'd it once and sort've see why it's happening. 
    Should be able to fix that shortly.
    Okay. Can consistently reproduce it. That's actually really, really odd behaviour that I'm guessing officially mgame doesn't care about because it isn't as thorough with enforcing speedhacking as we are. That, and maybe they're blocking slows on these players?
    What seems to be happening here is interesting: something, related to these skills being used (haven't tracked it down yet to specifics) is entirely removing the slow from the client.
    The server still recognises them as having the buff (because why wouldn't they?), so when they're trying to move (at the regular non-slowed speed) they're getting yanked back to their position.
    So, the question is what's causing the client to silently drop the buff.
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    twostars got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Patch notes (21/02/2017)   
    Fixed a bug with the Bifrost draw timer causing it to effectively not be a thing. Bifrost should now behave correctly in this regard now. Kurian "Pull" skill no longer affects NPCs/artifacts, as this tended to cause things to break. It still works on monsters (which is unofficial behaviour, but intended here). Mage guard summons are now stationary. Fixed a bug with teleport skills (including things like Kurian's Pull/Dash skills) causing them to not respect certain logic and bug out the affected player/monster. Update: Fixed an issue that arose from this which broke some teleports. Projectiles should no longer affect players that have teleported / /town'd / died (they will still follow, but will no longer do any damage). Maestro potions are now included as potions by the Diet curse. Fixed a bug with transformations via curses; they should now be reverted correctly. Players affected by skills (e.g. debuffs) that teleport away at roughly the same time as the cast will now still be visibly affected by it. CSW crystal healing has been nerfed to 20% of the effective healing. Loot range has been increased for ranged classes that were previously on the outskirts and have their loot "stolen" by someone who is still in range. Ranged attacks no longer trigger lightning/fire/ice armour buffs. No longer credit the caster of the undead curse for the kill; as per official, these are now considered suicides. Fixed a potential cause for players to get 'stuck' in-game. Please remember to report any issue you experience with the patch. Thankyou
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    twostars got a reaction from Sierra in Patch notes (23/02/2017)   
    Potions no longer break stealth. Fixed a bug with some projectile skills breaking (e.g. Styx) as of the last patch. Projectiles no longer care about whether the player teleported, only if they died or are no longer in range. Smokescreen now works as it does officially: it now also blinds friendly targets (including yourself), but unlike official, only in attackable areas (e.g. arenas, PVP zones). Kurian "Pull" skill no longer temporarily visually bugs out monsters (as caused by the last patch).
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    twostars got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in How many fire rain windforces +11 in server?   
    It'll apply to maestro pots on the next restart.
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    twostars reacted to Manhattan in Melee passion   
    Don't mind that. It's funny and peculiar how the same people that so desperately want to keep those skills the way it currently is also say, and I quote: "warrior aoe takes way more skill and precise timing to hit to kill anyone as opposed to mage AOEs." and also: "skills and abilities that require more coordination and execution to pull off than others" So. Yeah.
    They believe that using an AOE skill that you can literally cast while running , followed by 3 others in short seconds w/o any animation, skills which are used by the class with the highest stats takes way more skill, coordination and execution. LMFAO. No comments.
    They're also the same people that, like little children (makes sense), threatens to leave the server if a change would take place for the good of the majority while alredy selling their accounts. Like, what the actual fuck.
    Also the very exact same folks who begged to NERF the coin farm settings of the server after enjoying it for months and making their characters full items and ofc they just needed KC after that so they needed its price to go down not thinking about the sake of the server and what the begginers w/o items would think of it.
    Those are some very narrow minded group of individuals (trying my best to be nice) that have nothing to say other than make use of their strongest and utmost magical words: "it is like that in USKO". Thinking that we should take it seriously when USKO is a complete fail in its current state. Being forced to constantly merge and create new servers as a desperate last move to try to stay alive. Not to mentioned it was launched in the biggest gaming platform and it was treated like a joke.
    What I'm saying is: no one, specially the admins should give much attention to those choppas. Instead, try a few diferent things, take notes from the players in game, see how the changes feel, if it's bad make it back how it was. People love this server, and they'll not only understand but stand behind it. You can make changes in one second and also revert it if prooves to be bad, so just try a few things and see how it goes.
    And I still think that those AOE skills should belong in the Attack warrior skill tree and maybe leave only one in the Passion tree so only then it will take a bit of skill to actually time that single one to make it effective. Or maybe increase its cooldown to 1 minute. I don't know, it is a very delicate matter.
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    twostars got a reaction from Aziz in Regarding the -25 error & more frequent disconnections   
    Server's been restarted. This should no longer be an issue.
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    twostars got a reaction from blackaq in Regarding the -25 error & more frequent disconnections   
    This should be fully resolved when we next restart. We'll be restarting for that later today (just need to finish up with testing), but yay!
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    twostars got a reaction from blackaq in Regarding the -25 error & more frequent disconnections   
    This should be fully resolved when we next restart. We'll be restarting for that later today (just need to finish up with testing), but yay!
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    twostars got a reaction from Smooth in Regarding the -25 error & more frequent disconnections   
    UPDATE (18/08): Testing took considerably longer than we anticipated, so now that we've finally finished with that we'll scheduled the maintenance later today after some rest, just in case anything else happens to pop up after we do restart it.
    UPDATE (17/08): This should be fully resolved when we next restart. We'll be restarting for that later today (just need to finish up with testing), but yay!  
    Hey guys,

    Both the -25 error & disconnections are a symptom of the same problem, which was caused by us upgrading to the latest USKO client. It's nothing related to you guys; reinstalling the client, or whatnot, is purely unnecessary and there's nothing you can do about it. It just means there's too much going on where you are, unfortunately.
    We'd been preparing for that patch for a little over 2 weeks, so we'd hoped we'd worked out all the kinks, but having had to make some pretty big changes to the server to support the new client (scary!), its stability was always going to be a concern.
    The other couple of main issues that slipped by during testing we were able to resolve shortly after the initial maintenance, however these remaining issues are a symptom of a larger problem; essentially, it boils down to we're trying to send/receive too much stuff and the client can't keep up. USKO tends to not experience this because a few of these are for user experience reasons: such as movement being handled a lot smoother than it is anywhere else. This was perfectly fine until now, and things like this we don't really want to get rid of at this point. Additionally, USKO tends to not allow as many people in an area -- which we also didn't really have an issue with before, because we were able to handle it a lot more efficiently than them. This, however, isn't working out so great anymore.
    So right now what we're trying to do is find ways of further improving how the server communicates to the client to try and cut back on as much as we possibly can, although it's a little rough when their client is rather touchy when it comes to how it wants to deal with things.
    Regardless, I just wanted to post this to let you guys know that the issue is:
    1. Something we're actively working on & will be resolved very soon, and
    2. Nothing you guys can really do anything about; I've seen people suggest reinstalling the client, but while it may appear to (since you'll be out of the game long enough for the activity level in wherever you were to change) that won't fix it. It's entirely a problem on our end (well, and with how the new client likes doing things, but I digress...).
    Thanks again for your patience throughout this issue. I realise it only tends to happen at certain times (when activity peaks) so not everyone will have even seen it, but I really do appreciate your patience and continued support.
    As a sidenote, we've also been working on fixing up Oreads (not entirely sure how it got to that state, but better late than never!) so in the next patch:
    1. you'll finally be able to use burning logs without killing yourself (seriously. XD),
    2. the logs won't act fairly dumb in terms of where they end up rolling to (because rolling up and over a wall makes complete sense!).
    3. you'll be able to use the Guard Towers without fear of them bugging.
    4. you'll be able to board & use Moving Towers; this obviously extends to during CSW as well.
    The next thing I planned on fixing was removing the need for the requirement you take off your buffs before using siege weapons, but I had to switch focus to this more serious issue when it popped up.
    Anyhow, hopefully this thread helped give some insight into why this was still an issue -- again, we are working on it, unfortunately it's an issue of such large scale that it isn't just a quick fix, and will require extensive testing to be sure nothing else breaks as a result. But it'll be sorted soon.
    Again, thanks a lot for your continued patience & support. We really appreciate it.
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    twostars got a reaction from LostLegends in SoulSlayer swears to me   
    Regardless, there's a simple solution -- just block them yourself ingame. Then you won't see anything from them anymore.
    Closing this thread.
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    twostars reacted to Bakunin in Some little suggestions with explanations   
    Firstly thanks for all of game masters hardwork and making the best server have ever made.I thought some little stuff to help improve our game

    -Removing bronze coin drop at abyss monsters.Bronze coins are really annoying when farming magic hammer,abyss gem,+9 accessories etc. Inventory gets full very fast. If I set autoloot 10500 then oreads doesnt collect +9 accessories.

    -Rearranging abyss gem drops. Opened over 400 abyss gems the best thing I get is a glave Adding some new stuff like fragments,gems or chests (low chance ofc maybe 1/100) makes abyss gems more worthy and players will go farm abyss gem and other stuff at delos. Now I see no one at abyss when I go to farm there

    -Show/hide option for wings like steamko. I think wings display is annoying. Bowl looks like a chicken farm when crowded.  (edit:can close from options wasn't know that)

    -Reducing Emc,luferson,moradon boss spawn times maybe like cz bosses. I don't know what is spawn time atm but I think it's too long. I'm checking antares and hyde for 2 weeks 4-5 times a day only found 1 antares and 3 hyde. Harder to find then steamko or usko.

    Btw Sorry about that grammer my English is not perfect
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    twostars reacted to ItzMrRandom in Our thoughts on improving the server (part 2)   
    UTC expansion is the answer
    UTC expansion will save everyone
    UTC expansion is love
    UTC expansion is life
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    twostars got a reaction from Manhattan in Our thoughts on improving the server (part 2)   
    Nah, not avoiding it. I'll sort that shortly.
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    twostars got a reaction from Manhattan in Our thoughts on improving the server (part 2)   
    Nah, not avoiding it. I'll sort that shortly.
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    twostars got a reaction from KrepiN in CPU usage after latest patch   
    If you're experiencing this issue, in the last patch we implemented a setting (last minute, so there's nothing in the options editor for it yet) to address it.
    Just open up "Option.ini" in your client folder, find the "[Misc]" section and change SlowFix=0 to SlowFix=1 (or add it if it doesn't exist there).
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    twostars reacted to Zaikooo in Vote king event !   

    Hello folks,

    As king of human side I want to reward people (orc and human) who vote to get this server as populated as possible. 
    Make sure you screenshot your vote (of at least one of above websites) on this forum. 
    3 winner will be randomly picked and will each be rewarded with 100.000.000 Noah!
    Make sure you vote, not only for the money, but for the more fun we can get with even more people!
    Winners will be randomly picked 17 march 21:00 GMT+1.
    Kind regards, 
    Zaikooo / human king
    This are the sites :


    Good luck with voting !

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    twostars got a reaction from soapman06 in Ninja Looters   
    I think rather than banning people for this, which isn't really fair (generally speaking, anyway), it would be better to take a step back and look at how we can help to prevent this type of behaviour.
    With the loot system being round robin, this type of thing is always going to happen, so perhaps it's worth considering letting the party leader change the loot system if they feel they need to (e.g. to a master looter type system [party leader controls who gets loot, but then obviously the party leader can ninja], or perhaps a personal loot system [everyone has a chance to get their own loot, though this probably wouldn't work as well for KO considering all loot is tradeable -- this kind've ends up being more like the system it's at right now, just more RNG]).
    The problems then come down to trying to make this as easy-to-use with KO as possible (since it's not something KO natively supports/allows for), but I think giving parties options in terms of the loot system is a step in the right direction for tackling this specific problem.