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  1. Changelog

    • The Halloween event is now over. All Darkness weapons have been removed, as has the exchange.
    • The EXP seal button no longer crashes the client when pressed.
    • Fixed a bug with Castle Siege War scheduling, which caused it to be scheduled twice consecutively during the daylight savings time change.
    • The server will no longer break on daylight savings time changes.
    • Implemented several major unofficial optimisations to drastically reduce in-game delays:
      • Movement to adjacent regions will no longer fully reload all players, merchant stalls, NPCs and monsters. Instead, we only remove what's no longer visible and only show what's now visible.
      • Warping (/town, mage Blink, Descent, teleport skills in general, etc.) and respawning is now optimised such that:
        • When warping to the same region, no changes will be made (previously, in all cases, all players, merchant stalls, NPCs and monsters would be reloaded).
        • When warping to an adjacent region, as with movement, we only remove what's no longer visible and only show what's now visible.
        • Only when warping to a non-adjacent region (e.g. when /town'ing from far away) will a full reload of all players, merchant stalls, NPCs and monsters be used.
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to warp back (to where they warped) immediately after warping while moving (e.g. with the mage Blink skill).
    • Fixed a bug with name changes: players are now correctly removed and updated in the player list.

  2. We're almost finished with this. We ended up optimising even more than originally intended; movement (and respawning) also behaved in a similar same way. When crossing into adjacent regions, rather than removing players/NPCs/monsters that were out of range, and showing those that are now in range... it also performed a full reload. Likewise for respawning.

    This means we've been able to speed things up quite a lot more than we set out to. It should be a lot smoother, especially in areas like the CZ bowl.

    Tests have been pretty positive so far, so right now we're mainly just looking into a potential (separate but similar) issue with warps (edit: which is now fixed) and fingers crossed, it should be good to go in the patch tomorrow.

  3. For now, yes. It MOST LIKELY won't be fixed until the Halloween event's over anyway. We need to test changes and if all is well, it'll be released the same day the Halloween event is over. :)

    EDIT: The issue is the same for teleports. All warp behaviour acts the same.

    Note that there's not a lot I can do about warps if they're from far away. They will still lag if your PC/connection can't handle it.
    What we're fixing is the need to reload all player/NPC data if we're warped either to the same area or to an area very close by. In these situations (which should pretty much always be the case for things like Descent) there should be no delay at all. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Kairi said:

    Idk since halloween patch i always have this.

    i have to say in csw it worked fine.

    So you're saying it's laggy in CZ, where there's a ton of monsters (especially pumpkins, now), but not in CSW where it's pretty much the same as it's always been.

    That reaffirms what I already suspected; your PC and/or connection is struggling because of the extra spawns (players and monsters).

    I'm in the process of patching in these optimisations at the moment which should fix this.

    Note that there's nothing special about this behaviour with ApexKO. It should be the same on USKO; worse even, because it's probably more populated. So perhaps that's where connection lag comes in.

  5. 26 minutes ago, BulletClub said:

    This absolutely has to be something to do with the patch.

    Nobody was complaining as decent was working fine before. but now since that halloween patch. warriors are complaining & it's not just a select few. I can't see it being just a coincidence that as soon as the halloween patch was released. warriors started to have problems with decent that previously weren't there. There has to be some sort of connection between the two

    Unless you have a better theory, I already pointed out a probable connection:

    1 hour ago, twostars said:

    If that's the case, I don't think it was introduced by the patch exactly; I think you're just lagging more connection-wise and/or rendering wise because there's more players + NPCs/monsters for it to load than usual (even just because of the extra pumpkins maybe).

    Who exactly is having this issue? Where are they from? What are their connections / PCs like?

    I'm not ruling out that the patch is involved (in fact I even stated that the extra spawns from the pumpkins etc are probably what's contributing to it), but I can only go by what I know / can find out for sure. And what I do know is more spawns (from Halloween patch) = more to reload = slower render times (in addition to the delay from actually having to download all this data). Which is evident for those with less capable PCs and/or slower connections to our server.

    Additionally, as above, I've acknowledged that this official behaviour (reloading everything) is also unnecessary for a great deal of the time, so we can look to flat out remove that in these situations.

  6. To be clear, it's difficult for me to see what you're pointing out with the video precisely. You're just referring to the delay after using Descent, right?

    If that's the case, I don't think it was introduced by the patch exactly; I think you're just lagging more connection-wise and/or rendering wise because there's more players + NPCs/monsters for it to load than usual (even just because of the extra pumpkins maybe).

    It's realistically no different to normal. Nothing changed relevant to warping/Descent that would affect that; it's the same as it is officially.

    Having said that, there are some unofficial optimisations we can make for when warps are nearby which should help alleviate this.

    Officially, when you're warped, it will reload all players + NPCs/monsters and all accompanying data (like merchants, etc). Reloading this sends a ton of data to the client (which may take a bit to receive if your connection is slow) it needs to process and forces the client to reload and re-render entities that it probably already knew about (which can be slow, especially for older PCs).

    When you're warping to the same region or an adjacent region (maps are broken up into regions), there's realistically no need for a full reload. It should behave the same as simply walking there, i.e. remove only those who left range and introduce those who are now in it. However, we're doing a full reload regardless.

    Right now this is required because the client is expecting this to happen, so it is removing all players + NPCs/monsters. So I'll be playing around with this to try and stop it from doing that, so we can handle it as-needed on the server's side; be it not needing to send any new data [same region], making minor changes when entering adjacent regions, or a full reload [further than adjacent regions].

    I think that will help. I'm still unclear as to why this is an issue right now (as opposed to before), but my best guess - as above - is lag on your end. I'd be curious to know who exactly's experiencing this and what their PCs/connections are like, as well as where they're from. I'd wager those having issues have lower end PCs or terrible lag to our server.

    13 hours ago, Roxas said:

    Even on a sin, I'm getting descented back constantly while running... This needs to be fixed =/

    This particularly indicates terrible connection lag, and a different issue entirely. I'd need a character name to check it out though.

    • Implemented the Dark(Holy) Knight Mace "anti-heal" effect.
      • This allows damaging enemies with healing spells for half their healing amount.
    • Removed the stacking DoT proc from the Dark(Holy) Knight Mace.
    • Weapon effects can now be proc'd by attacking or being hit by monsters.
    • Monsters will no longer take AoE splash damage from weapon procs when they also hit a player.
      • This is to avoid accidentally pulling monsters while attacking players.
    • Fixed a couple of issues with speedhack detection. This should alleviate issues with disconnects.

  7. Changelog

    • Fixed a bug with Draki's Chest exchanges. Players who abused this had appropriate items wiped and the initial reporter was rewarded.
    • Fixed a bug that caused bows to potentially double-proc their skills.
    • Area of Effect procs (e.g. "Splash") now correctly affect all targets around the appropriate player. Previously only the target was affected.
    • Staff defensive procs now trigger correctly. Previously they could only proc if they were in the shield slot (which is obviously not possible).
    • Added support for procs which recover Kurian/Porutu stamina.
    • Fixed a bug causing certain weapon procs to potentially trigger another proc (and so on, and so forth). They will now only ever be able to proc once per hit.
    • Fixed various issues with Dark(Holy) Knight weapon procs, causing them to not apply at all.
      • Note: The mace's proc isn't implemented yet. This will require bigger changes that will take more time. This has been implemented as of the subsequent restart.
    • Made some tweaks which should alleviate disconnection issues for excessively laggy players.

  8. The disconnections are caused by the reimplementation of our speedhack detection. We've been monitoring and tweaking as needed.

    I'd suggest disabling anything that could be causing that (be it third party tools or anything that can cause excessive lag; our lag tolerance is pretty high right now, but excessive lag can still cause you to DC), and if it persists, contact Aesteris with your character name so he can check you out.

    Thanks for your patience while we fine tune this :)

  9. Regarding the UI bug, it's unlikely this will ever be fully fixed (at least, not with the official client). However, as of patch 2.126 I've fixed some of the major causes which should mean it happens a lot, lot less.

    On 18/10/2017 at 1:51 PM, Marshmallow said:

    Why can't I access DC shop with 1 hr DC prem??

    This we couldn't reproduce. There was an issue that we'd already patched with the DC shop not working, but assuming your client was actually up-to-date (i.e. you didn't skip any patches), it should be patched already. I'm assuming that's what happened, though.

  10. Changelog

    • Updated the client to be on par with USKO 2.171.
      • Fixed a text encoding bug in our export process.
      • With this fixed, all data's been resynced with USKO to ensure it's correct and up-to-date.
    • Fixed a server performance issue.
    • New bulletin boards are now fully working correctly.
      • Note: Player rankings under "war" are now rankings from wars, not current Ronark Land rankings as they were previously.
    • Fixed a bug with the UI bugging/freezing when requesting to trade with a player.
    • Also, when requesting to trade with a player, we no longer close their UIs in addition to auto-declining their trade request. We just auto-decline now.
    • Fixed a bug with inns causing players out of range to bug/freeze their UI (which can happen on warp, etc).
    • Fixed the "NP event" description in the top-right menu. It now correctly explains that it's an NP event, not a coin event.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur while moving and attacking.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur on shutdown or at random when ingame.
    • Reworked some generic patches to be more robust and work consistently across versions. This fixes a potential client crash that could occur when receiving the right requests.
    • Re-enabled the in-game chat filter.
    • Chaos Dungeon rankings now correctly take into account deaths so if you're tied on kills but have died less, you're ranked higher than the player(s) with more deaths.
    • Killing players attempting the Infiltration quest no longer rewards National Points.
    • Added the Dark(Holy) Knight armours and their recipe materials  to the buying merchant search feature.
    • Fixed a typo in the "Dark(Holy) Knight <class> Gauntlets" items.
    • The [Monthly] A small challenge quest now correctly rewards 5 day versions of items, not 3.
    • Implemented the missing Dark Knight weapon procs.
    • Introduced the Halloween event.

  11. The problem with #2 & #3 is that you need to define what "idling" actually means. If you define idling as not using any skills or attacks, then you can just use something every so often to workaround it, while still not actually effectively contributing. Which then leads you down the rabbit-hole of determining what should and shouldn't count, what does actually contribute, how much it needs to contribute for it to matter, etc, etc, etc.

    We actually did intend to do something like #1 though, but I guess we got side-tracked with other issues.

  12. Yeah, they both toggle a flag which disables all UI input.

    42 minutes ago, XxxKingRazoRxxX said:

    Difference between the two is that inn bug is mainly triggered by getting teleported while in the inn

    I believe I've fixed the more common trigger for this. There's 2 that I'm aware of: managing to trigger a generic out of range error (which is fixed), and the warp in the client closing the UIs before they've finished (which is not).

    42 minutes ago, XxxKingRazoRxxX said:

    Trade bug mostly happens in strange circumstances where a player cancels a trade interface or someone accepts a trade request while his character runs outside range (I call request for the initial dialogue, and interface for the actual window where players drag items to). I can't tell for sure what causes it and even though unlike the inn bug, the trade window does disappear, your left click remains bugged. Getting teleported while in middle of a trade can cause this but that doesn't happen often.

    Trade requests could trigger this for requests from anything it closes, i.e. vendor UI (e.g. sundries), inns, VIP storage, inventories, etc. This is fixed.
    Regarding other trade interactions, essentially what needs to happen to trigger this is for some external factor to close a UI that's currently waiting on a response, e.g. when warps close all UIs, or trade requests. I'm not too sure if this can apply to other trade interactions, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    Warps, as above, are not.

    I need to find a clean way of dealing with this. Essentially, I think the most generic way I can deal with this is to ensure it receives a response before anything else, but implementation-wise it's tricky to get right without screwing up anything else. For one, I need to be aware of everything that actually toggles this flag, and even trying to generically implement that from the client's side could be rather hit or miss.

  13. Right, so these 2 are definitely different issues.

    The first (with warping triggering it) should be fixed for the next patch. This specifically occurred when the player was out of range of the inn hostess.

    The second (involving trade requests) I'm working on a patch for now (edit: this is now done, for the next patch). This same issue theoretically affects vendoring, inns, and inventories, which I assume is where inventories factor into it.

    To be clear, mouse input getting bugged like this is an issue that can be caused by a lot of different things, since the game intentionally disables mouse input during requests. So I just want to be sure that I'm at least addressing the specific cases being reported here, as it's very likely there's other cases that won't be addressed by this patch.

  14. 3 minutes ago, XxxKingRazoRxxX said:

    The legendary inn / trade KO bug where your left click becomes unusable finally getting fixed? That's a fix on the level of character select. Always been there.

    If I can reproduce it, sure. Any tips for reproducing this in a fairly consistent manner?