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  1. 1. Collision issue is dealt with, now that Meat Dumplings are no longer a thing (because their NP gain is baseline, i.e. no NP loss).
    2. The respawn time has actually always been an hour, however the spawn was bugged. That's fixed in the next patch. So that much is no longer an issue.
    3. It really doesn't need a 4th option. There really isn't all that much more that's really useful for PvP anyway.

    Considering this report resolved.

  2. 11 minutes ago, BulletClub said:

    It’s crazy how the official designed that. Seeing as how so many obscure and newer items are searchable that were implemented after Rosetta are searchable. But that’s official for ya. 

    I have a feeling the items you're referring to are those we've added ourselves. We have added a lot.

    I don't do them by hand, either. I have to write something to do it for me since it's extremely tedious and easily error-prone.

  3. Trash complaint should be addressed by scaling. We're not going to instantly clear it on boss kills, because trash still drops valuable mats. It's still worth farming.
    As far as the trash speedhacking and such, 1. the horses run that fast officially, 2. think Aesteris slowed them down, 3. couldn't find any other issues with range behaviour etc, that all checked out fine.

    The AFKing complaint was addressed by threat issue as in my previous posts.

    Closing this thread as it's fairly unproductive. If you have a specific complaint/suggestion, please use the appropriate feedback section.

  4. It's a limitation of the game.

    Creating another untradeable version of these items means unnecessarily duplicating a ton of upgrade entries for this to be usable.
    Giving it an expiration time keeps the same ID but forces it to be untradeable and ultimately reduces the number of them in-game. With the immense amount of KC floating around in-game, it reached the point where there's literally no reason to ever buy any from the Power-Up Store (and drain KC) -- there were just so many from events that had built up.

    As for why it's 24 hours specifically, that's all @Aesteris. I have no idea.


  5. I guess I'll just refrain from being open with you guys in future then, if you're going to pick apart everything I say. These things are clearly best left for staff discussion, since you guys just freak out about things that don't matter (OMG YOU WANT TO REMOVE MEAT DUMPLINGS WTF GM BUT MY NP IM NOT EVEN GOING TO CONSIDER THAT THERE WOULD BE MORE TO IT THAN THAT IM JUST GONNA FREAK OUT!!!!!!).

    FYI, here's a little more than 3, and the key benefit of this type of buff is it's flexible, so we can easily create our own for special purposes. Only we can't, because Meat Dumplings exist which are considered essential rendering this buff slot completely useless, and well... my entire point. But sure, boohoo NP loss, I never know what I'm talking about.

    302334    Aurora of Experience    AC increased by 200 for 30 minutes
    302335    Aurora of Experience    Aurora of Experience
    302336    Aurora of Experience    Aurora of Experience
    302338    experience10%    HP increased by 150 for 3 minutes
    302339    experience20%    
    302340    experience30%    
    302341    experience40%    
    302342    experience50%    
    478011    Snowman forum    Change into Poroom~ (HP + 100)
    478012    Snowman titi    Change into Teeti~ (AC + 10)
    478013    Snowman teo    Change into Theo~ (AC + 10)
    478014    Snowman nunu    Change into Nunu~ (AC + 10)
    478015    Snowman(Elmorad)    Transforms into El Morad snowman (HP + 100)
    478016    Snowman(Karus)    Transforms into Karus snowman (HP + 100)
    490141    Meat Dumpling    This meat tastes exquisite. My vitality is increasing.
    490144    Kimchi Dumpling    Yum, kimchi's piquant taste. My strength is increasing.
    490158    Rebirth of dead bodies    The order which contains the power of monsters
    490159    Pumpkin mask    Increase 2 contribution power
    492020    Amplify Scroll    
    500123    Little Vitality    
    500124    Aurora of Experience    
    500134    Unidentified blue potion    The overlapping Defense by 60.
    500135    Red Potion unidentified    Nested Max HP by 300.
    500207    Experience in jewelry    EXP 10% increase nesting for 30 minutes.
    500208    Jewels of defense    Rise Defense 25 nested for 30 minutes.
    500209    Jewels of Life    Rise in the HP 250 nested for 30 minutes.
    500210    Jewels of contribution    Rise in the contribution of four nested for 30 minutes.
    500245    Pumpkin Candy    mp 30?? +200 
    500246    Pumpkin Candy    Sweet pumkin Candy.| Happy halloween
    500287    Attack    Attack will increase by 5 for 30 minutes
    510521    Gem of Defense    Increases experience gain by 10% for 30 minutes.
    510522    Gem of Defense    Increases Defense Power by 25 for 30 minutes.
    510523    Gem of Life    Increases HP by 250 for 30 minutes.
    510524    Gem of Contribution    Increases Contribution Points by 4 for 30 minutes.
    510525    Attack    30?? ???? ??? 5 ??
    510530    Contribution    Increases Contribution Points by 4 for 30 minutes.
    510531    Defense    25 Defenses will be added for 30 minutes.
    510532    Life    250 HP will be added for 30 minutes.
    510533    Experience    Experience will be increased by 20% for 30 minutes.
    510534    Jewel of Experience    
    510535    Jewel of Defense    
    510536    Jewel of Life    
    510537    Jewel of Contribution    
    510538    Jewel of experience    
    510539    Jewel of contribution    
    510540    Jewel of life    
    510541    Jewel of defense    
    610056    Santa's Coat    Increases defense by 30 for 30 minutes
    610057    Santa's Mind    Increases HP by 250 for 30 minutes
    610058    Santa's Smile    Increses EXP gain by 10% for 30 minutes
    610078    Love of Chocolate    The acquisition rate increased by 10% nested for 30 minutes, the user's experience.
    610079    Handmade chocolates    The nested 30 minutes Max HP will increase by 250,
    610080    Specially made chocolate    The nested 30 minutes 25 Defense increases.
    610081    Exp Candy    30??? ???? ???? ??? ???? 10%?????.
    610082    Hp Candy    30??? ???? ?? HP? 250 ?????.
    610083    Defense Candy    30??? ???? ???? 25 ?????.
    610092    Scroll of Protection    Increases 250 maximum HP for 30 minutes.
    610093    Scroll of Life    Increases 25 defense for 30 minutes.
    610094    Events contribute    Rise in the contribution of two nested 30 minutes.
    610095    Blue Potion    Defense Increase 60
    610096    Red Potion    Attack Increase 10%
    610097    Azure Carnation    25 Defenses will be added for 30 minutes.
    610098    Crimson Carnation    250 HP will be added for 30 minutes.
    610099    Amber Carnation    Experience will be increased by 20% for 30 minutes.
    610111    Honor Oath    NP increased by +3 
    610123    Experience    Experience will be increased by 20% for 30 minutes.
    610125    Green carnation    Damage increased by 5% nested for 30 minutes.
    610130    White carnation    Rise in the contribution of four nested for 30 minutes.
    610131    3 - year old ginseng    Rise Defense 40 nested for 30 minutes.
    610132    3 - year old ginseng    Rise in the HP 250 nested for 30 minutes.
    610133    Sea cucumber pow    Damage increased by 5% nested for 30 minutes.
    610134    Steamed sea cucumber    Rise in the contribution of four nested for 30 minutes.
    610135    Chocolate cake    Rise Defense 40 nested for 30 minutes.
    610136    Sweet Potato Cakes    Rise in the HP 250 nested for 30 minutes.
    610137    Cheesecake    Damage increased by 5% nested for 30 minutes.
    610139    Mugwort Rice Cake    Damage increased by 5%
    610140    Cactus Rice Cake    Defense rises 40
    610141    Gardinia Rice Cake    HP 250 rise
    610142    Pumpkin Rice Cake    Contribution rise
    610143    You are my hero.    EXP 50% increase in
    610150    Pumpkin Mask    Rise in the contribution of four nested for 30 minutes.

    This is actually already something that we were discussing in staff, so this thread doesn't need to be open for community "discussion".


  6. You guys are freaking out because you're worried about the NP loss. That's not the point of this though.

    The point is to free up the buff slot that's being wasted by this unnecessarily "essential" buff. There's plenty of other buffs that exist in the game that use this buff slot which aren't able to be used because of this, and that's the problem with it being considered essential.

    To clarify, removal of Meat Dumplings would just be the desired outcome. How we get there obviously requires thought and discussion on our part, so outright dismissing it because of a potential problem along the way is silly. This is what we do; we find a goal, figure out how we can get there and then decide whether or not it's worth it.

  7. No, I think they do need to go. The fact you're required to have this up always just makes it dumb like the NP event.

    Removing it frees up the buff slots so other thing can be used (like the logos buff).

    Obviously, the difference needs to be allowed for but I think the end result does need to be that Meat Dumplings need to go.

  8. To be honest, Meat Dumplings are fairly useless with the NP event we've been forced to use since Alpha's excessive use of it. The amount they contribute really isn't worth the buff slot they're wasting.

    I think removing them and buffing the logos buff very slightly might in fact be the better plan.

  9. 18 hours ago, Nath said:

    What I said, not the other way around (what you described). @ItzMad confirmed it. Not sure about when it started, but the player not in the mob's range get the nps, the rest of the party get nothing.

    I've been thinking a lot about this, and I think my patch will fix it.

    I think it's an oddly specific scenario where the player who's ranging the mob is also ranging the party, and also obtained threat on it first... so when rewards are distributed it's based around their range to other players in the party (because this was dumb and looking up the party; which was also unintentionally relative to the base player, rather than the mob). This much was removed entirely because it was unnecessary and conflicted with the existing party filtering from the threat distribution (so we're using the party as already filtered there).

    The more I think about it, the more it doesn't exactly make sense (the mentioned base in the filtered list is actually the first person who hasn't been filtered), but whatever. I have hope this issue will clear up after the next patch.

  10. 39 minutes ago, KSER said:

    Over 10 years of KO prove that, only rich asses which upgrade alot get top gears. So you can keep that theory for urself but the fact is people still burn items everyday before upgrading.

    The one who made first war krowaz set on this server is the guy buy alot of krowaz and upgrade them a time so w/e u say xD

    Yes. That's what being random is. You'll burn some and you'll upgrade some. Or you may burn them all and upgrade none. Or upgrade them all and burn none. Randomness is great.

    There's no bad luck protection system implemented in KO, it's just pure dumb luck... so w/e you say!

  11. From what I understand this report is saying: when rogues are stealthed you can no longer track them when they're a revenge target.

    Officially the arrow persists above their head the entire time they're stealthed. Here, unless we're using Lupine eyes, they're completely despawned so the arrow disappears until they're unstealthed.

  12. Those were quest/event rewards you obtained recently. They were supposed to expire but hadn't yet.

    Now they have!

    On 09/03/2018 at 8:27 PM, Aesteris said:
    • Event rewards that are PUS items (Trinas, Karivdis, Dragon Scales) will now expire in 24 hours after obtaining them
    15 hours ago, twostars said:

    [Hotfix] Some tradeable-after-time items that were intended to expire (e.g. Tears of Karivdis) should now correctly expire.

    • If you're missing some, that's why. They were quest/event rewards you obtained recently that had an expiration time but never actually expired.


  13. Well I've just cleaned up XP/NP distribution logic for the next patch because it seems there was a discrepancy between who was being counted (excluding ranged player) and who was being rewarded (including ranged player).

    What this means is, they were losing their credited portion (as expected)... but then also being included in the distribution, causing the (potentially, if other parties are involved) lesser amount of NP being divvied up to be even smaller between the extra who for all intents and purposes had no credited part in it.

    I still don't really understand the specific details being given here ("sometimes only the far one got all nps. another players doesn't get any nps. and it started 3-4 month ago."), but this is a start -- if not a resolution to this problem.

    We can only hope.

  14. 35 minutes ago, Nath said:

    If at least one person in the party isn't within the mob range when it dies, that person will get all the nps and the rest of the party won't get anything. That's the bug.

    Are you sure you don't mean the other way around (rest of the party will only get NP based on what they contributed minus the portion of the player that's ranging the mob)? If so, that's expected behaviour.