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  1. 2 hours ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    Hold on are u  drunk twostars :D?  I'm only talking about the regen not about that range my name is not MERET. I only quoted ur post about the recovery.

    I assumed you were referring to more than that because of your wording and its similarity with what I said in my post ("Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?").

    I'm sorry I don't understand your broken english.

  2. 45 minutes ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?

    No idea what you mean by that because if you look at the relevant boss in the video you linked (at about 15 minutes in), you can see that it proves my point: only ranged can hit it.

    Aside from that, like I said, the "regen" issue is a thing we're aware of. We just don't know what it is yet.

  3. 2 hours ago, MERET said:
    • There is a boss one of stage but I didn't remember its name. Magician and archer class players can just attack it. 

    That boss is designed to work like that. It works exactly the same on USKO.
    I understand that there may be an issue with this behaviour and how loot works now, but it's something we're looking at separately. Boss behaviour is completely intentional.

    2 hours ago, MERET said:
    • We just obtain fragment from these bosses. There is no drop it from other monsters.  

    The trash gives useful crafting materials...

    2 hours ago, MERET said:
    •  Somehow bosses make a quickly recovery by itself when we try destoring them. That is meaningless if we labour and enjoy ApexKO. 

    This one I'm not sure about. It's acted fine/expected when we've tested it and monitored these events live... I'm pretty sure this has only ever been reported on the occasions we haven't monitored the event.
    Something we're looking into. Other than that I can't really say more.

  4. Changelog

    • [Hotfix] Warrior's Cry Echo is now correctly dealing 300% damage + 200 bonus damage again.
    • [Hotfix] Warrior's Berserk Echo is now correctly dealing 300% damage again.
    • [Hotfix] Changed scaling on the Plwitoon stuck in lava to account for the fact only ranged can deal damage to it
    • Fixed a bug causing skill bars (Chaos Dungeon & regular) to not correctly save sometimes.
    • [Hotfix] Cleaned up daily/weekly/monthly quests some more.
      • This should fix them not correctly resetting data.
      • These previously worked such that the quest data shown to the client was different to that reset/tracked by the server.
        It behaved like this for 2 reasons:
        1. So that we were able to easily identify these types of quests (and reset them on access, because unfortunately there was no better way).
        2. So players could still see the quest in the NPC's menu after it was completed. In this case it would error saying something like "You have already completed this for the week".
      • This behaviour was very error-prone (particularly with things like week identification on completion; this doesn't play nicely with being able to turn in the previous week's quest and take it again for the following week), and in general just a mess, so now weekly/monthly quests behave like all other quests: when a quest is completed, the NPC does not show it anymore until it's reset.
      • NOTE: As this caused weekly quests from last week to not reset correctly (causing players to not be able to take them this week), we've hotfixed these to reset as of today. That means these have all reset a couple of days later than they should (potentially causing loss of progress to those who did still have it). This was unavoidable, sorry.
    • Certain quests (for now, only applicable daily/weekly/monthly quests) will now be transferred when you Nation Transfer.
      • Previously, transferring meant you'd have both copies of certain quests (one per nation), which were tracked independently.
      • Now, for the quests we've allowed for, you will only ever have the 1 quest -- and your progress will transfer over to the other nation's variant of that quest when you transfer.
      • This makes quests like [Monthly] A small challenge more attainable as players will retain existing quest progress after transferring.
      • Existing quest progress will not be merged; only the credit for your current nation will count. This only applies to quest progress going forward from the patch.
    • Fix a bug with quest progress not being reset correctly on login.

    In other news, this week we've been getting back into our client source project. Since it's been a while we're still getting reacquainted with the sourcebase so progress is a little slow, but we've:

    • Implemented name change support.
    • Updated resistance logic and implemented the newer stun rate algorithm.
    • Implemented skillbar saving/loading, with future support for Chaos Dungeon skillbars (when that's eventually implemented).
    • Updated warp list logic & implemented all various warp list (and some other) errors as of current 2.1xx clients.
    • Updated quest support & implemented existing quest UIs [quest tab+quest info popup & level guide].
    • Mostly implemented stealth/lupine skill behaviour (still a work-in-progress).
    • Client now correctly supports even newer effect files.
    • Implemented support for unpacking/using newer client files.

    Still a lot of work to go before it's in a usable state, but it's getting there. With larger things like transformations (soon!) out of the way we can probably start working on a newer client version and the systems involved with that (e.g. 1.534, letter system, new event & quest systems, etc).

  5. We're not restoring the +15 STR.

    Sorry, but that was always a bug. It's really not even worth suggesting at this point, unless USKO happens to do so (which I doubt), it's not coming back.
    It existed primarily because we assumed their data was wrong. But it wasn't; it intentionally didn't give that STR, so we removed it.

    Complaining about it is silly. As Aesteris said, it makes very little difference in damage output, the only reason it's so overblown is because it was a 'nerf' (if you can even call it that) to warriors, and "OMG WTF GM WARRIOR NERF WTF".

    Considering OP is in general complaining about a larger damage disparity, this 15 STR doesn't help solve the OP's alleged problem... so again: complaining about it is silly.

    It's not being changed back, so you can stop trying to blow that small change completely out of proportion and just deal with it.