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  1. 19 minutes ago, Ato said:

    yes i am glad to see that and u guys never stopped always try harder new events (utc... more more ) but did you even think "if we reset database maybe new players want to play again" i have to ask because this server when i played amazing...

    Sure, and then they'll leave when people have gear, leaving only those who actually originally cared here as usual.

    We don't cater to the people that come and go.

  2. Changelog

    • Players gifted via the store will now receive the letter upon purchase (or more specifically, when the purchaser closes the store).
    • Clan position names and memos are now removed upon leaving a clan.
      • As these are technically tied to players these were never reset, so they persisted in the next clan you joined.
      • These are easy to edit, but for the purposes of avoiding additional confusion (since many don't know they even are editable), these are now getting reset.
    • Fixed a bug causing Castle Siege War rewards to not be removed from players who were kicked from the clan while offline.
    • Fixed a bug causing certain teleports to still fail while Gab's Adamant is active.
    • Fixed a bug with Mage staff skills R-component dealing too much damage.
    • <Center Artifact> in Castle Siege War now takes significantly reduced damage & has twice as much HP.
    • Plwitoon (in the lava) is now only scaled by ranged players.
      • Melee are able to sometimes ineffectively hit it, but not enough to pull their weight. This caused the boss to scale higher than intended.
      • This has been fixed so only ranged players are counted when scaling.
    • Fixed a bug with the "Sleep" skill which could bug monsters into not attacking.
      • This in particular was noticed with Ultima.
    • Disabled Bifrost as we look into ways to improve the event.
      • We'll be changing it's current form altogether as it takes away too much from PK action, you can expect its return within a week or 2!
    • Under the Castle bosses were made slightly easier to defeat (their HP scales slightly less)
    • Under the Castle bosses' HP regeneration per 10 seconds has been changed from 10% of max health to 4% of max health.
    • [Update] Fixed a bug causing bosses to die as a result of scaling, in turn preventing them from phasing.

  3. Probably should make it clear what you're actually pointing out in the screenshot. Helps avoid unnecessary assumptions.

    Like for instance we're assuming you guys are both "talking about" (or linking a screenshot of...) the same thing.
    And we're assuming that the issue in question is the regen being too high.

    Also the fact I assumed those were separate screenshots, but apparently MERET linked a copy of the same one.
    Use your words.

  4. Changelog

    • Under the Castle
      • Nerfed Crashergimmic's HP scaling.
      • Reduced HP regen for all bosses to 2%/10s (down from 5%/10s).
    • Wars
      • War commanders can no longer use "Assault" or "Shouting" commands due to continued abuse.
        • This also applies to the regular /GREETING & /PROVOKE commands.
    • Castle Siege War
      • Fixed a bug with Ladder trucks failing when attempting to extend.
      • Fixed a bug with siege transformations not being correctly removed on relog in certain circumstances which caused future transformations to fail.
      • Allowed for certain informative transformation errors to display correctly instead of simply showing the generic "failed" message.
        • The errors actually aren't properly used officially, that's why this bug existed (our behaviour was too accurate!).
    • Fixed a bug with Hanguk Sword(+13)'s STR bonus. It now correctly gives 17 STR.
      • Note that the tooltip still shows 19 STR. This will be fixed in a later patch.
    • [Hotfix] Fixed Aegis' (server-side) INT requirement.

  5. 2 hours ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    Hold on are u  drunk twostars :D?  I'm only talking about the regen not about that range my name is not MERET. I only quoted ur post about the recovery.

    I assumed you were referring to more than that because of your wording and its similarity with what I said in my post ("Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?").

    I'm sorry I don't understand your broken english.

  6. 45 minutes ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?

    No idea what you mean by that because if you look at the relevant boss in the video you linked (at about 15 minutes in), you can see that it proves my point: only ranged can hit it.

    Aside from that, like I said, the "regen" issue is a thing we're aware of. We just don't know what it is yet.

  7. 2 hours ago, MERET said:
    • There is a boss one of stage but I didn't remember its name. Magician and archer class players can just attack it. 

    That boss is designed to work like that. It works exactly the same on USKO.
    I understand that there may be an issue with this behaviour and how loot works now, but it's something we're looking at separately. Boss behaviour is completely intentional.

    2 hours ago, MERET said:
    • We just obtain fragment from these bosses. There is no drop it from other monsters.  

    The trash gives useful crafting materials...

    2 hours ago, MERET said:
    •  Somehow bosses make a quickly recovery by itself when we try destoring them. That is meaningless if we labour and enjoy ApexKO. 

    This one I'm not sure about. It's acted fine/expected when we've tested it and monitored these events live... I'm pretty sure this has only ever been reported on the occasions we haven't monitored the event.
    Something we're looking into. Other than that I can't really say more.