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  1. This is 100% on your end; your skillbar loads up fine here, and I'm able to change it (with it persisting on relog). I'm just not sure why, because I'm not completely sure how client-side storage works.

    I know it stores it on the client's side (used to be in the registry... not sure if they moved it to their character files). How this interacts with what it feeds the server (and has the server feed it back), I don't know. I want to say whatever's on the server overrides it, but if I recall someone released a tool on G4L a while back which copied/saved skillbars.

    If the server overrode it, then this wouldn't have been at all useful as it wouldn't have been able to replace their skillbar.

    Considering your other characters work... perhaps it's something in your character's client-side skillbar data that's broken which it's trying to use?

    Trying to find the thread I was thinking of or where the skillbar is stored now; can find neither. Possibly they in fact no longer store it client-side -- but then why does it fail for you while it loads just fine for me using your account.


    Edit 2:

    10 minutes ago, Salvira said:

    it saves in usko and in apexko for me, never had any problems with the skillbar not saving

    This (in the Chaos Dungeon doesn't save skillbars bug report) seems to confirm that it is getting saved client-side somewhere. The server doesn't save this (unless it's being added onto the end of the existing skillbar data?), so it has to be saving them somewhere in the client.

    I don't see anything for it in the registry (used to be Data0 to Data[bars-1]), but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

  2. Well it's definitely saving at least, because it's stored the exact same skillbar.

    As for why the client's not showing it, I'm not sure. I'll take a look through the skillbar and see if I can see anything.

    I'm wondering if it's a client-side problem though. I'm fairly certain it also stores this in the registry so perhaps there's some permission issue or bug with existing stored skill data happening?
    Either way I'll check your skillbar out locally and see what I can find.

  3. If I recall correctly, this used to happen after Nation Transferring when there was some skill that didn't carry over. I believe we attempted to fix this by transferring those over as well, but it may be that something's still invalid.

    I've reset your skillbar, so I believe it should save from now on. Will go through your saved skillbar later and see if I can find anything odd in there.

  4. Thanks for finding that. Was looking for an official source (for some reason didn't think there'd be anything new on that page) and could only find unofficial Turkish ones. :)

  5. What class were you and did you ever specifically attack it?

    I don't see why you wouldn't get credit if the rest of your party did and you specifically attacked it. If it was a problem with buffers/healers not properly giving credit then sure, but if you're attacking it for sure should be no different to before.


  6. This has already been fixed for the next restart.

    On 08/04/2018 at 1:27 PM, twostars said:

    Fixed a bug with events not consistently triggering auto-shutdowns.

    • This was caused by inconsistent disconnection/zone removal logic which is now correctly shared for consistency.
    • This should clean up a few other potential issues with various things not being correctly reset on zone change.


  7. You managed to bug the item somehow; I suspect it was when upgrading it, because it doesn't appear bugged before that.

    I'll just replace the item for you now because that's not supposed to happen.

  8. Edit: Just checked them. As I've told you repeatedly in the past, they're fine.

    Once again -- you get more EXP because of premium, but being rebirthed causes you to receive less EXP than is stated by the quest reward. That's just how it's designed officially to make you work harder to rebirth.
    The only bug here is that the client doesn't show the correct amount, but this is official behaviour -- mgame just needs to have these amounts shown correctly in the client so people aren't confused.

    Closing this.

  9. As of right now, neither of us knows what could've triggered that.

    - Nothing else in use shares with it to possibly override it (even if they could, since it's a buff they'd just fail).
    - It's detecting it correctly as a buff, so it's not a cure mistakenly removing it.
    - Doesn't appear to have been caused by a daylight savings time change (little late for that, presumably).
    - The time on the scroll is indeed an hour, so it's not a rounding issue.
    - It's persistent, so it should ultimately be immune to everything but removals and expirations (there are no debuffs for this type) -- it can only have expired or been cancelled.

    Will be adding additional logging to better track this stuff, but for now all I can say is we'll just have to see what happens in the future.

  10. This is an official client bug. Not sure what triggers it (deaths? depending on whether or not they get completely removed from the player's region on respawn maybe?).

    Official client bugs like this are something we won't really be looking into (at least not until the client source is viable -- and it may not even exist to begin with), so I'll close this.