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  1. Your friend is being detected as being in a different country as he was last time (i.e. a country not allowed to access their account).

    That page is supposed to show more info and a way to recover, it should not be erroring. I'll get that fixed.





    This is fixed now, he can use this page to recover access to his account. Thanks again!

  2. GTX 650. I re-installed latest GFX card update and it appears to have fixed it. It's all on my end people, never mind!

    Thanks for the update, the tracker's been updated. :)


    I have problem with anti-aliansing (FSAA) set to 16x, but 8x works just fine. I'm using Radeon R9 270x.

    I only allowed for 16x in case it was ever a thing on higher-end video cards. Mine's fairly mid-range, and it's never supported it here. I might as well just remove it for clarity -- 8x FSAA is plenty.

  3. Oh, that's an interesting one. In this case it should definitely only be selecting the class-specific reward, not giving you all of them, so that's definitely not being handled correctly.




    Edit: Seems to be a bug with the quest script generator, they're not detecting the correct type for those quests. We'll fix that up.

  4. One last important question. Are skill bars saved client side or server side?

    Good question. Actually, they've always been saved both server-side and client-side. I assume it'll only use the server's skillbar data if the client doesn't already have data for your character.

    On older clients this was stored in the registry, so permission issues caused it to act up -- but with newer clients like this, they're stored in files in the client's folder.


    I've not had any problems with my skillbar data since.

  5. Some people might think Alpha + Beta is too much ,but we all want a long lasting private 2xx server don`t we !? I am able to provide many players who loves 2xx servers,specialy if its worth of playing.Im expecting from all of you guys to call your friends - even "enemy" to the server so we got enough players on beta/official :)

    Really, I think having an alpha testing stage on a project like this is more than justified. Most other servers just use the official binaries, which means they really only need content testing. However, we are not using the official binaries; we've implemented every (server-side) feature ourselves, which means there's a great deal which needs extensive testing before we can even really start to think about content issues. :)

  6. I did something wrong with my registration, its keep asking me to use OTP code to login website


    "This account has OTP (one-time password) enabled. Ensure your device's time is synced and please try again -- with a code this time!"


    idk whre to get this code, is it possible to reset my OTP >?

    OTP should only be enabled when you enable it via the website and subsequently confirm it via e-mail, at which point you're given your code (and a QR code for simplicity).

    I'll go double-check this is all behaving correctly still, but PM me your account name and I'll disable it for you; we plan on implementing emergency scratch codes for disabling OTP, so there's no way to do it via the website at this time.


    What you would have done, I think, is confirmed you wanted to enable it (by clicking the link) but didn't actually follow the instructions on the page -- which can no longer be accessed.


    So I'll look into doing a couple of things to address this:

    • Allowing the OTP setup page to persist until it's been confirmed that your authenticator can authenticate correctly (at which point, we can enable it). (edit: this is done).
    • Adding an option to disable OTP if it's active, but a user has never logged in with it. (edit: this is done).

    The final scenario (losing the authenticator device/no longer being able to authenticate) can really only be safely addressed via emergency scratch codes. For now, tweaking it as I've described should suffice.


    You should get an email with something like this:


    At the bottom of e-mail there is a link to deactive this process (check your Spam folder if you can't find it).

    This doesn't actually disable it, it just stops the link from working. I should probably see if I can clarify that further, but until the confirmation link is clicked, it's not enabled -- canceling it prevents the confirmation link from working, in case you change your mind and don't want anyone to go using that link (before it expires naturally).

    If I reimplement it as I've described above though, this would work similarly to how you assumed it works -- so long as they haven't actually verified things are working correctly, at which point invalidating the link still does nothing.

  7. Thanks for pointing that out. It's been fixed. :)



    If you're still experiencing redirects, your browser's cached it.


    If you're using Chrome, you can just navigate to the site again (to update history), and then clear the cache for the last hour.

    Alternatively, in Chrome or Firefox, you should also be able to navigate to view-source:http://www.apexko.com, and then CTRL+F5.


    I'm not sure if any other browsers cache redirects, but the view-source trick should work for those (you'd have to google it for your browser otherwise).

  8. KO is Online ?

    Not officially -- not for a while yet. We're currently at the alpha stage, which essentially means we're testing functionality, and getting feedback & suggestions on things before it's polished.


    We still need to go through:

    - Closed alpha (what the alpha applications & testing schedule are for), where we'll test the existing functionality within a controlled environment. Alpha is extremely raw, so really we're making sure everything's working before proceeding with polishing & setting things up properly, using the community's feedback on various things.

    - Open alpha, where we'll open up testing for more widespread testing/feedback (not to mention stress testing). Again, this is raw so not much should be expected.

    (after further development/polishing from alpha input)

    - Closed beta, where we'll be doing final tests of polished functionality (and custom content) in a controlled environment identical to production (i.e. the one we'll be using for our official launch).

    - Open beta, where we'll open up these final tests for everyone to access. Further stress testing, etc.

    - Official! (finally)


    It may seem a bit overkill, but we really, really want to be sure things run as smoothly as they can when we do release.

    The server is pretty complete, though, so we don't think the alpha testing stage should last terribly long -- just long enough to run over all the functionality to verify it's all working correctly, and get our remaining tasks [including our custom content] finished before beta.


    Right now we're still looking over alpha applications, but you can still apply -- just register on the website (http://alpha.apexko.com) and submit an application ("Become an alpha tester"). :)

    We really appreciate everybody who's interested in helping us improve the server!