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  1. do they keep their skills aswell?

    For when/if they transfer back to that class, yes. They'll need to complete the appropriate skill quests for their new class, however.



    i can not get it to work. I get the letter from pus but there is no item in it

    Re-apply 2.046. It sounds like you're either running this as 2.045, or only partially updated to 2.046. Either way, you need 2.046 for this.

  2. It does reset quests. As with official, some of the main quests (job changes, pet stuff, Max/Michelle/Seed stuff, skill quests, chicken stuff) are ignored.


    Which quest did it not reset for you? Or is it a visual bug?

    Relogging should show the quests removed, but rebirthing itself may not be visually removing them.


    EDIT: Rebirthing requires you to relog, so that shouldn't be an issue. Which quests in particular are you seeing as not resetting?

  3. For the most part, this is a known problem. As of yet we've not been able to log this from USKO.


    The damage, however, is interesting -- that definitely shouldn't have been "stuck" on you as it's not exactly a DoT. It just ticks when you move in the maze, so it must have still thought you're in there...