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  1. Just now, Razordagawd said:

    Nobody knew this would prevent us from winning...

    Are you suggesting they left to let you win while they themselves received nothing (being offline and all)?
    As noble as that sentiment may be, it doesn't really change any of what I said.

    Really, you didn't win. Neither did they.
    The server essentially treated it as such.

    Conclusion: No bug.

    If you're saying that nobody intentionally was trying to abuse anything, then evidently it hasn't been abused either.

    So: No abuse still (yet?).

    So I guess we're in agreement that it's probably best to just leave everything as it is then.

  2. So basically the only real proposal is to just remove it entirely so people can sit around in the event until it expires so that the losing (but still 'active') side has a chance at winning.
    Increasing the instance shutdown timer would probably help, but at the cost of making people wait around and I don't think there's ever going to be a perfect time for that.
    Forcing the remaining side to win makes the event far more sabotageable than it already is, and as-is situations like this can be abused to deny the party that probably would have won the chance at it.

    As for "not being stupid", I don't see how you can say that -- they got literally nothing out of the event. Nothing. You guys at least got rewarded for losing.
    I'm not saying they would have won, but they completely wasted their own time just to prevent you from winning... and got nothing out of it in the process.

    That sounds stupid to me.

  3. I suspected this scenario may occur when I implemented this, however since it's not in their best interests to leave (forfeiting any rewards) we figured it probably wouldn't matter too much.

    This may just be my sleep-deprived self talking here, but are people really that stupid as to forfeit their reward and waste their time like that?
    Maybe it's better not to answer that...

    I mean, if they were still rewarded, obviously it would be abusable in that they could guarantee a win and then just dip.
    But if they're not there to be rewarded, they get nothing.

    And since you guys didn't leave, but you also didn't win, you don't get rewarded for winning (obviously). So winner prize goes to nobody.

    I just don't understand the motivation there.

    If we were to do what was proposed (and what you're suggesting) and consider the team that stayed as the winner, players would be incentivised to game the system by sabotaging events with characters on the other nation & leaving, making it an easy win for the other (their) nation, which is obviously not ideal.

    As far as I can tell, doing it like this isn't really abusable in any similar regard... but people are stupid and this happens? Eh.

  4. At any point during that (full) video do you check how long's left on it? Or is it perhaps used during that? (maybe you applied it at the same time as the other buffs, but either way I'd be curious if the duration ever desynced with them)

    Anyway, about the video all I can really say is this:

    1. The buffs themselves are removed on death. The icons for the persistent buffs are not removed visually though, so we still see those.
    At this point, your NP scroll is still visible (but technically it's removed, as with the others).

    2. When you respawn all buffs & their icons are actually removed in the client. 
    This is surprising and dumb behaviour, because I wanted to optimise behaviour slightly so that when you die, the persistent buffs aren't even removed at all, removing the need to be selectively saying "hey, since it's a persistent buff on death I actually don't want you to remove the icon, but y'know, everything else is fine"... which would then mean we also wouldn't need to recast these immediately afterwards on respawn...
    Alas, we can't do this because the client is stupid. Not without removing that from the client, and I have no idea if that would cause any unintended side-effects. For now this is not overly relevant, I'm only stating this just to break down how these are actually working (despite what it appears to do).

    Regarding your NP scroll, this is why this gets removed here (as does every other icon, which we don't see because of 3-).

    3. Immediately after we confirm the respawn (where the client forcefully removed all icons), we recast all persistent buffs.
    As it's quick, from your perspective you don't even notice any change other than the NP scroll being removed. But this happened previously, because of the reset.

    For some reason that's yet to be established, your NP scroll didn't get recast. And more than this, it no longer persists because it either failed to apply and removed it... or it didn't bother attempting to reapply because it's no longer in the list of persistent buffs to recast.


    It's interesting, because the buff does seem to be active prior to your death, so it's not exactly silently removed server-side while still showing as existing. So it should still exist at that point.
    Yet on the other hand, when they fail to apply, they usually say so in the info box. It is possible there are cases where they do not, but it's a stab in the dark to figure out why that would be.
    Particularly considering there's nothing special about the buff in the first place, and clearly your other similar buffs were recast just fine.

    We'll probably just have to wait for this to reoccur, because it still doesn't really help too much with regards to actually identifying why it's not being recast.
    If it's failing, it'll be logged. And if it's not, all modifications to them are logged, so we should be able to see what it's doing.

  5. 2 hours ago, MERET said:

    As I said the lag begins from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. 

    There is no lag right now. 

    Then the traceroute you made for now isn't all that useful other than as a baseline. If you give your ISP a traceroute, it should be when the problem's occurring.

  6. Sorry habit, Windows calls it tracert / *nix traceroute, oops.

    Either way, the screenshots I already gave should be enough for them. The behaviour is consistent during the period in which it lags.

  7. 55 minutes ago, MERET said:

    @twostars I have same problem. What is traceroute? How can I do that? Give me detail please...

    The screenshots from above. Just give them those.

    To make them yourself, load up command prompt (cmd.exe), and run:

  8. 1 minute ago, neXusLee said:

    i test deathko server  + test titanko + test usko + test steamko now cant ping  cant lag ... only apexko only evening hours.

    many turkish players have the same problem with me @twostars

    I made another traceroute at around the same time. That same node was not responding at the same time.
    I suggest you send your ISP a copy of that traceroute and hope they fix it, because it's clearly a problem with Turk Telekom.

    Due to the way internet routing works, it doesn't surprise me that it seemingly only affects us. SteamKO and USKO are hosted in Turkey, so they for sure will be routed through different nodes. No idea where DeathKO and TitanKO are hosted.

    The problem however isn't with us; it's with one of Turk Telekom's nodes. Contact Turk Telekom. Give them the traceroute. Tell them when you're lagging, that node is always not responding (and when you're fine, it's not).
    There's nothing else we can really do about it but wait for them to fix it.

  9. 17 hours ago, Xiao said:

    It seems like if somebody dies, or enters UTC and attacks the mob, it immediately gains maximum HP. At least this happened to my party :)

    This is what appeared to be happening when the server was initially started after the patch, but should've been fixed within the first 15min when we restarted it again.

    17 hours ago, Nath said:

    Can we properly discuss the matter now, instead of just getting a response like the one I quoted from Aesteris, please?

    You claimed that the only way it could be won is with GM assistance though, and there was no real GM assistance (you also posted it in the "shoutbox thread", which... well, for obvious reasons was never going to work out in the same way the shoutbox did).

    17 hours ago, BulletClub said:

    That’s just showing the low population of the server. Many changes have been made that upset people and they left. Unfortunately that’s just the state the server is in now. 

    With scaling (give or take the trash which we haven't made a decision on yet), it shouldn't matter how many participate (so long as it's 10+) at this point. The difficulty should be about the same, assuming everyone who attacks it continues to participate.

    We actually have 2 types of scaling implemented: combat (scaled when players get in combat with the mob) and instance (scaled on # of players in the instance).
    UTC bosses are combat scaled specifically with the intent of avoiding that extra abuse from people just jumping in and trolling people by not participating.

    17 hours ago, IIIAmJohnWick said:

    The thing is by the time the Gimmick Robot Boss pops up, their is also Ultima that spawns in colony zone. Alot of players leave for cz and then come back to UTC. This fluctuates the player base on top of the scaling HP regen that the bossess have. its understandable they are supposed to be harder but this is insane. :/

    Yeah, the Ultima spawn really should not spawn during the event. We'll look at doing that for sure.
    As for the scaling HP regen, scaling is new and this is something we didn't consider so we'll get back to you on that one, assuming this is even the problem you're describing.

    It may also just be a visual issue with the client and HP bar updates. Maybe because of the awkward delays mixed with health pool changes. Might be better to ensure it uses base health there always, since it has no need for specific health amounts. That way it shouldn't fluctuate oddly.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Razordagawd said:

    Nope, no transforms were used.

    Too lazy to upload, basically I was right outside elmorad gates, shooting some mages, then I got distracted and every orc turned on me, along some archers too.

    Respawned at elmorad castle town, np scroll was gone.

    The scroll was only removed on respawn? Are you able to trim that to before you die (whenever you still have the scroll) & respawn and upload that?

  11. Changelog

    • [Hotfix] Disabled the Meat Dumpling buff.
      • This buff is already baseline, these aren't supposed to exist.
      • The Meat Dumplings still in clan banks will be removed on restart.
    • Re-reversed and reimplemented stun rates as per 1.534.
      • Testing on USKO seems to indicate these haven't changed since.
    • Fixed a bug with events not consistently triggering auto-shutdowns.
      • This was caused by inconsistent disconnection/zone removal logic which is now correctly shared for consistency.
      • This should clean up a few other potential issues with various things not being correctly reset on zone change.
    • Fixed a bug causing items to break, so they were unable to correctly use bind-on-equip ("Item restoration failed") & sealed item functionality.
    • Added more extensive skill logging, specifically including interactions with persistent buffs (scrolls etc).
      • This should help us to track down any remaining bugs with these.
    • When the VIP vault key expires, items will now be moved to the inventory (where there is space available).
      • For remaining items, you will need to free space in your inventory and then relog as many times as needed.
      • Note that you can always just buy a new VIP vault key to avoid this entire obnoxious (mostly) official behaviour.
    • Tweaked item requirement checks for upgrades to allow other versions of the same requirement items (e.g. Trina's Pieces) to be used without having to be explicitly specified.
      • This allows us to use other more appropriate versions of these items instead of having to use expiration items for similar intended behaviour, if we so desire.
    • King elections will now only count unique votes.
      • This should avoid scenarios like this month's election where votes were extremely rigged. For this, we manually recounted votes and gave King to the player with the highest unique votes (Razor).
    • [Hotfix] As with other Power-Up Store items, the [Switching Premium] item can now also be traded.
      • We've had a lot of support requests regarding this one, where players didn't realise it couldn't be traded and wanted them refunded so they could purchase it on the desired character (sidenote: you can gift items via the Power-Up store so you don't need to do this!). 
        Since there was no logical reason this couldn't be traded in the first place (as with the other Power-Up Store items), this has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented us from correctly HP scaling Under the Castle bosses.
    • HP scaling for Under the Castle bosses is now enabled.
    • Reworked daily/weekly/monthly quest behaviour.
      • These will now be specifically reset at the appropriate time (and for those offline, when they next login).
      • Quests will no longer be silently removed. Instead, any progress made towards them will simply be reset so you don't need to retake the quest.
      • Quests pending turn-in will no longer be reset. Instead, you'll be allowed to turn them in even after the day/week/month ends and then pick up that day/week/month's quest.
    • Improved quest logs.
    • Fixed another bug with scaling of Under the Castle bosses (scaling amounts were off).
    • Fixed a bug allowing players who are not the King to use King weather commands.

  12. 9 hours ago, Sick said:

    115mbs DOWNLOAD

    35mbs UPLOAD

    [Steam's with 0 packet loss on a daily]


    I can afk any other game but I can't set a merchant up for 4 hours without gettting dc'ed here.

    > No one else is connected to my internet, Not downloading anything.

    > I am lan (not wireless)

    > I can afk on any other game and not come back disconnected.


    I mean now that I think about it..  Moradon is so damn empty even with merchants after a while. I can legit, slowly start see merchants dc over a short period.


    8 hours ago, BulletClub said:

    Some people have an issue where their char has to be moving to not get dc. Notice the people slowly spinning every 30 seconds or so. Or doing a shout macro will work also. 

    Could I get character names for both of these? These most likely originate from the server, unlike the above issue, so I should be able to see what's specifically causing that.

    The above issue though looks like Turk Telekom has issues at that time of night with that specific node -- I'll try to retest it tonight if I can to see if the same behaviour occurs, but if correct that's on them to fix. It will only affect traffic being routed through that node (probably international), which is why it's probably not noticed by everything.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Razordagawd said:

    Meh tbh I was hoping Aesteris showed up saying I was lying because this time I got it on video lmao.

    What video?

    Also all I got from his reply was that there's nothing else we can really do about it since there's no other info present, not that you were lying; the chances of us finding out how this was caused are very minimal considering the last time you reported this was a year ago.

    Having the logs available for the next time this does happen will help, but at the same time if it happens so rarely, we might not find what caused it until another year down the track.

  14. I've added a bunch of additional logging to the server for skills in general (and making a lot more of it enabled by default, instead of having it being opt-in for troubleshooting purposes), and added logging specifically for persistent buffs.

    So after today's restart, if this (or something similar) happens again give us a shout so we can go track down logs for it. :)

  15. Seems to be a problem with your ISP.

    During the period when it lags:

    image.png [] seems to have issues around that time.
    Afterwards it's fine.

  16. I'm closing this thread before more people jump on the "pls dont nerf" bandwagon.

    We have no intentions of changing anything at this point. We're still observing the effects of slows actually being useful on the majority of the server again.
    After the stun rates change goes out in the next patch (tomorrow), I'll take another look at the algorithm for slows to make sure it matches the official calc (because I don't trust my initial reversing of either of them), but at this time there's no intention of changing anything.