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  1. 31 minutes ago, Salvira said:

    This is actually exactly the opposite, the stun of the novas apply to some outside of it (out of range, but still getting stunned).

    It's actually exactly the same; since it's not targeted, the server's deciding who's in it, and it sees the people getting stunned inside it (and not others who may or may not actually be in it on your screen). Either way it boils down to the server seeing people in places differently to where you see them at the time the nova hits.

    31 minutes ago, Salvira said:

     What about getting kicked out of chaos after being dc'ed? Will that be changed?

    We don't intend to change this.

  2. 1 hour ago, Salvira said:

    You might want to read the pm's i've sent to you weeks ago with videos and everything regarding the bugs in chaos

    I was referring to anything that occurred with this patch, so I'll take that as a no.

    Refreshed my memory with the bugs you're referring to.

    You pretty much just said:
    1. Casting speed issues.
    This applies to anything with a cast time, so it's not just Chaos Dungeon related. I'm hopeful this will be fixed when we update to the current USKO version, which we're in the middle of as well (though we want to fix these other issues before we push that).

    2. Novas don't apply to everyone in them
    This is because the server may or may not detect they're actually in them at the time, which is something I'm actually improving as we speak for other things, but I don't expect this to ever perfectly represent what you see in the client. This sort've detection is kind've hit or miss with latency etc but existing logic for this really isn't in the best state either, so we should see an improvement even if it's not a perfect fix like we're focusing on for a lot of these other issues.

  3. Haven't found anything specific to poison skills, however we did find the Kurian model isn't scaled correctly. For some reason mgame rescale Kurians slightly (instead of just making that the base model size, as with other player models???). This too will be fixed on the next restart.

    Odd, but perhaps that's the problem you're experiencing. If you can give me the name of your character that was erroring (also one of the skills that you recall specifically failing) I can look into that more.

  4. Bug with Deva Bird applies to a bunch of other mobs/NPCs. We'll hotfix this soon so that should fix issues with attacks on NPCs/monsters that were failing outside the green circle.

    In the process of generally syncing this distance logic with the client, so on next restart we should also be fixing certain edge cases like ranges being slightly off in Chaos Dungeon (because instead of just using the new player model radius there, it overrides it with a hardcoded radius for reasons. mgame logic >_<), and apparently Kurian's "Rush" is being given too large of a range (so not a visible issue; it's allowing more than it should, but still a discrepancy between ranges so we'll be fixing that one too).

    The issue described above with Kurian poisons skills we'll look into shortly.

  5. The above video appears to be an issue with the edge of the allowed range. I'm aware of this issue and it's alleviated for most things; Deva Bird being such a large model is probably why you're noticing it here.

    I still need to see why that's still slightly off.

    3 hours ago, KissOfNeo said:

    I found i cant cast poison kurian skills on other kurian..   I tryed to use skill failed   then tryed same skill on mage  longer distance away and worked fine....

    That's interesting. How close to the other Kurian are you? I'm wondering if it's also a range issue we're dealing with here.

  6. 2 hours ago, Marshmallow said:

    Off topic: Kurian's divide been working a little different lately I think the reason is that when a Kurian divides a target lets say Ultima or Felankor, if another Kurian wants to divide the same target within 5 seconds, it gets bugged. which means you don't see cooldown on the skill and it'll take double or triple a normal cooldown time for it to re-use.

    I tweaked this just now, so it shouldn't let you cast while it's active on a target. Not too sure if we'll end up keeping it though.

    Additionally, issues with (mostly) melee skills should be fixed. Technically this also applies to the mage skills that were also listed, but as I'm not sure what the issue with those skills actually is (or hopefully, was?), there's at least a sliver of a chance they're fixed now as well.

    I'll look into those ones after, regardless.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Marshmallow said:

    I got the latest patch automatically then logged in game, tried Kurian skils divide, rush fails. Mage skills fail like this: I use instant magic, Igzination (success), Igzination (success), incineration(success), Fire Impact(success), FireTorn(failed), FireThorn(failed), Pillar of Fire(Failed), Fire Impact(failed), fire Impact(failed), fire Impact(failed), Pillar of Fire (success) fire Impact(Success) This mage skills failing been goin on for me since I began joining UTC with mage, I tested in CZ it's failing in the same pattern.

    Will check into that, but that's a different issue than the one being reported here (as a result of the last patch). That's my main priority right now.

  8. "All skills" are fine right now (generally speaking).
    Redownload the latest patch. Manually apply it if you have to.

    We updated some things but forgot to force the new files to be used, so the old files are technically still allowed (but incompatible).

    No idea what @Marshmallow is talking about as this patch came out today; if every single mage skill was failing every cast for an entire month I'm sure we'd know about it.

    Really, saying "everything fails" isn't helpful in the slightest. If you have a problem, I suggest you give actual details because exaggerating them doesn't help us fix anything.
    All it does is it blankets every single possible issue with any skill you may ever think of; that's not helpful information.

  9. This is an official client bug. 

    The client puts the skill on cooldown then determines there's no applicable item to consume so it doesn't send a packet to the server, so we can't fail it & reset the cooldown.

  10. Sorry, your character was temporarily banned while restoring items for a scam case. The ban was lifted once the transactions were reversed.

    You should have been unbanned some time ago.

    You should definitely be unbanned right now. :)

  11. Don't share your account.

    This is the single most common reason people are scammed. People have been scammed by their childhood friends, so do not ever think you will be the exception.
    If there's evidence of account sharing on your account, there's nothing we can do about any item loss that may occur.

    When transferring items to another character, ask a Game Master to help you do so.

    You can find a list of our Game Masters here (note: just the "Game Masters", nobody else).
    You can send them a PM and they'll be sure to help you out when they can.

    Pay attention to what's being traded/sold via merchant and their prices.

    Occasionally people will attempt to trick you with prices or similar items.
    Never assume the item is what you think it is, hover over it and make sure.

    When dealing with any sort of trade, discuss it in-game before the trade occurs.

    Stating the terms of your trade upfront helps us to see what's going on, and restore your items if you do still happen to get scammed.
    If you're just communicating out of the game (via Discord, etc.), we have no idea what the terms of your trade will be.

    So be safe and state it in-game so we can help you out if you do experience a problem with the trade.

    When trading characters, always trade them via [Cypher Rings].

    Never trade your account. Instead, seal your character and trade it in-game like any other item (following the above tips) to ensure a smooth and safe trade.