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  1. 2 hours ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    Hold on are u  drunk twostars :D?  I'm only talking about the regen not about that range my name is not MERET. I only quoted ur post about the recovery.

    I assumed you were referring to more than that because of your wording and its similarity with what I said in my post ("Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?").

    I'm sorry I don't understand your broken english.

  2. 45 minutes ago, YouGotPwndByMyAss said:

    Then you can think like how is it working really in usko?

    No idea what you mean by that because if you look at the relevant boss in the video you linked (at about 15 minutes in), you can see that it proves my point: only ranged can hit it.

    Aside from that, like I said, the "regen" issue is a thing we're aware of. We just don't know what it is yet.

  3. 2 hours ago, MERET said:
    • There is a boss one of stage but I didn't remember its name. Magician and archer class players can just attack it. 

    That boss is designed to work like that. It works exactly the same on USKO.
    I understand that there may be an issue with this behaviour and how loot works now, but it's something we're looking at separately. Boss behaviour is completely intentional.

    2 hours ago, MERET said:
    • We just obtain fragment from these bosses. There is no drop it from other monsters.  

    The trash gives useful crafting materials...

    2 hours ago, MERET said:
    •  Somehow bosses make a quickly recovery by itself when we try destoring them. That is meaningless if we labour and enjoy ApexKO. 

    This one I'm not sure about. It's acted fine/expected when we've tested it and monitored these events live... I'm pretty sure this has only ever been reported on the occasions we haven't monitored the event.
    Something we're looking into. Other than that I can't really say more.

  4. 9 minutes ago, DeBrogLIE25 said:

    kardeş ne diyorsun bizde ögrenek türkce de yazarmısın

    This is predominantly an english forum. Most of the staff don't speak Turkish, so please don't expect us to translate every single one of our forum posts for your sake.

    Use google translate or something if you have to.

  5. Hm. The change was intended for loot rewards mostly, but yes you're right, that's how it works.

    In terms of loot, you're wanting to be there regardless because there is still a range on it (even just the technical lootbox spawn range, i.e. it won't spawn if you're not there).
    For quests this is indeed less important, but you're also not going to be put in combat anymore until you're there. Hm.

    Will think about that one.

    Some cases, like this one, I feel like it should behave differently (e.g. for this, reward the entire invading/defending nation). For most others, I think this behaviour makes more sense.

    Edit: Might be better to just bring back putting the entire party in combat... but limit the range, so it's not abusable as it was before.
    That way if you're anywhere near the monument when someone in your party hits it, you'll be put in combat and get quest credit.