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  1. Changelog Fixed a bug with the tax UI not updating when changing Moradon's tax rate. Defensives will no longer proc on monsters.
  2. In order to quickly help you, we ask that you be mindful of a few things. This may seem obvious, but this is a constant issue with support requests. We do not read minds (I know -- right?!). This is not a skill we possess (yet). Until we learn how to read minds, we ask that you provide any and all information you can with the assumption that we have no idea what you're talking about and that we know anything about you or your character(s). If we have any reason whatsoever to ask you for further information, this is time wasted trying to help you (and remember: we may not always be on when you are, so requests may be delayed a bit because of timezones!) and your request has taken much longer than it needs to be dealt with. Simply provide this information upfront and we'll be able to help you without too much fuss. Account sharing We do not support this. We never have. Account sharing more often than not causes headaches for everyone involved. If you're scammed or your account info is changed, and account sharing is involved, we're extremely sorry but as much as we'd like to we absolutely cannot intervene. It simply confuses things to the point where verifying what actually happened becomes impossible a great majority of the time. We offer numerous account security options for you to use to prevent such abuse, which are not compatible with account sharing (for obvious reasons). Regardless of how well you think you know your friends. please don't risk it. The same sad story has played out far too many times (shared with thought-to-be completely trustworthy friends that they've known for many years, then that trust has been abused and the account's been scammed). Don't let that be you, please. It's really not worth it, all because you think it will never happen to you (this is what everyone else thought, too). So again: if account sharing is involved, we're very sorry that this happened to you, but we cannot help with your request. Account-related enquiries As this is a public forum, all details provided are accessible to everyone. As such, if you need help with an account-related topic (e.g. resetting your e-mail address, OTP, etc), please PM either Aesteris or myself. In this PM, please be sure to include all relevant information. This should at the very least include your account ID (the name you login with) and if possible, your seal password (8 digit code) and/or VIP storage password (4 digit code). It should also include the request itself (obviously), with as much detail as possible (just assume we know nothing about you or what you're talking about). For enquiries involving other information, please be sure to include that relevant info as well. For example: If you've lost access to your e-mail address and wish to reset it, you should be sure to include your current e-mail address and the e-mail address you wish to change it to. So an example PM might look like: As you can see, this PM provides everything we possibly need to verify your account and fulfil your request without us having to prompt for any follow-up information. In-game related enquiries In these cases, unless you consider the matter private (in which case, please PM Vivaldi, Aesteris or myself [preferably include all of us] in place of a post here), it's perfectly acceptable to post here. In this post (or PM), you should be sure to include your character name. We will not need your account ID for this unless your request involves your account (in which case see the above Account-related enquiries section instead). Additionally, it should also include the request itself (obviously), with as much detail as possible (just assume we know nothing about you or what you're talking about). An example post/PM might look like: Note that the above mentions exactly what was deleted and when. These details are especially important when dealing with item requests.
  3. Archers bugged?

    This patch is applied now. Please let me know if the issue still occurs.
  4. Minor Effect

    This is fixed in the next patch. Turns out it was broken on USKO too -- at least, the version we were using. They changed effect behaviour which broke a ton of effects and then fixed it in a later patch to only apply to some effects. The next patch updates our client to USKO 2.174, which fixes this.
  5. Changelog Updated ApexKO to be on par with USKO 2.174. This fixes various issues with effects resetting on cast, e.g. with Minor Healing. This should also fix issues with archery skills as they're very much effect-based, but as it's a little odd to reproduce in the first place we'll just have to play this one by ear. Added coin requirement to [Character Deletion] NPC in Moradon to limit potential abuse. Fixed bug causing some items to not expire correctly. Lunar Tattoos that did not expire because of this will be removed upon next login. Fixed the Delos & Moradon tax rate limits. It is now 20% (was 10%). Fixed a client hostility bug in Castle Siege War. It should behave correctly now. Magpie transformation scrolls These can now be used with Meat Dumplings (and other similar items). Their duration has now been increased to 1 hour (up from 30 minutes) to put them on par with other NPC transformations. The store has been updated as well (it previously stated 20 minutes [instead of 30], it will now state 1 hour). The King can no longer be sealed into a [Cypher Ring]. Banned characters are also now forbidden from doing so. Improved Ultima's & Felankor's drops. Improved [Ultima's Chest] rewards. Added [Tears of Karivdis] as a quest reward for the [Daily] Ultima Hunt quest.
  6. Archers bugged?

    It seems USKO broke a few effect-related things, like Minor Healing's effect (since the effects seem to reset now on cast). They fixed it in a later patch, so in the next patch we'll sync with that and see if this particular issue still persists.
  7. HELP ME

    Please PM me your account ID and desired new e-mail address.
  8. Changelog (follow-up patch) Fixed a bug with Castellan dungeon entry. Fixed Cospre Armor Voucher (5 days) expiration times -- these are now correctly 5 days. Halloween items are now all removed. Reverted Castle Siege War's scheduled time back to 8:00 PM (it was still being scheduled at our temporarily delayed time).
  9. Changelog Mage 75 armor skills now only proc on player hits. Fixed a timing bug with warps; it is no longer possible to bug your character if you happened to be warping extremely fast (note that due to its nature, this was an extremely rare occurrence). Fixed a bug with loading; when warping during loading, it could stop the client from loading and disconnect. This has been fixed. Entering Delos during its registration period with scrolls active will no longer fail them. Note that they were never actually removed (entering another zone restored them). Elections are now automatically stopped when there's no remaining candidates after a candidate Nation Transfers or deletes their character. Added the [Character Deletion] NPC to Moradon, next to both inn hostesses. You can use this NPC to delete any of your other characters. See here for more information. Added [Tattoo Artist] Kat to Moradon. You can purchase Solar Tattoos from her for 1bil coins. These tattoos last 7 days. Options editor: The version is now saved correctly. Added the "Blur (post-processing)" option for the in-game "Blur" setting. Added a warning when using "Blur (post-processing)" with "Anti-aliasing (FSAA)" options. This can cause major rendering bugs (particularly for nVidia users). Note: nVidia users still have the option of enabling antialiasing via their nVidia control panel (Manage 3D Settings -> Program settings). Using this with the "Blur (post-processing)" feature renders correctly. Website: Added support for tattoo slots and filled out magic bag slots. Updated all item icons. Fixed the website's timezone so things like "last seen <time>" are now accurate. Previously they were 5 hours off (so "last seen 5 hours, 5 minutes" instead of just "5 minutes"). Also updated the server's timezone listed on the website.
  10. Minor Effect

    Merged with the other thread. Also, since this is behaving differently to USKO we'll look into it. It's not intended, whatever's causing it.
  11. Update (12/11/2017): Deletions now cost 1bil coins (10GBs). This isn't reflected in the guide, but the NPC will prompt for this so be aware. As of patch 2.129, you are now able to delete your character once again (mgame removed the option with their UTC UIs). To do so, talk to the [Character Deletion] NPC in Moradon. They can be found standing next to the inn hostesses at 868,643 and 762,642. As the NPC tells you, you should first: 1. Remove the character from their clan and 2. Remove any items and coins that they may have. Note that if your character is the King, it cannot be deleted. Additionally, you are not allowed to delete banned characters. Once you've done that, you can press "Delete a character" to proceed. Select the character you wish to delete from the list and press "Confirm". Note that you cannot select the character you're currently logged in as. Input your seal password here. If you've forgotten it, you can have it resent to your e-mail address via the website. You will be given a [Cypher Ring], similar to the one given when sealing a character. Unlike the regular [Cypher Ring], it can be deleted but not traded. You'll also note that it has an expiration time on it (7 days from the time you received it); once this time expires, the character will be permanently deleted. If you delete this ring, you can still buy it back from [Grand Merchant Kaishan] in Moradon. You can do so until the expiry time listed on the ring at no cost. The character will only be permanently deleted once it expires. Note that unlike other items, the [Cypher Ring] will not be pushed out of the repurchase list as you delete / sell items. It will remain in the repurchase list until it expires. If you change your mind and wish to restore this character before the 7 days has elapsed, you can do so using the [Cypher Ring] via the character unsealing feature available at any inn hostess.
  12. Help me

    The situation is very different. If there's clear evidence of a scam then we can take action, but in this case it isn't even close. You have to remember that when dealing with these cases, we have to be aware of the possibility that the reporter is the one attempting to scam the other player via abusing our willingness to provide restorations in scam cases. With all the different PCs accessing the "scammed" account, and the fact that the majority of them also had access to the account that the items went to... it could mean any number of things. Account sharing makes it next to impossible to determine what happened. And yes, I fully realise that in the past there's been a few cases I've handled that were a little less than clear-cut -- back then, I just put my faith in them and hoped I wasn't making a terrible decision. Unfortunately, they've almost always gone terribly, as the situation is almost never what it appears. Which is exactly why I cannot intervene (I have to learn from my mistakes, after all). We have plenty of things to prevent this situation from happening: 1. We have 2-factor authentication (OTP). This is free and easy to setup. When registering, it even directs you straight to setup. 2. Item sealing. Unlike official, this is free. 3. Account region control (although in this particular situation, it wouldn't have helped much). They chose to avoid using our security measures, shared their account, and ultimately paid the price. I say this a lot -- sadly, after the fact -- but account sharing almost always ends badly. It sucks. I don't enjoy not being able to help, but speaking from (unfortunately, a lot of) experience, unless the case is clear-cut, it's most likely going to just cause problems.
  13. Help me

    We cannot help when account sharing is involved. When there's 4-5 different PCs accessing your account (within the last month alone), and 3 of those are tied to the account your items went to, it's not straightforward enough to do anything about. I can't help you. This is why we actively discourage account sharing.
  14. Fire/ice/light armor 75 mage skill

    This is fixed in the next patch (mage armor proc'ing on mobs).
  15. Blue Box bug ?

    This should be fixed now.
  16. Changelog Fixed some bugs with respawn logic incorrectly updating the dead player on other players' screens. Fix a bug with respawns not repositioning the dead player correctly, so they'd potentially end up respawning in place without a resurrection. Optimise some stat updates for 30% health & 30% stamina passive logic. In most cases, the player was being unnecessarily updated when no such change occurred (especially for Kurians, who don't even have a 30% health passive). Fixed a long-standing official (at least with older versions, not sure if they fixed it later) bug with merchant stalls not being loaded in certain scenarios (e.g. initially /town'ing - it required a further movement request to load them in). These are now always loaded correctly. Server time adjusted to match schedule. Fixed an issue with some players being able to gain access to the Castellan Dungeon when not in the Delos holder's alliance.
  17. Clan bug!

    Is this still broken?
  18. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    This is live now. Please let me know if your issue persists. Thanks.
  19. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    This way's infinitely better though.
  20. Hey guys, Since the last status update we've been pretty busy! We've updated the client to be on par with USKO 2.171, we've rewritten the King system, we've added Castellan Capes and the Castellan Dungeon, we've fixed a plethora of general bugs (present in the official client and otherwise), implemented Darkness item proc/effect behaviour (most notably the Dark Knight Mace, which behaves uniquely in that it allows players to heal enemies to deal damage), improved speedhack detection, and much, much more. Firstly though, our Halloween event! As of today's patch, the Halloween event will be over. It's definitely been a fun week. For the most part, I'd say the Halloween event went pretty well. The start was rocky as there was a ton of new behaviour that was implemented for this event (Darkness weapon procs/effects, new exchange behaviour, etc), as well as some issues with our updated speedhack detection, but we worked through it pretty quickly. Darkness weapons were a bit of a game-changer with PvP, but for merely a week of use (give or take some minor carry-over after the event), it definitely mixed things up a bit. Things should go back to normal soon, as these event items expire. The Halloween event also, however, made a fundamental problem with Knight Online's behaviour very clear. With the increased spawns in and around the CZ bowl, players with lower-end PCs / connections were struggling with warping (e.g. Descent and other teleports, like mage Blinks). Which is where our major gameplay optimisations come in. Knight Online has many problems. It's not the most efficient game, by far. Stuttering and lag is just expected of it at this point, unless your PC is reasonably high-end and you have a very good connection to the server (i.e. low ping). This isn't really true for a lot of people who play the game though. Especially with private servers, having a decent ping to the server can be very hit or miss. So when the server isn't at all efficient about its communications with the player (which it isn't!), it can result in sending a considerable amount more data to the client and forcing it to perform a lot of unnecessary work, which results in stutters and lag while the client slowly processes its requests. This week, such an issue was highlighted pretty clearly. With the increased spawns in and around the CZ bowl, players were finding increased stutter and lag -- particularly when using warps like Descent. The reason for this is actually pretty silly, but I need to explain how things work first to properly understand it. In Knight Online, maps are divided up into regions. Something like: Players can only see the contents of adjacent regions, like so: In the above, player A can only see player B, player C, player D, and player E because they can see regions (1,1), (1,2), (1,3), (2,1), (2,2), (2,3), (3,1), (3,2), and (3,3). They cannot see our perfectly accurate depiction of a worm over in region (4,4), because it is not in an adjacent region. So when player A crosses into region (3,3)...: As you can see, they can no longer see player B, player C or player D. We can still see player E in (2,3), and we can also now see the worm over in (4,4). This should all be pretty straightforward. Realistically, you'd expect it to despawn players/NPCs/monsters from the regions we can no longer see (those greyed out in the above image), and insert those in the regions we can now see (the darker yellow regions in the above image). That is, simply make the minor changes to what we know. The problem with its official behaviour is that it doesn't do this at all. Instead, it officially despawns everything and re-requests everything in its adjacent regions. Obviously this is extremely inefficient. In the example above, we already knew where player E was. Unfortunately, because everything was reloaded, it had to remove them and we had to be made aware of them... again. In addition to the worm which we previously couldn't see. This behaviour is pretty bad, but it's worse still for warps and respawning. Both of these not only fully reload when you move to an adjacent region, but every single time. For example: if you Descent to someone right next to you (for the purposes of this example, in the same region), it will still request a full reload of all players (+ merchant stalls), NPCs and monsters for all adjacent regions. Every single time. So, we were able to optimise this pretty heavily. We now specifically tell the client only what it needs to know. For adjacent region changes, that means who we no longer can see, and who we can now see. In the example above, this means telling player A that we can no longer see player B, player C or player D, i.e. all players/monsters/NPCs from regions (1,1), (1,2), (1,3), (2,1), (3,1). We also tell player A that we can now see worm over in (4,4). Anyone else still in our adjacent regions, for example, player E over in (2,3) remains unchanged. We have no need to update them whatsoever, so they no longer get despawned. For same region changes (e.g. warps), this means we no longer tell it anything -- because it just doesn't need to know. Player A can already see everyone in the region they were at and adjacent regions. They didn't change regions; there's no reason to look for anyone new. Sadly, requesting all data is entirely official behaviour. This was never purely a problem with ApexKO, or purely the server -- to fix it, we even had to patch the client to let us make these changes. But why are they so major? This all seems pretty trivial. It's so major because it's a ton of data the client was always processing, to the point where it having to unload and reload spawns (particularly when there's a lot of them!) causes very noticeable lag/stutter. Again, this is particularly evident with warps like Descent and mage's Blink, especially in highly populated areas (e.g. CZ bowl, especially with our pumpkins from the Halloween event!), but also of course when it's forced to do so from simply moving into another region. This also inadvertently fixes some other things. For example, since things aren't being fully reloaded on same-region or adjacent-region warps, or when they move into adjacent regions, nor finally when players are resurrected, loot boxes will also no longer despawn in these cases. Since loot boxes aren't actually game objects, and only exist when you're nearby to see it drop, full reloads previously removed them. But since there's no reason to reload, they're not actually removed anymore, so you can still see and loot them. I'm sure there's other behaviour related to this which it will clean up, but for now this will have to do. These optimisations should greatly improve gameplay from what you'd expect from even an official server like USKO. Completely removing that lag/stutter from most typical behaviour should be very noticeable and make the game that much smoother. Thanks again to those who reported the stutter with Descent. These reports are what allowed for some pretty nice improvements to overall game behaviour! How's the client source project going? Truthfully, with all the work on ApexKO in regards to its Halloween event and stream of bug fixes for surrounding patches, I haven't been as busy with it as I'd like. That should change though as things begin to stabilise again. Changes we've made since the last status update include: Cleaning up mouse input behaviour, to behave consistently and cleanly (this also deals with UI focus issues, so you can now, for example, click the chat UI/scrollbar and use the mousewheel to scroll the chat bar, or click back out into the game and return mousewheel behaviour to zoom in/out pretty seamlessly). Implementing UI clickthrough behaviour, for things like the chat bar. Cleaned up UI event behaviour for consistency. There was often cases where this inconsistent behaviour lead to various bugs. Finished implementing all of the King system. Implemented the friends list. Reimplemented chat behaviour. Implemented PMs. Implemented the chat bar buttons. Implemented chat filters. Item names are used consistently/correctly where needed. There were often cases officially, typically in messages in the info box where the wrong item name is used (specifically the name of the item's base), rather than the item's actual name. Updated the trade UI to behave as per 1.298 (with the confirmations, etc). Updated the vendor UI to behave as per 1.298 (with the confirmations, etc). Updated loading behaviour to more closely match official (where the load % is tracked, rather than updated at intervals). Implemented support for stealth / visibility (e.g. Lupine) skills. Fixes alpha blending issues with text and models (these existed in the official 1.298 client, but were fixed in later official versions). Clan symbols on capes now only show if the clan is allowed to use them. Purchase prices are now correctly coloured by price (as with newer clients). Fixed various UI input bug issues. Fixed double-click logic to behave on a per-control level, rather than per-click (i.e. making 2 clicks on 2 different things shouldn't trigger a double-click on the 2nd, e.g. with lists -- clicking one list entry then another rapidly shouldn't fire a double click event). Updates login screen error behaviour to behave as per 1.298. Fixes some issues with rivers / ponds not rendering. ... and more. In regards to major updates that are left, we still need to implement transformation support (and hence siege weapons), the rental system (although less important), Power-Up Store/in-game browser, quest tracking, etc. Hopefully when things are more stable with ApexKO, I can start to knock some more of those major features off the list and push it ever closer to a more complete state. What's next? Honestly, we still have a lot of our previously mentioned future goals from our last update left. Most likely the next thing we tackle will be implementing UTC, but we'll see what happens. With that game feature (finally!!) in, a lot of our secondary priorities can be looked at (in addition to getting more work done with the client source where possible!). Until next time.
  21. Changelog The Halloween event is now over. All Darkness weapons have been removed, as has the exchange. The EXP seal button no longer crashes the client when pressed. Fixed a bug with Castle Siege War scheduling, which caused it to be scheduled twice consecutively during the daylight savings time change. The server will no longer break on daylight savings time changes. Implemented several major unofficial optimisations to drastically reduce in-game delays: Movement to adjacent regions will no longer fully reload all players, merchant stalls, NPCs and monsters. Instead, we only remove what's no longer visible and only show what's now visible. Warping (/town, mage Blink, Descent, teleport skills in general, etc.) and respawning is now optimised such that: When warping to the same region, no changes will be made (previously, in all cases, all players, merchant stalls, NPCs and monsters would be reloaded). When warping to an adjacent region, as with movement, we only remove what's no longer visible and only show what's now visible. Only when warping to a non-adjacent region (e.g. when /town'ing from far away) will a full reload of all players, merchant stalls, NPCs and monsters be used. Fixed a bug that caused players to warp back (to where they warped) immediately after warping while moving (e.g. with the mage Blink skill). Fixed a bug with name changes: players are now correctly removed and updated in the player list.
  22. Exp Seal icon

    Fixed in next patch. Thanks for your report.
  23. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    We're almost finished with this. We ended up optimising even more than originally intended; movement (and respawning) also behaved in a similar same way. When crossing into adjacent regions, rather than removing players/NPCs/monsters that were out of range, and showing those that are now in range... it also performed a full reload. Likewise for respawning. This means we've been able to speed things up quite a lot more than we set out to. It should be a lot smoother, especially in areas like the CZ bowl. Tests have been pretty positive so far, so right now we're mainly just looking into a potential (separate but similar) issue with warps (edit: which is now fixed) and fingers crossed, it should be good to go in the patch tomorrow.
  24. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    For now, yes. It MOST LIKELY won't be fixed until the Halloween event's over anyway. We need to test changes and if all is well, it'll be released the same day the Halloween event is over. EDIT: The issue is the same for teleports. All warp behaviour acts the same. Note that there's not a lot I can do about warps if they're from far away. They will still lag if your PC/connection can't handle it. What we're fixing is the need to reload all player/NPC data if we're warped either to the same area or to an area very close by. In these situations (which should pretty much always be the case for things like Descent) there should be no delay at all.
  25. Descent bug since Halloween Patch.

    So you're saying it's laggy in CZ, where there's a ton of monsters (especially pumpkins, now), but not in CSW where it's pretty much the same as it's always been. That reaffirms what I already suspected; your PC and/or connection is struggling because of the extra spawns (players and monsters). I'm in the process of patching in these optimisations at the moment which should fix this. Note that there's nothing special about this behaviour with ApexKO. It should be the same on USKO; worse even, because it's probably more populated. So perhaps that's where connection lag comes in.