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  1. 14 minutes ago, Marshmallow said:

    Archers cast failing when range is too far. It should say "too far" but archer tries to cast arrows which makes the character to slow down.

    I just hotfixed this a short while ago.

  2. Latest patch notes can be found here:


    Please note that unless otherwise specified, these changes are not live and are subject to change before the next maintenance.

    As our last patch was pretty large, and changed a lot over the ~40 official versions, a few unforeseen problems did crop up.
    The following list we're aware of and have fixed, pending the next patch (which we'll release soon), so please report any other bugs you might come across until we do and we'll ideally get them all out in the one patch.

    Thanks for your patience & understanding.


    • Fixed Apex Point vouchers not being searchable in buying merchants.
      • mgame changed how these worked, so anything we've added to buying merchants in the past likely needs to be fixed. Our Apex Point vouchers were one such thing, but I'm sure there's others.
    • Fixed Battle Hero wings not showing in the client.
      • As these were custom (we made them able to be stored in your inn, which isn't possible officially), mgame's changes happened to break these as well.
    • [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug causing all debuffs (e.g. stuns & slows) to use a fixed rate of 100% instead of their regular rates.
    • [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug with Draki's Tower taking full stacks of [Certificate of Draki].
      • mgame seem to consider this item a consumable now (like scrolls). These behave differently. We're checking that this didn't happen to any other items.
    • [Hotfixed] Archery skills will no longer fail at their max allowed range.
      • This will be fixed properly with a restart, but for now it should no longer be a problem.
    • [Hotfixed] Rogue's stealth & Lupine eyes will no longer fail intermittently.
    • [Hotfixed] Attempting to upgrade using the [Blessed Item Upgrade Scroll] scroll no longer results in "does not match" error.
    • [Hotfixed] Wirinom's/Garges R attacks fail with "not facing the right direction or target too far" errors.

    Issues we're aware of & will resolve before the next restart

    • Attempting to upgrade certain accessories (example provided: "Ring of the Felankor") results in "does not match" error.

  3. Changelog

    • Warps should no longer ever break movement in any circumstance.
    • Chat obfuscation now only applies to public chat channels (and PMs). It no longer applies to clan chat (e.g. in Chaos Dungeon).
    • Fixed a bug with archery skill validation, which was now unnecessarily taking into account latency.
    • Fixed a bug with R-attacks not hitting when using Genie.
    • Updated ApexKO to USKO 2.211 (was 2.174).
      As this adds a configurable FPS limit, we're hopeful it will also resolve the random fast/slow casting of skills everyone's experienced for a long time now.
      Please do report back on whether things have improved for you or not in this regard!
    • Decreased cooldown and range (35m -> 25m) on Ignization skill
    • Tarantula's Tooth now rewards 100k coins instead of 200k.
    • Gab's Adamant and Gab's Blessing resistances at (+10) and (+11) reverse increased slightly (+3 and +5 respectively)
    • Kurian changes:
      - "Curse of Big unit Drakey" damage increased to 1000 (up from 500) and additional bonus damage changed to 5%
      - "Demolition of Devil" damage decreased to 1000 (from 2500), heal to party members decreased to 1000 (from 2500)
      - "Divide Armor" now no longer prevents Warrior's Defense level 80 skill from being cast while active.
    • Trophy of Flame is now no longer tradable.
    • The Holy Animor item no longer has MP recovery on it.
    • Archer's level 62 and level 66 skills no longer hit their target 100% of the time (we've pulled this in-line with official, where they hit their target 80% of the time).
    • Archer's arrow shower and multiple shot now apply 100% of R-attack damage instead of 110%.
    • Certain easily obtainable achievements no longer reward "Battle Hero Wing Exchange Coupon" until we've reworked achievements to be account-bound.

  4. A little before your original report, the server just passed midnight. Daily quests reset at midnight.

    Could this be why?

    We have reset triggers on:
    1. Warps (includes /town)
    2. Leaving the instance (includes logging out)
    3. Dying
    4. Daily resets.

    Considering the time, I feel like this makes the most sense.

  5. Character names would be helpful here to determine if you're being disconnected for any other reason.

    ~60-70ms is very good, so you're fine on that front. I'd check it again when you're having issues to see if it's spiking then.

    Is the client freezing (i.e. nothing happens, you can't click anything, etc.) or are you able to see people moving/warping from place to place?

  6. Was looking into it, and it appears everything adds up for TITANIUMAM's account (which I'm assuming you're referring to?). What would be very helpful is if you told me when and where you obtained the 500 KC voucher you used.

    With that I should be able to track it down for sure. :)

  7. Why on earth would I steal your KC? Especially after the incident a couple of days ago where I had to go through and manually restore for people:


    Instead of getting upset and jumping straight to accusing us of stealing from you, try having some patience and letting us check it out for you.

    With that having said, I've restored your KC for you. 

  8. Seems to be failing because of some recent tweaks to latency detection (which should no longer be playing any part in this to begin with).

    I've disabled that particular check for now until we fix it in the next restart, so let me know how it goes. :)

  9. 5 hours ago, IIIAmJohnWick said:

    I recently bought 100 Apex KC for 450m from a selling merchant. the characters name was OrcsNo1 (866, 650). Then when I went to [Vendor] Kaira to exchange the 100 apex kc voucher to reimburse my acc, nothing was added. Please help. @Aesteris@twostars


    Restored. Thanks for your patience.

    As for the other reports I'll be dealing with you slowly, so please be patient while I sift through everyone. Thanks.