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  1. As reported here:
  2. twostars

    Weapon effects not being removed

    This is an official client bug. Not sure what triggers it (deaths? depending on whether or not they get completely removed from the player's region on respawn maybe?). Official client bugs like this are something we won't really be looking into (at least not until the client source is viable -- and it may not even exist to begin with), so I'll close this.
  3. As reported here:
  4. twostars

    Buying merchant

    Closing this. In future please us this thread, thanks:
  5. twostars

    Merchant bug

    Closing. Please use this thread in future, thanks:
  6. twostars

    Same problem utc

    This will address this when it's enabled & tuned for these. As the patch notes say, that'll happen throughout the week.
  7. twostars

    Last update

    Yep. Just a false detection. Will see if we can get it to stop doing that, but it's safe to ignore.
  8. twostars

    Camera bug

    Obscure official client camera bug that won't be resolved until the client source in a working state. Closing this.
  9. twostars


    This is an obscure client bug that really doesn't matter too much. It's one of those things that's difficult to track down and then not really worth it after we eventually do, if it's even remotely feasible to fix. If this ever crops up when we're (eventually) using the client source I will gladly fix it, but until then I'm closing this issue.
  10. twostars

    Premium (Bugged)

    This should be fixed with party rewards distribution being fixed.
  11. twostars

    VR not reduced in few people FT

    Support is implemented and we'll be doing up changes over the week, so Forgotten Temple (and hence, Volcanic Rocks) should get done this week. Closing this.
  12. twostars

    UTC Rings Upgrade Problem

    These are upgradeable as of the last patch. Thanks for your patience.
  13. twostars

    Patch notes (06/04/2018)

    Changelog Fixed some bugs with NP/XP distribution amongst parties. This should finally address the issue with gaining 0 NP from Atross/Riotes. Implemented support for mob HP scaling. This will be used for things such as Ultima spawns, and events like Forgotten Temple & Under the Castle to allow for varying player counts to attempt to keep a consistent difficulty no matter when you're playing. Note: This won't be in effect immediately; we'll be setting these up live throughout the week, so hopefully by the end of the week our important events and such will have scaling enabled and tuned appropriately. Special note: drains will still operate on the base health, not the scaled health (drains are already OP enough). All this means is they'll still do the same amount of damage they did before. As with USKO, stealthed rivals will now continue to show their marker pointing you directly to them. Various Under the Castle uniques are now upgradable. Pontus' Ring, Belt and Pendant upgradable to (+3). Ararat's Ring, Belt and Pendant upgradable to (+3). Taurus' Ring, Belt and Pendant upgradable to (+3). Reworked threat table behaviour. Previously, if you were in a party with someone who attacked an enemy, you would automatically be put in combat with this enemy. This was done primarily to address priests who might not directly attack targets, instead buffing/healing party members who were. Now, any player to player interactions (buffs/debuffs, heals, attacks) put you in combat with the same enemies the target is in combat with. This means that idling in a party isn't enough to reward you for party kills anymore. You must be active & involved in those kills. For everyone else, there should be no difference. You will be rewarded just the same. This should address the issue with people idling in Under the Castle for rewards. The Meat Dumpling NP gain is now baseline. This allows for the use of other buffs, such as those available from the <Spirit of Logos> NPC. The Meat Dumpling item is removed as a result. Fixed a bug with <Spirit of Logos> spawns. This means they now correctly respawn in a random location every hour. As above, because the Meat Dumpling buff no longer exists to stop them, the <Spirit of Logos> buffs can now be correctly obtained. Disassembled items are now able to be repurchased for 300mil. If you've accidentally disassembled the wrong thing, now you're able to recover it yourself! Going forward, Castle Siege War rewards will be locked to the clan. Leaving the clan after winning the event will permanently remove your rewards. This change is designed to deter players from joining a clan primarily to be rewarded before leaving after the event. Loyalty, yo. Under the Castle weapons are now upgradable to (+11) reverse. From this patch onwards, players who've been kicked from or have left a clan without a [CONT recovery] item will now be able to purchase one from the Power-Up Store and recover their lost clan CONT from [Clan Manager] Adelia in Moradon. This is one of those things that we've had many support requests for over time, so this should help you guys out! Fixed a bug with teleports in Delos. Teleporting near the crystal often failed to load in NPCs (and the crystal). This started happening sometime after USKO released their new Castle Siege War event by introducing extra logic which managed to completely break this. Fixed an exploit with certain quests. The couple of people who were abusing this to generate coins were banned. Seriously, if you find a bug, just report it. We WILL find out and you'll just end up banned if you don't. Repeat exchange quests will no longer attempt to turn in more than you can be rewarded for. This would previously result in the player potentially losing out on certain rewards (coins, etc.) when exchanging too many at a time.
  14. twostars

    Fix the stun rates

    We recently (within last few weeks) went back and redid the algorithm based on current USKO rates, but it doesn't quite line up yet with expected results. So, it's in limbo until it does.
  15. twostars


    You've been refunded. Thanks for your patience.
  16. twostars


    These were event rewards you obtained after the 9th which had expiration times (see patch notes for that change). They were bugged and didn't expire until now. That's why they were removed.
  17. twostars

    Buying merchant

    Well, that one we didn't. But we've added various things like mats, armours, etc. Some pots. And obviously our KC vouchers and the like.
  18. twostars

    Tears / Trinas expiration date.

    No, I was just explaining half of the reason for it. Items in KO with different properties need to be entirely new items (i.e. with new IDs) otherwise. Which isn't really feasible when it comes to anything upgrade-related, since it inadvertently means generating a whole bunch of new data (unless we added an intermediary mapping for this, but that's something we'll have to consider doing for later).
  19. twostars

    Spirit of Logos?

    1. Collision issue is dealt with, now that Meat Dumplings are no longer a thing (because their NP gain is baseline, i.e. no NP loss). 2. The respawn time has actually always been an hour, however the spawn was bugged. That's fixed in the next patch. So that much is no longer an issue. 3. It really doesn't need a 4th option. There really isn't all that much more that's really useful for PvP anyway. Considering this report resolved.