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  1. There's a huge difference in removing the blinking and allowing them to manually do so. Enabling the command to be used as such is opt-in. If in the situation they don't need the protection it offers and want to get right back into the action, they are free to do so. If on the other hand they do (because they're being killed at spawn, for example), removing the protection entirely makes the entire experience even more frustrating than it already is; there's nothing those respawning can then do about it. They have no window to get away. So disabling it entirely is certainly out of the question. Right now I don't think we'll be reworking the command to behave like that, either, but I'm on the fence about it... so like I said in my previous post, we'll see.
  2. Realistically the one we'd enable is /view, as /unview is intended to hide you. We'll see.
  3. Lost nps

    What was your character's name?
  4. wrong purchase from PUS

    This has been done. Thanks for your patience.
  5. wrong purchase

    This has been done. Thanks for your patience
  6. List of bugs 2017

    Fair point, we can allow the magic component only then. Right now I believe it's failing to let them cast full-stop to avoid wasting mana/cooldowns. Can remove that so it casts and simply fails to do damage for the relevant components.
  7. Changelog Fixed a regression with the regular version of old accessories named the same as the olds (i.e. Old Diamond Ring, instead of Diamond Ring, etc.). Fixed a regression with [Sealed items]. These are now correctly renamed back to [Unbind Items] and their visible purchase price corrected back to 1.1mil. Fixed a bug with auto clan contributions: the server was previously contributing part of the National Points refunded to a player when leaving/being kicked from a clan. The time remaining (seconds/minutes, etc) portion of mute notices is now translated for Turkish players. Fixed a bug with clans: kicking a player from a clan as they login will now correctly fully remove them. Any players previously bugged because of this are now fixed. Overkill damage is no longer counted for NPC/mob reward handling. What this means is, mobs can no longer be KS'd if the user dealt more damage with their hit (regardless of how much health the mob actually had left) than anyone else previously contributed. It now only counts effective damage. Fixed a bug with respawn logic: some movement checks weren't being reset properly here, so players could bug out and be unable to move. [Hotfixed] Skills with magical components now apply the associated magic damage (but still not the physical damage) while Gab's Adamant is active. This fixes skills such as the staff skills being blocked.
  8. List of bugs 2017

    As for this, it's just a regression with the name, that's all. In USKO the names are screwed up (still). We fixed that a while ago but I missed that when updating our data to current USKO. The only issue here is the name, which will be fixed in Friday's patch.
  9. List of bugs 2017

    Ah, yes. You're spot on here. Overkill is being counted right now. Edit: This has been fixed for Friday's patch. Because we don't tend to implement things based on speculation, and the way it works now is entirely logical (even by KO's standards). Staff attacks are physical; they're defined as such by the game (not us). Gab's blocks physical damage... which staff attacks are, therefore they're blocked. If USKO behaves differently, it means it's forcing an exception for these which is unlikely, but possible. If you can provide proof that it works like this, please do show it -- we've prompted for it in the past but nobody's as of yet actually proven this behaviour.
  10. wrong purchase from PUS

    This has been done. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Returning after long time - disable OTP?

    Please PM me your username and anything you can remember about your account. Thanks.

    Yep. I tracked this one down semi-recently. If you close/hide the signup window, if another event signs up afterwards the signup UI won't show. The whole thing bugs out requiring a relog to fix this. It's an official client bug that I'll see if I can deal with when I get a chance.
  13. Changelog [Hotfixed] Chaos Dungeon now rewards [Tears of Karividis] to the top 3 players. [Hotfixed] Fixed the invasion quests rewarding [Red Potion]. These can now be correctly turned in again. Added vouchers for 2,000 and 5,000 Apex Points. Added more aggressive auto-muting in Moradon. Mute notices are now also shown in Turkish. Orc Bandit Leader has now returned to Ronark Land, with a chance to drop [Trina's Piece]. Riote's name has now been reverted (from "Lyot"). War commanders are now correctly assigned when the war ends early and moves into the invasion stage. Fixed a bug with Clan Nation Transfers: side characters of offline characters should now be updated correctly, so as to not cause them to appear to no longer be in the clan (and hence fail accepting the nation transfer).
  14. Can't launch the game - Application Error

    This has been dealt with.
  15. Can't launch the game - Application Error

    d3d9.dll probably doesn't exist in your client folder. This tends to happen when it's deleted or blocked by an antivirus/Windows Defender, otherwise I don't know why it wouldn't be there. So, check that it exists there first. If it doesn't exist there, you'll want to reinstall. If it still doesn't exist, something on your end is removing it. If it IS there, it may be that it's not launching from that client folder (the launcher can sometimes do weird things and attempt to launch from another Knight Online client you have installed). This isn't really a solution for this, but a temporary workaround to test this but you can try this but you can: right-click KnightOnline.exe in your client folder, click "Create shortcut", right-click on the shortcut it created click "Properties" in "Target:" add "E03ED890-8E94-4B42-B1C5-3CDA401AA9C2" to the end (with a space between it and .exe), so it should look something like (the quotes are intended): "C:\Program Files (x86)\ApexKO\KnightOnline.exe" E03ED890-8E94-4B42-B1C5-3CDA401AA9C2 hit "Apply", "OK" and then try starting it from the shortcut. If this works, the launcher is probably indeed getting confused and trying to start from another client folder. Offhand I'm not sure what to do about this, but the above should let you get ingame for now (you just won't be forced to go through the launcher... so you'll have to remember to update). If that still produces the same error, then I may need to take a closer look on your PC. If you can PM me Teamviewer details so I can check it out personally that would be appreciated.
  16. SweetKiss

    So. The video shows it disables scrolls for 1s (because this is how it removes buffs -- it applies a debuff to replace non-persistent buffs for 1s and then it's removed and the player has the buff removed) and then because official's stupid and scroll recovery is stupid, restores some of their health. I don't see how this is a huge difference here. The HP thing is something we've already addressed in the past regarding scrolls, so that's not going to happen here. Disabling scrolls for 1s is merely a byproduct of buff removal. I don't think it makes any difference to gameplay whatsoever to have a window where they have less health for 1s, considering the fact the proc is entirely random (and a very low chance). If it were like, 3s or something reasonable then sure, but as-is I don't think there's any reason to change behaviour.
  17. lost 2k kc to NPC

    Your KC was restored. Thanks for your patience.
  18. Multiple servers will never work. People keep suggesting this, but as @Onetrueidol said, it's not even remotely feasible. We simply don't have the playerbase to support it. All you're really suggesting is killing off the server in its current state (because nobody would even play the current server anymore with a second server being opened) and opening a second one... which is effectively the same as just relaunching. As we've stated repeatedly in the past, we have no plans to relaunch. Topic closed.
  19. List of bugs 2017

    The distance is defined as 100m in the server, which is far beyond any skill limits. Are you sure that this is what's happening? Edit: Whereabouts was this happening? I'm curious as to what the terrain was like since we're using 3D distance checks for this.
  20. Changelog Fixed up some dodgy signup involving participants and their parties. This specifically fixes issues like being in the event party while not being in the zone (which could be repro'd by loading into another zone as the event attempted to teleport you there). In addition to the above, cleaned up server teleport logic in general so as to wait until after you load before teleporting you, so you will always be forced into the zone it expects (this way you can't miss out on anything!). Also, with the way things work now this fixes some potential consistency issues which may have caused players to not immediately be disconnected from the game (i.e. requiring you to disconnect yourself when relogging). Finally, the client will no longer receive excess notifications while loading in, which should fix client crashes experienced while teleporting to the event.
  21. Sorry, but this isn't going to change. Closing this thread.
  22. about refund

    This voucher was exchanged for the Oreads fairy. No refund is possible here. Thanks for your understanding.
  23. Unusable pus item bought

    Removed & refunded.
  24. Changelog Apexis Chest: rewards updated. Blue Treasure Chest: rewards updated - they now drop Shells (+8). Green Treasure Chest: rewards updated - they now drop Shells (+8). Ultima's Chest: updated - they now do not drop Shells (+8). Chaos Event's rewards updated for winners: 1 x Tears of Karividis Krowaz Chest Removed Red Treasure Chest from Border Defense War. [Hotfixed] Old Draki's Supply Box: improved its rates by cleaning out useless contents. [Hotfixed] Superior Draki's Supply Box: improved its rates by cleaning out useless contents.