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  1. DrManhattan TEST

    Alright, that's more than enough of this. This entire situation has gotten quite out of hand. At this point, the alleged scam (that's not been directed towards us, whatsoever, mind) is none of our concern. What is, though, is the constant back and forths of insults and accusations. There's no need for any of it. You guys have gone way too far. Either be civil or don't bother posting at all. Consider this a warning to all. I don't care who you are or your reasons for doing so: I won't tolerate it here.
  2. Please do, since I don't see anything wrong with the marketplace example and the bug report one isn't usually an issue since we deal with that already.
  3. List of bugs 2017

    Okay, I'm a little confused as to what the problem actually is here. 1. The NP reward is only divvied up between the party members in this case. Its NP distribution is handled independently to regular mobs/NPCs. 2. As it's independent, it has nothing to do with their damage contribution. So with these misleading assumptions out the way -- are you saying then that the reward is simply very small?
  4. I think the above 2 cases are perfectly fine, to be honest. Regarding bug reports, when those are fixed they're usually moved into the archives section. Some of the recent fixes may not be, but I'll get on top of it.
  5. Party Heals Fail Upon Teleportation

    I had trouble reproducing this when it was brought up recently, but I think this only happens if you're teleported mid-cast. The existing cast will fail, and then the next cast will also fail -- unless you wait a sec (and/or move?).
  6. item gone

    Character name?
  7. Changelog Chaos Dungeon: now only rewards [Voucher of Chaos] to players with 10+ kills. While Gab's Adamant / Blessing is active, skills will again outright fail casts, preventing mana / cooldowns from being used. Fixed a bug with the King system, which should fix human elections for next election. Also, nominees will no longer be able to Nation Transfer themselves or their clan. They must resign their candidacy first.
  8. Help me , I wrong purchase from the pus

    Refunded. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Wrong purchase from the PUS

  10. Wrong purchase from the PUS

    Take the voucher out of your mail and sit it in your inventory. Easier to refund it that way.
  11. Sorry, I don't see any transactions on your account, on our end or Gate2shop's. Please send me a PM with any info about the transaction that you have. Thanks!
  12. Alliance bug

    What's your clan's name?
  13. This is not true at all. You're talking about different players here. One of whom who was banned for a week for this (and has, to our knowledge, not done so since). We appreciate your reports but please don't make assumptions. We can see who's who, so there's no need to try and do our work for us. The player in question's been dealt with.
  14. List of bugs 2017

    The reason this changed is because outright blocking casts prevented damage from the non-applicable parts of the skill from being applied. e.g. In regards to Gab's (blocking physical damage) with staff skills; the physical portion would and should fail (i.e. do no damage), but the elemental damage should go through. However, this also means that because these are no longer failed upfront, the mana/cooldown protection is now removed -- so they go through but do no damage. This I personally feel is a lesser issue, as that's more on the player, so it's the preferred behaviour for the time being until we can sort this mess out. As you can see, it's a bit of a touchy issue that I think has been rather overcomplicated from the start. We intend to test this properly officially to quell any previously made assumptions here that're causing this (hopefully) unnecessary complexity (either that, or it really is intended to behave so inconsistently and well, that's also fun I guess), since it's been quite a while since this was initially implemented. Also: skills shouldn't be cancelling when no damage has been done. This behaviour has not changed, so I suspect that if a skill failed, it did so for another reason (e.g. the odd animation speed issues; sometimes they're not cast fast enough to be obvious).
  15. Changelog Updated Eslant's map. Updated Delos' map. Fixed Maestro pots bypassing the Diet curse. Menissiah's Official List Coupon [1hr] is now rewarded to winners of the Forgotten Temple event. Ronark Land's Balrog, Booro, Doom Soldier and Evil Wizards now drop Hepa's Weapons at +7 but at a reduced rate.
  16. Yes, currently if you equip 2, you will have double the chance to proc. In saying that, it will only ever proc 1 of the 2 at a time though.
  17. Cannot fully connect to the game

    Unfortunately there's little I can do about this unless I can deal with the person actually experiencing the issue. I'd need to check their account / IP to see what's going on with them.
  18. wings disappear

    Looked over your logs to see which wings you were talking about, and you're referring to Wing of Hellfire Dragon Exchange Coupon (5 days), right? As indicated by the name, they only last 5 days. They expired on the 14th.
  19. While we appreciate the suggestion, we won't be implementing this. Thanks for your understanding.
  20. Lost nps

    I didn't ban anyone for this. I haven't even went hunting for your log yet since you were fairly vague about when it occurred. :/ We did however ban a handful of people who'd been cheating, but that has nothing to do with this thread. They should create their own thread.
  21. Lost nps

    When was TheBeast kicked? Who were you intending to kick?
  22. There's a huge difference in removing the blinking and allowing them to manually do so. Enabling the command to be used as such is opt-in. If in the situation they don't need the protection it offers and want to get right back into the action, they are free to do so. If on the other hand they do (because they're being killed at spawn, for example), removing the protection entirely makes the entire experience even more frustrating than it already is; there's nothing those respawning can then do about it. They have no window to get away. So disabling it entirely is certainly out of the question. Right now I don't think we'll be reworking the command to behave like that, either, but I'm on the fence about it... so like I said in my previous post, we'll see.
  23. Realistically the one we'd enable is /view, as /unview is intended to hide you. We'll see.
  24. Lost nps

    What was your character's name?
  25. wrong purchase from PUS

    This has been done. Thanks for your patience.