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  1. A few bugs/issues

    Are you still using the old client or did you reinstall? I say this because there's a flaw with mgame's data system in that data is never be replaced, only added to, which means their files can only grow. I fixed this in an experimental launcher but we never released it. Reinstalling though will reset it back to a nice clean state (I made sure to clean these when releasing the new client). Specifically, if your object\object.src file is huge, that's probably why it's struggling. Could you check its size for me? Mine's about 295MB. It should be fixed for the next restart. I'm just trying to figure out where the inventory plays into it, because I could manage to break the inn, but not the inventory.
  2. A few bugs/issues

    Alright, will look into it. Thanks
  3. A few bugs/issues

    Hm. Is there anything you can remember doing before/when it got stuck? Every detail's important. We've been unable to reproduce this one, so there's evidently something we're missing.
  4. A few bugs/issues

    No, we removed its cast time to match orcs.
  5. Changelog Fixes a server performance issue introduced by the last patch. Fixes a bug with the King's clan not being identified correctly, causing things like Clan Nation Transfers to error (if you're particularly unlucky). Mostly updated bulletin boards, which should fix it crashing the client (unless the bottom 2 panels will still cause it). Only the 2 bottom panels (for war / PVP heroes) aren't quite updated yet, but they'll be fully updated soon. Also fixed a few issues with bulletin boards ranking people oddly (first player was ranked 10th, second 1st, etc). Blame mgame's odd indexing logic. >_<
  6. Changelog Fixes a bug with when the election stage is scheduled to start, causing it to start an hour earlier than intended. The "Inevitable Muderus" skill is now correctly usable on human side. Players will no longer ever be prompted to vote when they've already done so. There was a case where this was possible when we reloaded the schedule info, but this is fixed now. Castellan capes can now be reset when buying another cape. Implemented some experimental anticheat behaviour to better detect speed hacking, etc. We'll be monitoring this to see how it runs. Dark Dragon's respawn time has been reduced.
  7. white squares please help

    "today i wake up game was crashed, got it working," How did you get it working? It seems like this may be what caused this. I'd suggest reinstalling, as this seems to indicate files are missing.
  8. Changelog Ronark Land will now be closed during Castle Siege War. Delos gates can no longer be destroyed while the Castle Siege War is not active. Players nominated for King no longer need to turn down their nomination before they're allowed to Nation Transfer; this is done automatically. Castellan dungeon: Added an extra Tarantula to each spawn. Increased the Tarantula respawn rate. Reduced Tarantula's XP. Fixed mobs not aggroing appropriately in the Castellan dungeon.
  9. Oyuna giriş yapamıyorum.

    Also you can only use the ApexKO client (https://www.apexko.com/download). I see you've been trying to connect to our server using another client (or an old one?), but it's not compatible so we don't allow that.
  10. Oyuna giriş yapamıyorum.

    Windows Defender does this too.
  11. Oyuna giriş yapamıyorum.

    Add KnightOnline.exe to your antivirus' whitelist/exclusion list.
  12. Changelog Battle Hero wings (Wing of Hero) can now be stored. Wing of Hellfire Dragon Exchange vouchers can now be traded. Belt of Quickness & Old Belt of Quickness can now be found via the buying merchant search feature. Tweaked clan nation transfers: If you've transferred your clan within the last 48 hours, you can now choose to immediately transfer your clan for 2.1bil coins (21GB). The base cost for transfers has also been raised to 1bil coins (10GB). You can now store any number of Cypher Rings at a time. This was previously disabled due to client bugs, but seeing as mgame have fixed this at some point, we've re-enabled this. Fixed a bug with some warp points taking you to coords 0,0. Applicable items no longer show the "can be traded after 72 hours" warning (which we haven't been using for a while). GMs running the Kill the GM events should no longer be affected by any Krowaz curses. Castellan weapons received from the quest are now +8 (was +6). Increased the drop rate of Dragon Scale, Trial and Mythril armor in Ronark Land.
  13. Looking into it, this seems to be an issue with our payment provider. I've forwarded this issue to them, so hopefully we'll get a resolution soon. Thanks for your patience.
  14. Castellean weapon quest is bugged

    This is fixed.
  15. I know you tried this already, but the easiest way to fix this is reinstall. It will fix your issue this time. Sorry that it took so long to get sorted.
  16. TL;DR: If your client is bugged, reinstall (even if you tried reinstalling before, just do it). Hey guys, Patches 2.117~2.119 introduced a lot of new, major, (potentially) breaking changes. After releasing, we encountered: Magic bag slots not behaving correctly. Anyone who tried to move a bugged item in their magic bag probably has that item in their tattoo slot now, but since it only happened to a few people who encountered this when we initially set the server up, and the item can be moved back out without affecting anything, we didn't bother to revert these. Genie no longer being free (or more specifically, it wasn't giving you the points to use it). Return of some targeting issues which affected skills like minor healing. This wasn't actually caused by this patch specifically, but a setting USKO added a while back (2.08x) which they've tinkered with a few times since. Client freezing when using in-zone warps (e.g. Boatman). These were all fixed. Additionally, as is always the case with patches, players tend to have issues updating for various reasons -- usually Windows permissions (i.e. when not running as Administrator), or important patch files being deleted or blocked by antiviruses (including Windows Defender, because ApexKO's folder needs to be added to its exclusion list). Having said that, this patch caused update issues for an entirely different reason: we hit 32+ patches. The problem with this, is mgame's launcher is designed to only download 31 at a time. For players installing/reinstalling, as of patch 2.117, you would have more than 31 to download. By itself, this is fine; it downloads the first 31, the launcher closes, and it should continue -- only it doesn't, because it's saving the latest version (2.120) in server.ini, instead of the last installed version (2.116). So it downloads 2.116, it closes and says the client is now at version 2.120. It's not, because it's still missing 2.117~2.120. Trying to start it obviously breaks for various reasons (invalid TBLs, outdated client version, etc), since it isn't actually up-to-date. Ouch. To fix this, we've done a few things. We've merged all of the prior patches (patch 2.084~2.120) into one ~87MB patch. This doesn't include anything that could be flagged by an antivirus, so you won't ever need to redownload it. The files that could trip your antivirus (please add ApexKO's folder to your antivirus' exclusion list!) are in patch 2.121, which is much smaller, in case you do need to redownload them. Anyone using the 2.083 installer or any client version prior to 2.120 will be brought up to date. If your client is bugged, you will need to reinstall -- even if you've reinstalled previously. All of the patches are in one, so you won't experience the same issue and your client will be fixed. We've also updated the client installer to 2.121 for new players. Download links are available on our website at https://www.apexko.com/download for Google Drive, MEGA, and MediaFire. Finally, we fixed the launcher's versioning behaviour in 2.121+. So in the future, if we ever do exceed 31 patches again, nothing will break horribly like it did this time. ... and there we were, worried about the major changes in the new 2.167 client breaking things. Pfft. Nope, the bigger problem was having too many patches. Okay. As always, thanks very much for your patience and understanding as we worked to resolve these issues.
  17. A few bugs/issues

    This has also been fixed for the next restart & client patch.
  18. A few bugs/issues

    Tweaked Boatman for the next restart; it'll no longer force a load screen when using it. I couldn't reproduce the slow load times, but there's no reason it should have even be doing that. Hopefully that should address the issues with it.
  19. A few bugs/issues

    Looking into these.
  20. A few bugs/issues

    There's no excuse for this with the patch. If you've minimised it, the icon will stay minimised as you've left it (I agree, it's not ideal, but it's better than breaking such that you can't even restore it). Additionally, you get notices in chat and scrolling announcements at the top telling you when a given event's signup is up, so you can pay attention and restore it accordingly. Or relog if you forgot how to restore them.
  21. ROGUE MINOR BUG!!!!!!!

    This has been fixed. Once the server's restarted it'll be applied. Edit: It's been restarted.
  22. Try right-clicking Options.exe, going "Run as administrator" and then when it's loaded, set the version to 2116 there and hit "Save". Then run the launcher.
  23. Open up server.ini, change it to the following: [Server] Count=1 IP0=login.apexko.com [Version] Files=2116 [Join] Registration site=https://www.apexko.com/ [IncludeExe] Last=2087 Then run the launcher. It should download & extract all 3 patches and update you to 2.119.
  24. why in lfc disconnected help pls :S

    Both of these issues are now fixed. Thanks for your patience. :-)
  25. Our future client project...

    This is by far our most exciting -- and promising! -- project, and one that I've been spending every possible moment on lately. Why is this project important? Firstly, before I get into anything, I should explain why the client source -- and this project -- is important. It's essentially useful for 2 things: being able to more easily fix things ourselves, and giving us the option to literally do anything. I can't stress this last part enough. With the server, we have some means of creativity; but anything we could implement has to find a way to have this deal with the client in a suitable manner. Having the client source removes this limitation entirely. Our server, our client. We can do whatever we want with it. We need a new UI? We can make one and add it in. Imagine the possibilities. Regarding fixing things, right now we rely on official updates from mgame; our update process revolves around using their code and adding in our patches (each time) to fix their issues (that they haven't yet fixed themselves). Each update we hope that they've actually fixed things that we've yet to fix for them (manually, with assembly, which is a considerably more daunting and time consuming task for us than it is for them with the client source). Changing a single line of code for them, may take us a few hours to do manually via assembly (having to track down where this logic is, etc). And now some history... If you're not aware, there exists a set of leaked (official) source files for ~1.06x (for the server AND client -- as well as their development tools) from way back in 2002~2003. This was before its first released version, and before anything was actually implemented properly, but it's still a tremendously invaluable resource as a lot of things still are handled similarly -- if not the same -- even now in 2.1xx. So way back during server development (~2013) I explored updating the client source. I updated it to support the various new file formats, and had it connecting to our server -- compiled for 1.298 -- since UI behaviour is a lot closer (less of a jump, means easier to get in and mess with things without having to update literally everything to get to that point). I implemented capes, symbols (rendering and importing them via the UI), premium stuff, PM windows (because again: this was back before PM windows even existed!), loot boxes, and a bunch more. Eventually I moved on to play with 2.0xx, but quickly lost interest for a few reasons: there was a ton more to do, we were very busy with server development still (so this felt like wasted time), and well, at the time I was doing it solo, so I felt like it was too much of a monumental undertaking to attempt at this point in time. Aaaaaand now skip to this year (2017) The server's in a very good place, to the point where major server development is few and far between now (usually just bug fixes at this stage), and the OpenKO project happened. If you're not familiar with the project, they set about messing with the client source as well in an attempt to update it while learning how things work. This piqued my interest, and I became involved with it for a bit. Many hands make light work, after all. However, my experiences with open-source KO development have taught me that it's... well, a terrible idea (blah blah working alone blah blah spoonfeeding people blah blah people complaining about things not being implemented while at the same time selling it for their own personal gain blah blah... you get the idea), so I took the opportunity to ask those who were actively contributing about doing so in a private repository. Surprisingly (or maybe not?) that went over quite well. I should add that the project isn't specifically for ApexKO; most are just doing it for their own learning purposes, but ultimately it's my goal to use this project here, in place of the official client. I should probably also mention that I still help out with the public project; it is still a great place to learn how things work, so I'm happy to help people out over there. My main development focus though, is with the private repo. With the private repo it's a lot more comforting knowing that people aren't going around selling it while harassing you to implement/fix things for them (I'm not even kidding; this happened.). Since, we've made leaps and bounds with the project. At the time of writing, we've: Implemented symbols (clan, PVP, party leader, chicken, etc) Implemented capes Added premium behaviour (texts and whatnot) Updated overhead info (e.g. line under clan leader's name), fixed ranges on names, etc. Reimplement TBL handling logic to support newer TBLs and handle them in a more intuitive way (without having to save to .tmp files after decrypting >_>). Implemented merchant stalls, UIs and all relevant logic for it (UIs are more intuitive to interact with, as well) Implemented loot boxes Implemented the upgrade system, so you can now compound accessories and upgrade items. The anvil will show the effect when you burn an item or upgrade it, etc. Implemented the new "presents" screen Implemented the new login screen Implemented the new nation selection screen (and fixed the old one) Updated the character creation screen. Implemented backwards compatibility for old UIs Updated and fixed rendering of item tooltips Fixed wrapping issues with tooltips in general Implemented drag/drop behaviour from skill tree -> skill bar. Implemented updated hostility behaviour and unified it all. Implemented event tile support (for triggering things like zone notices) Implemented zone notices (for entry and area triggers) Implemented commands UI Implemented exit menu Started migrating logic to use a 3D engine (so we aren't tied to DirectX and Windows, and we can also optimise our rendering pipeline). Updated the party list UIs. Implemented debuff behaviour for HP bars (and for party lists). Implemented mousewheel event support Reimplemented networking logic (for stability, performance, easier to work with, etc). Reimplemented input logic to no longer rely on Windows edit controls (meaning we needed to implement all of the editbox behaviour ourselves, like handling moving the caret and keys/hotkeys like CTRL+C/CTRL+V, home/end, etc) Implemented most of the King system UIs (will probably be done by the end of the week, even) Implemented the skill cooldown effect overlay ... and much, much more. I actually probably shouldn't have been as specific, because I was really just listing changes (at random, really) I considered reasonably noteworthy -- but they're far from all. In closing... Long story short, the work we've put into this project so far has been monumental. So much so that it's looking likely that we'll have sufficient 1.298 support to push into future versions reasonably soon. The project is extremely exciting. Time consuming, for sure, but very exciting and offers us endless new options. Perhaps I might make status reports regarding this project here, if anyone's interested in seeing how things are coming along.