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  1. Forum restructuring

    I agree, I was looking into having them translated depending on whichever language you had selected but I've been super busy with other things for the moment. The main concern is really with bug reports & feedback; we'd really like these sections kept together as much as possible. Anything else doesn't matter so much.
  2. Don't worry, we already plan to. We're just cleaning up the forum structure first. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, We've made the decision to turn off registration for open alpha (most existing accounts still have access), as at this stage we're fairly done with alpha testing. We still have some work to do, as you can tell from our issue tracker, but stay tuned for our beta announcement, which will come after we've finally finished up with the remaining issues. Thanks for all of your help thus far in improving the server, we really appreciate it. Cheers!
  4. 22.01.2015 usko patch

    Yes. Actually, we only just finished supporting 2.055 (hasn't even been released yet!), so we need to go and update everything again for 2.056(7). Ahh. Started earlier though. We strive to keep up-to-date with official at all times, though it may take us a few days to ensure everything's updated.
  5. Let it be known, that we love you right now. Thanks
  6. Open alpha was closed off to newcomers as we're really fairly done with the alpha testing now; at this point, the majority of people registering now are doing so solely to leech our hard work for their own servers. Stay tuned for beta, to be announced at given time. :-) >> http://forum.apexko.com/topic/185-open-alpha-is-now-closed/
  7. I'm totally on-board with this. It'll just need a client patch though; the client checks that players have prem too, which is a nuisance.
  8. It's not so much the name we're concerned about, it's more tracking down its official model via the name. We might just have to resort to load up and checking every single model... one-by-one...
  9. He's actually right though; there is no such armour cancellation skill. I think this was originally weapon cancellation, which currently disables weapons & your shield's skill proc effects.
  10. Should update this thread -- speedhack checks have long since been enabled (and fine-tuned), so this player should be unable to further abuse this. Closing.
  11. That's: 1 main clan (leader clan) 1 sub clan 2 'mercenary' clans i.e. the same as 1.298
  12. Then yes, that most definitely sounds like a crash. They tend to happen occasionally when we check in a lot of changes and don't quite check over them as well as we should before pulling them into alpha (usually because they're stuff we'd like to get tested ASAP, such as the skill changes). We'll be less update-happy for beta/official. At the moment alpha is usually always kept up-to-date with the state of the current code-base, but we'll be setting up a stable branch that beta/official will use with thoroughly tested changes. To be sure this was indeed the case (as no specific times were provided, but it really shouldn't be anything else), if this happens in future, can you please let me know on here or IRC? Thanks
  13. The short disconnect probably is due to speedhack checks. I've just disabled them. As for the timeouts, they're something that needs looking into, provided they weren't because of server crashes (we fixed a couple of crashes that came up as a result of recent changes). Can you be more specific with times? Regarding lag, what exactly are we talking about here? Everything's delayed by an extended period of time including chat? It's just teleporting you back?
  14. I assume you've already tried restarting the launcher, so perhaps try adding the client folder to your antivirus' whitelist/exclusions. Alternatively, you can download it manually from here: http://download.apexko.com/upgrade/patch2038.zip If you choose to manually patch it, be sure the files go directly inside the ApexKO client folder, and not in a subfolder like "patch2038". PS: There's really no good place for this right now, but I've moved it to the closest fit ("Game questions"). This really isn't a bug report, per se (though it is undesired behaviour we'll address later).
  15. That's entirely possible.
  16. Are you sure about that? Double-checking against 1.298, it appears to be handling it -- and we're handling both of these things the same.
  17. Firstly, I should point out that again, we always read ingame chat. In fact, all (public) chat (region/shouting) is fed straight to our dev IRC channel. If it's said in public, you don't have to worry -- we're aware of it. Having said that, I should also point out that we don't just make adjustments based purely on what people say, for obvious reasons. We always double-check what they're saying is correct before we do so. Additionally, any damage adjustments we make aren't specifically made to "increase damage by x" or whatever. We step through our damage calcs to figure out where it's diverging from official damage calcs, so the amounts produced are the same. As a result, physical damage is now fine -- we have official calcs for them, which never really changed on USKO. Magic damage however is 'iffy', because we don't have new enough official calcs to be able to step through the entire process & verify each amount it calculates (base damage we can, but when it comes to elemental damage and other new behaviour, things have changed a bit), so instead we can really only check the final damage amounts against USKO and figure out how/why they're being produced differently. A much slower process. In the state they're in right now, they appear very close to accurate -- at least for most things we've specifically looked at. Damage calcs are an ongoing, evolving process, so if there's anything specifically wrong happening you've noticed against same stats/items on USKO, please explain it so we can check it out. The one thing I do know for certain is that mages were indeed OP before, though. This was because there was a bug in our damage calcs causing it to produce insane damages which isn't correct for any version of those damage calcs we have. Aside from earlier on, this is really the only time its calc was touched. Also, people keep saying the damage of specific skills is too low (e.g. Helis, though it's a priest skill, it's still calc'd the same as mage skills). Important thing to remember is that this is all connected; so if we fix one, everything else should be improved (at least, everything else calculated the same way). So what would be really helpful at this stage is to do up some damage comparisons for ApexKO/USKO (checking amounts against resistances, different staff AP, etc), so we can get an idea where exactly things are still breaking (e.g. bonus elemental damage not being calculated right, resistances, etc).
  18. I really want to outright replace the entire patch system at some point, but I think it's because there's a limit of patches that can be downloaded at any given time (number was somewhere around 30 if I recall correctly). It probably closes to force it to start again (just in case there are more patches), though I really can't justify that behaviour over (repeatedly) just starting the update process again until we're up to date. Off-hand, I'm not sure how much work it'd be to change it, but it's possible the time would be better spent either rewriting our own implementation of it (perhaps to behave - otherwise - the same as the current launcher, for now) or even reimplementing it fully. :/
  19. At peak, on the weekends there were actually 15-20. It'll dwindle of course (especially now) as things to test dies down or general motivation to test various things drops, but we're working fairly quickly on the larger issues (as fast as we possibly can, anyway), so hopefully interest should last long enough to get these major items tested. The number of players really don't matter anyway; these people have volunteered so much time to providing us with quality feedback that I doubt you'd even be able to get from a larger population (really, more people means it's harder to 1 on 1 with everyone). As for launching alpha in this state, we could have waited and polished it more for general testing (and actually, I really didn't want to release alpha in this state), but admittedly, by doing so we've gained far more input/feedback than we would have ourselves, and things have been moving so much faster.
  20. Speedhack checks are disabled while we implement better support for latency verification (official completely removed their own means of doing so). I need to do more work with the client for 2.038, but after that's done we should be able to re-enable it on alpha for testing.
  21. Alpha stage 2 progress

    Just a note, these damages were fixed yesterday.
  22. All chars wiped

    It was (is) alpha though, wipes/rollbacks/insane breakage should have been expected regardless. We needed to wipe for a second stage as everyone had injected themselves with +30 items and what-not, which isn't really conducive to testing damages etc.