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    Will check into that, but that's a different issue than the one being reported here (as a result of the last patch). That's my main priority right now.
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    "All skills" are fine right now (generally speaking). Redownload the latest patch. Manually apply it if you have to. We updated some things but forgot to force the new files to be used, so the old files are technically still allowed (but incompatible). No idea what @Marshmallow is talking about as this patch came out today; if every single mage skill was failing every cast for an entire month I'm sure we'd know about it. Really, saying "everything fails" isn't helpful in the slightest. If you have a problem, I suggest you give actual details because exaggerating them doesn't help us fix anything. All it does is it blankets every single possible issue with any skill you may ever think of; that's not helpful information.
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    getting dmg while cubed

    It was applied a little earlier in our regular weekly maintenance.
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    Cube Skill

    Duplicate of
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    Similar name, but different. His main account was banned. This is a new one. Closing this thread.
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    HP Scroll Cooldown

    This is an official client bug. The client puts the skill on cooldown then determines there's no applicable item to consume so it doesn't send a packet to the server, so we can't fail it & reset the cooldown.
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    getting dmg while cubed

    This has been fixed pending the next restart.
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    Duplicate of
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    BANN!! ( Which REASON????)

    Sorry, your character was temporarily banned while restoring items for a scam case. The ban was lifted once the transactions were reversed. You should have been unbanned some time ago. Edit: You should definitely be unbanned right now.
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    Tips to avoid being scammed

    Don't share your account. This is the single most common reason people are scammed. People have been scammed by their childhood friends, so do not ever think you will be the exception. If there's evidence of account sharing on your account, there's nothing we can do about any item loss that may occur. When transferring items to another character, ask a Game Master to help you do so. You can find a list of our Game Masters here (note: just the "Game Masters", nobody else). You can send them a PM and they'll be sure to help you out when they can. Pay attention to what's being traded/sold via merchant and their prices. Occasionally people will attempt to trick you with prices or similar items. Never assume the item is what you think it is, hover over it and make sure. When dealing with any sort of trade, discuss it in-game before the trade occurs. Stating the terms of your trade upfront helps us to see what's going on, and restore your items if you do still happen to get scammed. If you're just communicating out of the game (via Discord, etc.), we have no idea what the terms of your trade will be. So be safe and state it in-game so we can help you out if you do experience a problem with the trade. When trading characters, always trade them via [Cypher Rings]. Never trade your account. Instead, seal your character and trade it in-game like any other item (following the above tips) to ensure a smooth and safe trade.
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    All items should be restored now. I was having to restore them in batches as I rolled them back, but as of this post you should have it all back.
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    getting dmg while cubed

    This is probably a side-effect of the last patch, by the looks of it.
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    Accessories upgrade +2 failed again

    Unless it was Aesteris or myself, they don't actually know the rates for sure (actually, neither do I; only Aesteris does).
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    You've been unbanned.
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    How to remove assistant leader?

    I suspect it does demote , but the role text doesn't change so they assume they aren't demoted. The role text (that says "Assistant") is just a label anyone can set. If anyone's set it, then it sticks until someone changes it or the player leaves the clan. If nobody's touched it, then it'll update to "Member" just fine. In MERET's case, someone in his clan likes to change it (they add a space to it so it looks the same), so it considers it a custom label and doesn't show that, and then they claim that they have multiple leaders etc, when in reality it's literally just the custom role text showing that because some smart cookie decided to add a space to it to confuse people. Moral of the story: don't believe the role text.
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    ice / lr skill

    If you don't want to be stunned or slowed, switch up your set with more resistance gear. That's how it works (and is supposed to work). The rates are (actually) official now. Getting more resist will reduce your slow/stun rate substantially.
  17. twostars

    Attention for Crews

    The server did not disconnect you (and by extension, none of our GMs), so all I can tell you regarding 'why' you disconnected is it's through some fault between our provider and yours. Aside from that, you should have your vouchers. Send me a PM with your character name if you didn't get one. Closed.
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    Please Help !

    I verified your account for you, so you're good to go. You can login and play
  19. twostars

    Please Help !

    Welcome to ApexKO! In future it's helpful to know that you created the account a year ago, since you made it sound like you only just now created the account. The verification link expired (it *has* been a year after all), and due to some website changes since, that particular email doesn't work (everything else does though, just not year-old account activations). Ordinarily my suggestion would've been to just create a new account, since there's nothing tying you to that account (no characters since you can't log into the game), but since you decided to purchase Apex Points (which I've just fixed; you should no longer be able to purchase Apex Points on an unverified account) I just manually verified your account instead. You should be able to use your account now. Have fun!
  20. twostars

    How to remove assistant leader?

    Kicking should act as a demote for assistants. If it's not doing that, it's bugged.
  21. twostars

    Ice/Light Arrows need some love

    These in particular match up with official rates as of the last patch
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    Plwitoon's health was nerfed slightly.
  23. twostars

    Patch notes (08/06/2018)

    Changelog Reworked projectile checks All projectiles are now checked thoroughly, not just arrows. Individual arrows failing on hit (e.g. because the target is dead) no longer cause the other remaining arrows to fail. Arrows failing on hit no longer shows an error. Reworked arrow checks for Multiple Shot/Arrow Shower skills which were intended for verifying the arrow travelled in the correct direction. These were a little inaccurate, so occasionally these caused individual arrows to fail. Fixed a minor bug with the projectile distance check that caused it to be allowing slightly less than the intended range. In effect this was rarely ever a problem, since it only affected extreme cases. Red/Blue potions (and their buffs) obtained during invasions are now removed when leaving the invasion zone or logging out. This is to prevent players from trying to obtain them at the last minute to maximise their use in Ronark Land afterwards. The King's clan is now able to Nation Transfer when the King is removed from it. Conversely, any clan they join will no longer be able to transfer. Fixed a bug with stun/slow calcs. These now finally perfectly match official rates. Teleportation skills blocked by silences now fail the cast to prevent the teleport skill from going on cooldown & consuming mana. Fixed a client bug causing stuns to persist on death. Fixed a client bug causing various problems when the player is too close to a target (or rather, inside them). [Sealed Souls] (the "To find the lost soul" quest item) will no longer be mailed to you when your inventory is full. It was previously possible to abuse this by having the server mail you as many as you wished, stocking up so you could just skip running the quest and turn it in immediately. These extra items have been removed. Hanguk Sword(+13)'s STR bonus is now shown correctly in the client.
  24. This hasn't been touched since it was only just reported yesterday and most of the patch was finalised then. Will look into it.
  25. twostars

    YougotPwnedByMyAss Range+Skill Tbl

    You guys know that you're claiming stuff that was fixed over a year ago right? I mean you linked to the video, you can see the date for yourselves... He lives near the server. His ping is next to nonexistent. You guys don't. Your ping is high. He has the advantage there in regards to skill casts. You don't; you have to wait for the lag (yay). You see him slightly further away because your client isn't fully caught up. There's the delay between movement updates. That's the "range hacking" you see in the video... lag. If TBL editing is as easy as you claim, I welcome you to go attempt it yourself (on a different character though, because I won't unban anyone caught by it). That's right. I'm telling you to go nuts abusing range & cooldown limits if you want to. That's how confident I am that about these claims (but mostly the server). Closing this thread.