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    FIRE RAIN SKILL (Double tested)

    Yeah, just bad luck. I had the same thing with one of the skills in the video (Ice shot? Lightning shot? one of the 2), through no fault of the skill itself. First proc was fairly early on, but second probc was about ~150 casts in if I recall correctly. Then there's basic archery proc'ing fairly rapidly -- again through no fault of the skill itself. Just RNG doing its thing.
  2. twostars

    lag issue

    Because one's the game disconnecting from the server (i.e. not a crash for it to report) and the other is it crashing (on shutdown). It works fine. As for the lag issues, we're working on rectifying the lag in high traffic areas. We restarted it yesterday to help increase server performance in these cases (i.e. restore a [fixed] change from a patch or 2 ago we had to temporarily disable due to issues) and we're presently working on reducing impact on the client's end (and traffic in general).
  3. twostars

    FIRE RAIN SKILL (Double tested)

    It procs just fine. Actually, it was proc'ing for most ST skills more often than it was for the AoE skills when I tested, but that just comes down to RNG. I recorded it for your viewing pleasure against various skills (basic archery, multiple shot, arrow shower, various single target arrow skills): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Frjd9HxiJmg FYI I wasted 10min setting this up, 30min recording this, 45min uploading and then another 30min screwing around with YouTube to allow me to publish it since the recording is longer than 15min (unverified account limit) -- and I uploaded it prior to verifying my account -- which their new site apparently doesn't give the option to fix. ;_;
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    Let's make ApexKO Great Again!!

    All we ever need is the ability to consistently reproduce bugs. We can resolve them fairly quickly once we can do that.
  5. twostars

    lag issue

    Launcher/site being offline were for other reasons that we're still sorting out with our provider (problems with their previous customer who used this IP address). As for the lag, on our end all I see is disconnections from the client's side. As of the extended maintenance you should have a better ping to the server, however there are a couple of issues causing lag as a result of movement in high traffic areas that I will be addressing soon (as soon as provider issues settle down, anyway). As your DC isn't directly because of the server, I can't be too sure what caused it (unless it was a crash, and not a DC? I can go track down your crash reports if so) but I suspect dealing with those will greatly help.
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    Patch notes (08/09/2018)

    Changelog Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when using melee abilities within the circle of objects (e.g. the crystal in Castle Siege War). Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and crash data. Also special thanks to Sick for helping to reasonably consistently reproduce it. [HOTFIX] The following items are once again upgradable: Ararat Belt Ararat Ring Ararat Pendant Gigantic Axe 2H (unlock, normal, reverse to (+14)) Giantic Axe 1H to (+14) reverse Scorpion Shield to (+14) reverse Belt of Quickness Necklace of Quickness
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    Gaming Record Software

    I use OBS. Bandicam is garbage.
  8. twostars

    Top Monthly Voucher

    They're not intended to stay long simply because they're so OP.
  9. twostars

    Bodyguards? WTF is this

    As stated, this is the "Find the Spy!" quest. Closed.
  10. twostars

    Patch notes (02/09/2018)

    Changelog Synced ApexKO with USKO 2.214. As the crash regarding Castle Siege War is (or was?) a bug officially, we're hopeful this should fix it. Improved crash reporting. Previously we had no mechanism for sending crash reports, which in particular caused some confusion with the wording of our alert asking for reports to be submitted manually via the forums. Now it'll ask to send, and do so immediately. Players can now see messages from the opposing nation in the Under the Castle event. [Hotfixed] Fixed upgrades with: Pontus Ring Gab's Adamant (reverse) Garges Shield (reverse) <selfname>'s Adaga (reverse)
  11. twostars


    Yes. Because there's no evidence to do otherwise. On the other hand, those crash reports that take half a second to PM to me which will very much help me get an idea of what's going on... If I can determine why the client crashed I can backtrack to determine who (if anyone) caused it. But I need everyone's cooperation to do so. 1 person has sent me their log. That's not enough to be sure of consistency. It's a huge start, but I added those logs for a reason -- to resolve this crash (and future crashes). I don't care if you're leaving. I'm just after those that crashed who do actually care about fixing this bug to perform one simple task: copy and paste some text to me in a PM. It's easy. I couldn't care less about the melodrama in this thread. There's a crash to be resolved. That's all I care about.
  12. twostars


    If you crashed during CSW (or ever), and the game told you to send me exception_log.txt via the forums, I strongly encourage you to do so. It will help us resolve the issue faster, ideally before next CSW. To do so, just open up your ApexKO client folder, find "exception_log" (it's a text document), open it up and copy the contents. Paste this in a PM to me on the forums. It is the fastest way to deal with this issue, be it abuse or simply a client bug. It will help me find the problem and deal with it accordingly. If it does turn out someone is responsible, it will be evident who and they will be punished. However, I need your cooperation for this to help me get to the bottom of it. Thanks again for your patience & support.
  13. twostars


    If anyone else that crashed could send me the contents of their exception_log.txt file in their ApexKO client, it would be very helpful. Thanks.
  14. twostars


    Okay, there's some confusion with the report message -- I'll need to fix that. It was telling you to contact me on the forums and send it to me yourself. So I need you to open up your ApexKO client folder and find "exception_log[.txt]" and PM me the contents of that. You can paste it into https://pastebin.com/ if you want, but having that will help fix this for future. Thanks.
  15. twostars


    Those that DC'd need to get in touch with me. If they crashed, there should be a report there to send me. Otherwise I'll be going over what we have server-side to see what caused it.
  16. Some of the strictly off-topic posts were cleaned out to make it easier to digest.
  17. twostars

    Patch notes (24/08/2018)

    Changelog [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug (as a direct result of the last patch) causing R attacks to fail for many weapons. [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug causing Unupgradable (Hepa & Rosetta) items to be upgradable. [Hotfixed] Fixed several items no longer being able to be upgraded/compounded: Ring of Felankor Bow Wood Staff Shield of <selfname> (normal & reverse) Eagle's Eye (normal & reverse) Gab's Blessing (reverse) Chitin Shield (normal & reverse) Syphioric (normal & reverse) All Hepa's weapons (reverse) Javana Axe (normal) Warrior Pendant Defender of the Lord (reverse) Fixed a bug causing Chaos Dungeon skills (and some other special skills) to not apply their secondary debuff components (stuns/slows). Fixed a bug causing transformations to fail. Improved server-side send queue behaviour to help alleviate lag issues. This is mostly a trade-off at this point; instead of guaranteeing you'll (eventually) receive every notification, you're now only guaranteed to do so for a short while. After that we'll start dropping packets so that when your lag issues subside, the client isn't overwhelmed and has a chance to catch up. Obviously this isn't ideal, but it's just an unfortunate consequence of having a laggy connection -- at least this way it should recover better. Added client-side exception logging. If (or when) the client does crash, it will now dump relevant data in exception_log.txt (in your ApexKO folder). It is recommended (and in fact the client will tell you to do so) to send me (twostars) the contents of this file so that I'm able to fix the crash for a future patch. Added extensive server-side logging behaviour for client crashes. If you crash, it'll tell us what happened immediately prior to crashing, so we're better able to investigate such issues. [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin can now be found in Moradon for easier access to Under the Castle box exchanges. [Hotfixed] Mace of <selfname> can now be upgraded.
  18. twostars

    Achivement Rewards

    We're planning on reworking achievements to be account-bound. Until then we don't plan on doing anything with rewards. Doing so will solve a ton of problems we have with the system, so we'll then be able to start reworking rewards as well.
  19. twostars

    Achivement Rewards

    NP transferring.
  20. We say it is because we've gone and done up tests based on damages from USKO and compared it against damages here. You say it isn't and don't provide any evidence to the contrary... Things change sometimes, and occasionally there's factors we're not taking into account. These are few and far between, but they do happen, so you're more than welcome to show us any inaccuracies instead of claiming without proof. We care about these things.
  21. twostars

    ultima quest bug

    Were you far away from it when it died?
  22. twostars

    New patch issues

    Closing this thread as all issues in here pertaining to the last patch were addressed. Further issues should be posted in their own individual threads. Thanks.
  23. twostars

    Patch notes (20/08/2018)

    Changelog Fixed Apex Point vouchers not being searchable in buying merchants. mgame changed how these worked, so anything we've added to buying merchants in the past likely needs to be fixed. Our Apex Point vouchers were one such thing, but I'm sure there's others. Fixed Battle Hero wings not showing in the client. As these were custom (we made them able to be stored in your inn, which isn't possible officially), mgame's changes happened to break these as well. [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug causing all debuffs (e.g. stuns & slows) to use a fixed rate of 100% instead of their regular rates. [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug with Draki's Tower taking full stacks of [Certificate of Draki]. mgame seem to consider this item a consumable now (like scrolls). These behave differently. We're checking that this didn't happen to any other items. Update: This applied to a couple of other items as well; these were also fixed. [Hotfixed] Archery skills will no longer fail at their max allowed range. This will be fixed properly with a restart, but for now it should no longer be a problem. [Hotfixed] Rogue's stealth & Lupine eyes will no longer fail intermittently. [Hotfixed] Attempting to upgrade using the [Blessed Item Upgrade Scroll] scroll no longer results in "does not match" error. [Hotfixed] Wirinom's/Garges R attacks fail with "not facing the right direction or target too far" error. [Hotfixed] Attempting to compound Ring of the Felankor results in "does not match" error. [Hotfixed] Attempting to upgrade certain reverse <selfname> UTC weapons results in "does not match" error.
  24. Let me know if it's still broken. Hotfixed weapon speeds, without looking too much into this I assume the weapon used in Chaos was causing it.
  25. twostars

    new patch complaints [Warrior died ]

    Was just about to reply to say I'd just hotfixed this, but it seems someone's on point and beat me to it. Closed.