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    In Bellua Multiple NPC

    Bumping this.
  2. twostars

    Blinking after TPing / respawning.

    The several times we've looked into this we've been unable to reproduce it, so I'm wondering if there's any special circumstances happening at this time (probably not, but you never know...).
  3. twostars

    Entering chaos with scrolls on will reset the timer

    This specific issue was fixed a while back. However, the scrolls simply continuing to tick throughout Chaos Dungeon is still a thing (but that's reported elsewhere, so I'll close this one).
  4. twostars

    Sleeping Skill 2.0

    Bumping this.
  5. twostars

    Chaos is dividing people in equal instances

    Bumping this.
  6. twostars

    People Trapped In BDW

    Problem is most likely some external factor holding up a timer. Event timers have been isolated, so we'll see if this persists.Marking this as resolved, pending restart for now.
  7. twostars

    FT stopped at wave 50/56

    Yeah, this really just confirms there's definitely a timer holding everything up somewhere. We've localised all the event timers, so if it continues to break after this restart, it's an event timer screwing things up (which I highly doubt), which we can investigate further.I'll mark this as resolved pending restart for now.
  8. Unusual maybe, but not necessarily weird.
  9. Just going to reiterate that the rates work fine. I know it's really hard to hear, but RNG is RNG. Small sample sizes (yes, even 16 items is considered a small sample size) give relatively unpredictable results. We've run simulations on hundreds of upgrades, and it's fine. The results more or less portray the rates we've defined. Further, one of our GMs have also run their own independent tests manually ingame and they came to the same conclusion. The problem is that small sample sizes are extremely unreliable to prove anything's off. Larger sample sizes show that the rates are indeed accurate. Just to be clear, I'm just making the point that the rates as defined are accurate. The provided (limited) results are not. It's something we've looked at time and again as Aesteris mentioned previously in this thread, as it's quite a strong topic amongst players, but no -- each time we've found that they are in fact correct.
  10. twostars

    Crafting failure delivers no message

    The answer is clearly: space. They randomly disappeared off into space.
  11. twostars

    Assist in clan

    This has been implemented as described in my previous post, so it'll be live after the next restart.
  12. twostars

    Juraid Mountain Problems

    With the instances otherwise behaving a lot better now in terms of people (very) rarely being rejected, penalising & weeding out the 'deadweight' is next on our priority list.
  13. twostars

    Allow any numbered instance in BDW as long as it's even.

    It's still at least 6 on both sides (which could mean 6v8), but I don't think it's much of a big deal anymore.As-is I don't think there's any way we can squeeze in any more viable instances, aside from unnecessarily splitting them up further. Very few to none (and it was none in the great majority of the simulations I ran on the new instancing code), so the odd exception of uneven by up to 2 people at absolute most is, I think, not something that's an issue.I'll close this as it was resolved via other means.
  14. twostars

    Assist in clan

    What would be even simpler, though less intuitive, is we could have it so when you kick an assistant it just demotes them. Kicking them again (as an ordinary member) would actually kick them from the clan.This seems much preferable to the official method, since that seems extremely flawed.
  15. twostars

    a rather annoying issue since update

    Thanks for the update!
  16. twostars

    a rather annoying issue since update

    Were you by any chance using Genie at the time?
  17. twostars

    a rather annoying issue since update

    Thanks for the report. I have a good idea what the problem is. :-)
  18. twostars

    Scrolls keep ticking while Chaos is going

    The behaviour will still be the same. We just need to adjust how these skills work so they aren't still secretly active behind-the-scenes.
  19. twostars

    Juraid mountain bugs

    The latter was addressed and the server's been restarted.If anyone continues to see the former behaviour (or either, really) please let me know. I'd imagine they should both have been caused by the same thing, but on the off chance they aren't... :-)
  20. twostars

    Juraid mountain bugs

    For the latter, it seems this is because they signed up while in a party, and were reassigned to another instance. This has been fixed, pending restart.Still looking into the former. I suspect it's a result of the same thing, but I want to be sure first.
  21. twostars

    Item expansion and more!

    Yes! It's just been released!
  22. twostars

    Scrolls keep ticking while Chaos is going

    Bumping this.
  23. twostars

    High level bdw scroll doesn't work.

    Bumping this also. It'll just be an issue of the wrong scroll (whether it be the report or the scroll given out by the event). Unsure if it's been addressed since.