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    Flying skills can't hit Center Artifact in CSW

    Not necessarily true, at least now. They're just really inconsistent.
  2. twostars

    Invisible Bug

    Has this issue been observed recently?
  3. twostars

    0 Fade time when coming out of stealth again.

    Marking this as "works as intended", however I may toy around with trying to bring back the aforementioned behaviour by fully removing them after waiting for the duration of the fade effect. May get a little messy though, and I don't particularly want to bring in any new unexpected bugs with this system but we'll see.
  4. twostars

    NP Symbols overlapping

    Not that any of this is official behaviour to begin with, since mgame require a server restart for this, but the issue is as fixed as it can be within the constraints of what we can actually do with the client.Symbols should update visually for *other* players (although if they're nearby when rankings reset, they may need to leave/re-enter their region -- or just /town) to see the updated symbols. Sadly, nothing we can do about updating the symbol on the player's own head -- that'll still require relogging. It may be something we can come back to in the future, but I somewhat doubt it. For the most part, with these fixes in place this issue becomes pretty much resolved.
  5. twostars

    Labyrinth at Bifrost

    2nd half of this, I believe, has been fixed for a very long time. As for the purple effect, I'm not entirely sure if we got around to logging that.. I don't remember so, anyway.
  6. twostars

    Chaos Event

    Ah. Excellent, that's one less thing to deal with. Thanks!
  7. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing. It's the only way I can reproduce it, though there's no guarantee it'll even do it then. Cause seems to be fairly vague so it may take some time to track it down. I'm just hoping it's something of ours, because so far I've ruled out a considerable number of likely suspects of ours... Was this happening before we updated to 2.130? (i.e. before our 2.085-6 patches, which we released on the 13th) Or did it only start happening after that?
  8. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Huh. Alright then, will look into that one. Thanks again for the report.
  9. twostars

    Suggestions/minor problems.

    Hey, thanks for your feedback. I won't comment on them all, but we have read it. Please be more specific with this! Hopefully this should be completely resolved by now (particularly as of this last maintenance). If it still happens, please let us know.
  10. twostars

    Party interface commands bug

    Happy (and relieved) to say that this will finally be fixed in the next client patch.
  11. UPDATE (18/08): Testing took considerably longer than we anticipated, so now that we've finally finished with that we'll scheduled the maintenance later today after some rest, just in case anything else happens to pop up after we do restart it. UPDATE (17/08): This should be fully resolved when we next restart. We'll be restarting for that later today (just need to finish up with testing), but yay! Hey guys, Both the -25 error & disconnections are a symptom of the same problem, which was caused by us upgrading to the latest USKO client. It's nothing related to you guys; reinstalling the client, or whatnot, is purely unnecessary and there's nothing you can do about it. It just means there's too much going on where you are, unfortunately. We'd been preparing for that patch for a little over 2 weeks, so we'd hoped we'd worked out all the kinks, but having had to make some pretty big changes to the server to support the new client (scary!), its stability was always going to be a concern. The other couple of main issues that slipped by during testing we were able to resolve shortly after the initial maintenance, however these remaining issues are a symptom of a larger problem; essentially, it boils down to we're trying to send/receive too much stuff and the client can't keep up. USKO tends to not experience this because a few of these are for user experience reasons: such as movement being handled a lot smoother than it is anywhere else. This was perfectly fine until now, and things like this we don't really want to get rid of at this point. Additionally, USKO tends to not allow as many people in an area -- which we also didn't really have an issue with before, because we were able to handle it a lot more efficiently than them. This, however, isn't working out so great anymore. So right now what we're trying to do is find ways of further improving how the server communicates to the client to try and cut back on as much as we possibly can, although it's a little rough when their client is rather touchy when it comes to how it wants to deal with things. Regardless, I just wanted to post this to let you guys know that the issue is: 1. Something we're actively working on & will be resolved very soon, and 2. Nothing you guys can really do anything about; I've seen people suggest reinstalling the client, but while it may appear to (since you'll be out of the game long enough for the activity level in wherever you were to change) that won't fix it. It's entirely a problem on our end (well, and with how the new client likes doing things, but I digress...). Thanks again for your patience throughout this issue. I realise it only tends to happen at certain times (when activity peaks) so not everyone will have even seen it, but I really do appreciate your patience and continued support. As a sidenote, we've also been working on fixing up Oreads (not entirely sure how it got to that state, but better late than never!) so in the next patch: 1. you'll finally be able to use burning logs without killing yourself (seriously. XD), 2. the logs won't act fairly dumb in terms of where they end up rolling to (because rolling up and over a wall makes complete sense!). 3. you'll be able to use the Guard Towers without fear of them bugging. 4. you'll be able to board & use Moving Towers; this obviously extends to during CSW as well. The next thing I planned on fixing was removing the need for the requirement you take off your buffs before using siege weapons, but I had to switch focus to this more serious issue when it popped up. Anyhow, hopefully this thread helped give some insight into why this was still an issue -- again, we are working on it, unfortunately it's an issue of such large scale that it isn't just a quick fix, and will require extensive testing to be sure nothing else breaks as a result. But it'll be sorted soon. Again, thanks a lot for your continued patience & support. We really appreciate it.
  12. Server's been restarted. This should no longer be an issue.
  13. Testing took considerably longer than we anticipated, so now that we've finally finished with that we'll scheduled the maintenance later today after some rest, just in case anything else happens to pop up after we do restart it.
  14. twostars

    Opening npc's freezing client

    Is this still the case?
  15. twostars

    Chaos Event

    What's the problem here exactly? Do you simply not get any of the skills in your skill tree? Are the skills failing?
  16. twostars

    dissappearing monsters

    I strongly suspect this will clear up with this restart.
  17. twostars

    Archer arrow shower and multi arrow fail.

    This no longer seems to be an issue; one of their client updates must have fixed this.
  18. This should be fully resolved when we next restart. We'll be restarting for that later today (just need to finish up with testing), but yay!
  19. twostars

    Some Several Issues Reported Here. Please Check it.

    As far as we can tell this was a one-off data consistency issue that shouldn't really happen again. If it's still a thing (we've looked into it a bit though, and doesn't seem like it should ever be), it'll be worth creating a new issue for it. This one I addressed in my previous response, so I won't go into that again. tl;dr: not a lot we can do about it; the behaviour as-is is the best compromise for different situations and making this change would only be detrimental. This was fixed some time back. :-) These have their own issues, which are over time being sorted. Today's patch in particular addressed a few of them. If there's anything specific that isn't reported (as-is, this report is fairly vague ), please create an issue for it. Thanks!Closing this now, since everything has pretty much been addressed. Thanks again for your feedback and support!
  20. twostars

    Close range arrows occasionally fail

    Please let us know if this is still happening after today's patch. :-)
  21. twostars

    Clan cape color changing bug.

    Can you let me know if this happens again as of today's patch? Thanks! :-)
  22. twostars

    Archer Dark Pursuer

    This should be resolved by today's patch. Please let me know if you continue to experience this issue.
  23. twostars

    Hour chat ban for spammers ? yes or no ?

    This will be in place after maintenance today. We may need to tweak spam thresholds when it goes live, but we'll see how it goes.
  24. twostars

    Clan cape color changing bug.

    I tried reproducing this with the current client, but couldn't. I'm hoping the reason for that is the issue was identified & fixed by mgame already in that client, so we'll see if it's still possible when we release that.
  25. twostars

    Current problems with CSW

    To my understanding, none of these are bugs (although the HP of the monument could be tweaked). Only the clan that holds the monument ends up getting anything out of it; alliances are merely a truce of sorts between clans, but the monument itself remains free reign. This explains why alliances can take the monument from each other. As for why allies of the clan holding the monument do not spawn in the castle, this is to prevent the castle from being dominated by a considerable number of defenders and causing it to only be a fight amongst one alliance for the monument. As-is, it's very much possible to retake the castle so the monument should be able to change ownership more during an event than if one alliance was to just sit on it all event with nobody being able to take it because all allies of the defenders would just respawn there and prevent any real successful attack.